Angie Schottmuller

2012 Extreme Marketing Predictions

While many marketing experts, myself included, use the beginning of the year to give their predictions for the coming year, they often stay close to the mainstream currents. To get beyond the conventional forecasts, I asked a group of leading marketers across a range of expertise for their most extreme marketing prediction for 2012. Their responses are a quick roundup that could be conveyed on a smartphone. Here are 24 extreme marketing forecasts that take a look inside the minds of some marketing leaders.

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You Must Read This: 12 Experts Pick Their Favorite 2011 Blog Posts

What was the best of 2011’s blog posts? It’s a difficult question since, as Lisa Gerber points out, a lot depends on what’s happening at the time and what stands out on a particular subject. Further, take my word for it, writing strong, compelling content on a regular basis is hard work. Because bloggers craft posts on a regular basis, there are a lot of options from which to choose. To help me, I asked twelve experts for their input. Here are their choices and commentary.

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