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The One Thing Top Gun’s Maverick Knows About Blogging That You Don’t

Most bloggers believe that if they produce remarkable content on a regular basis their blog will achieve their goals. The reality is that this isn’t the full picture. While great posts that grab your readers’ attention is a critical element, by itself, it’s not enough to propel your blog to be as successful as it can be. In fact, take a tip from Top Gun’s Maverick, it’s about blog speed. Here are 10 tips every blogger needs to improve your blog’s customer experience and search rankings with regard to speed. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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5 Social Media Tactics to Fight Mobile Showrooming and Deals

If you’re selling stuff via the Internet, you’re most likely combating the dual mobile enhanced challenges of price-oriented, deal seekers and showrooming. To mitigate the impact of these profit-eroding consumer trends, integrate social media into your website and merchandising. Here are five social media tactics to transform your online e-commerce engine into a shopping experience consumers crave.

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Social Media: How to Deepen Participant Relationships

Build relationships

Despite its engagement focus, social media can be a difficult environment in which to build deep, long-term customer relationships. Most social media participants fall into the 90% join but lurk, 9% do something easy such as sharing where limited effort or investment is required and 1% are your advocates. As a result, it’s difficult to continue these relationships outside social media to generate yield profitable revenue. Here are twelve ways to build your email house file to extend relationships and drive conversions. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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