Content Quality Lesson: Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl Ad

Macworld - Steve Jobs with original Macs 1984

Want quality content that’s a centerpiece of your brand?  Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad is a quality content lesson. Includes 7 key attributes.

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LinkedIn B2B Social Media Success: 3 Keys

LinkedIn B2B Social Media Success

Want to up your social media results? Learn about LinkedIn 3Q2015 performance and follow the 3 keys to LinkedIn B2B social media success. Includes charts, tips and examples to help.

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If Facebook Only Makes Pennies Per User, What Can YOU Do?

Want to generate content revenues? Here’s proof that, unlike Facebook, you need more than advertising. Includes tips & ideas so you can develop new sales.

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7 Actionable Social Media Tactics To Rock Your Marketing Plans

While consumers have wholeheartedly embraced social media, marketers are following their prospects and customers to these platforms reluctantly because they remain challenged to show ROI for their efforts.

Despite this, marketers plan to increase their social media budgets and integration of their marketing efforts largely to use social media advertising. Based on new research by Nielsen, here are seven actionable marketing insights on social media advertising complete with the research charts and related tactics to help your marketing.

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69 Mobile Marketing Facts Explained (in Plain English!)

2012 was [finally] mobile’s year. Mobile, including both smartphones and tablets made significant jumps forward. Always within arm’s reach, they’ve become an integral part of our lives. As a result, consumers expect a seamless digital experience regardless of the device they’re using. Here are 29 mobile marketing charts to help you navigate mobile marketing in 2013. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Facebook: It’s About Engagement [Research]

Facebook -it's about the engagement not the advertising

Facebook—Wall Street is all a buzz about its lackluster performance following its historic IPO. To put a Shakespearean spin on Facebook’s experience, I come not to bash Facebook but to support it. Let’s face it—Facebook’s not disappearing any time soon. Research included (Here’s 5 ways Facebook’s IPO will affect marketers and charts related to the IPO.)  Facebook’s 3 revenue challenges and 3 revenue opportunities. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Facebook’s IPO: 5 Ways It Will Affect Your Marketing

As Facebook’s IPO nears, there continues to be speculation about the firm’s worth, especially after its disappointing first quarter 2012 results. For marketers, the question is how will Facebook change their business model and what impact will that have on their budgets? (Here’s a white paper assessing publically available information on Facebook’s IPO by marketing data scientists Rhonda and Perry Drake of Drake Direct.) Here are five points where Facebook’s IPO could have an impact on marketers and their budgets.

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The One Reason You Need Content Marketing [Research]

In today’s advertising rich environment, you need content marketing regardless of whether your organization is a B2B, B2C, Not-for-Profit or solopreneur. The one big reason is trust! Beyond the fact that content marketing powers social media, search and sales, marketers must use content marketing because consumers don’t trust advertising. This isn’t a newsflash. While advertising credibility has been on the decline for years, recent Nielsen research link underscores this continuing trend.

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