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How You Can Tap Into The Power Of Twitter

Want to use Twitter to improve social media results? These 6 Twitter Community Structures allow you to understand followers’ needs & communicate better.

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Social Media: 33 Actionable Marketing Tips To Stretch Your Budget

Social media doesn’t exist in a marketing silo. Other marketing elements contribute to promoting your presence on various social media entities and social media supports other elements of your marketing mix; it’s a two-way relationship. Ensuring that your social media strategy is integrated into your marketing mix is critical for stretching your small business budget. Here are seventeen ways to leverage the rest of your marketing mix to promote your social media efforts and eighteen ways to use social media to support your other marketing plans.

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Why Content Marketing Is More Cost Effective Than Digital Advertising [Research]

Content marketing enables marketers to build a targeted, engaged audience, rather than using advertising to rent eyeballs when the need arises.  Here are three eye opening datapoints to convince you, seven elements that make content marketing more effective and related actionable marketing tips to help you improve your content marketing.

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Facebook: How to Maximize Earned Media [Research]

The Beatles had it right when they sang “Can’t Buy Me Love.” No matter how much money marketers spend, they still can’t buy consumer love. But on  social media, you can earn it!  Not all social media marketing campaigns are equally effective at generating earned media in the form of engagement based on Wildfire’s analysis. Here are three Facebook research findings and five actionable marketing tips. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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What 5.4% Can Teach You About Your Marketing

Only 5.4% of Iowa’s eligible voters turned out and voted in Tuesday’s Republican caucus, the first votes cast in the 2012 presidential race. If in this highly publicized race that dominated the news across media platforms for weeks, only a tiny fraction of the eligible voters turned out, what does this mean for your marketing?


2011 Top 10 Marketing Highlights [Research]

Unlike 2010, 2011 wasn’t a year of breakout campaigns, products or brands on a magnitude of the iPad or the Old Spice Guy. Yet, marketing as we know it continued to evolve in significant ways. Here are the top ten marketing highlights of 2011 you must consider as you finalize your 2012 marketing. Individually, each point may not seem significant, but viewed together they represent a dynamic change in how the public uses technology and consumes content. [Research charts included]

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