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5 Facts Prove Visual Content Is A Guaranteed Winner!

By nature, people are visual and we’re attracted to images, especially those containing people. Powered by the desire for visual content, TumblrPinterest and Instagram all grew during 2012, dubbed the “the rise of the visual web” by comScore.

Increased ownership of mobile devices containing cameras means that many consumers can snap an image whenever they wish and easily share it to a broad audience via social media, email or text. As a marketer, you can leverage this powerful content marketing to achieve your business goals.

Here are 5 facts and 7 benefits (with actionable marketing tips) to provide the power of visual content marketing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Social Media Influencers: What Marketers Must Know

To better understand the role of influencers on social media and the marketplace in general, Technorati Media gathered input from over 6,000 influencers for their 2013 Digital Influence Report. Here are their top five findings regarding influencers. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Social Media: President Obama Does What 70% of Businesses and Executives Do Not!

As we mark President Obama’s second inauguration, business executives should learn from his social media playbook because consumers trust businesses that actively engage on social media platforms. The reality is that President Obama does what 70% of business and executives don’t do. Specifically, Obama has a social media presence where he listens and engages. Here are five cues businesses and senior executives should take from the President (aka POTUS) and  five examples from the POTUS social media playbook. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Why Wait Until Black Friday To Make Your Best Offer?

Black Friday is here and customers, eager to get the best deals,  have been camped out in front of stores all night. As a marketer, I wonder how many of these customers will buy anything that’s not on sale and what proportion of their purchases are just time shifted to take advantage of the reduced prices, after all it’s the holiday season. From a marketing perspective, have we just trained customers to expect holiday sales? Here are seven promotions to entice your customers.  Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Infographics: Content Marketing’s Social Media Magnet

Infographics stand out in a sea of text. Infographics condense information into a friendly visual format to make it easier to consume, understand and remember. Here are five reasons to include infographics in your content marketing format mix. Also, here are eleven steps to help you create stellar infographics to add to your content marketing mix.

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Overcoming Social Media Hurdles

Social media continues to grow in importance. While over 90% of US businesses use social media, there are hurdles to implementing social media to maximize its effectiveness. Here are ten common social media hurdles businesses need to conquer and tips to help you achieve this. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Types of Content Marketing Customers Actively Seek

Content marketing supports sales cost effectively. This is why over 90% of marketers expect content marketing to increase during the next year based on results from an eConsultancy-Outbrain report. Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog presents an infographic showing how marketers’ objectives align with customer needs during the buying cycle plus seven actionable marketing tactics for providing the types of information customers actively seek.

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12 Signs Your Blog Is a Social Media Ghost Town (& Actionable Tips to Fix Them)

12 Tactics to Prevent Your Blog from Being a Ghost Town

Does your blog look like it’s a social media ghost town? If so, it may scare prospective readers away. As research has shown, visitors may leave your blog before they ever read a word based on a variety of factors. Therefore it’s critical to make your blog as welcoming as possible. Here are twelve telltale signs that may cause prospective (and even current) readers to think you’ve deserted your blog.

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