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The Social Media and Device Facts You Need In 2014

Do you know the social media and device facts you need to reach your target audience in 2014? Here are 7 Actionable Marketing Tips based on research to help.

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How to Achieve Social Media Acquisition Success

Looking to convert social media prospects into customers? These 7 actionable marketing steps provide a social media conversion process.

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14 Options To Extend Content Marketing Resources

To extend your budget, here are 14 content marketing resources you can use. You’ll still need to modify content to meet the specific needs of your target readers and the channel in which it is distributed. To increase the value of other people’s content, you must re-imagine it to fit your specific needs: 3 tips to help you achieve this are included. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Social Media Buying: Where Are Your Customers?

To increase your social media marketing effectiveness, here are 6 charts containing social media buying research. This research data provides a breakout across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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31 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips Based On Research

No longer marketing’s shiny new object, social media has become an indispensable tool to achieve key business goals since prospects and customers spend at least one out of five online minutes using these platforms. This makes social media too big to ignore. Here are nine social media business benefits with thirty-one actionable marketing tips to get your social media marketing on track to succeed. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog


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How to Fill Your Editorial Calendar Without Breaking the Bank

Content marketing is an on-going process not a one-time campaign. It requires a continual stream of new information in a variety of forms presented across different platforms to fulfill your business’s goals and customers’ needs. The key to cost effective content creation is to develop similar content at the same time regardless of weight since each new piece of content must be re-imagined, not just reposted.

To fill your content marketing editorial calendar without breaking the bank, plan your content creation to ensure all associated content is developed concurrently to maximize resource use and eliminate planning and overhead. Here’s a chart with 21 types of content and 7 actionable marketing tips. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Is Your Content Marketing Worth Its Weight In Gold?

How Weighty Is Your Content Marketing? [Chart] Not all content marketing is created equal; it varies based on weight, both in terms of its mass and seriousness of thought. Intuitively, this makes sense since each form of information fulfills different customer needs. To ensure your content marketing is worth its weight in gold,

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Pricing: It Is NOT About The Numbers

Pricing is one of the core 4Ps of marketing. It’s integral to achieving your business objectives. For most businesses, this translates to profits, aka ROI.

Scared of dealing with numbers, marketers, business executives and solopreneurs  guess at the “perfect” price rather than ensuring their prices are aligned with the rest of their marketing. The problem is that social media and mobile have changed pricing and increased price transparency. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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