Actionable Marketing Tactics

5 Pricing Challenges What You Need To Know To Improve Outcomes

How social media and mobile change pricing

While pricing has always been hard, in today’s social media engaged, mobile connected world, pricing is even more challenging because the changing environment has increased the risks. Here are pricing’s five biggest challenges and thirteen tactics to help handle them. While many of these examples are B2C, the same principles hold for B2B and solopreneur pricing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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5 Social Media Tactics to Fight Mobile Showrooming and Deals

If you’re selling stuff via the Internet, you’re most likely combating the dual mobile enhanced challenges of price-oriented, deal seekers and showrooming. To mitigate the impact of these profit-eroding consumer trends, integrate social media into your website and merchandising. Here are five social media tactics to transform your online e-commerce engine into a shopping experience consumers crave.

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