Actionable Content Marketing Tips

Social Media Friendly Content Marketing [Examples]

Is your content marketing social media shareworthy? In other words, does your non-promotional content invite readers to participate and extend the conversation by commenting and sharing it with their family, friends and social media colleagues? Further, when your content’s shared, is your brand readily discernable on other platforms or via other channels (such as email)? Here are three content marketing examples with three actionable content marketing tips each.

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Content Marketing Grows Up [Altimeter Research]

Content marketing is a pull strategy that draws customers in as marketers move from short advertising messages to longer narratives. In Altimeter’s latest research report by  Rebecca Lieb, author of Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher – How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media (affiliate link)content marketing is defined as “a term that refers to the creation and sharing of content for marketing purposes. On the path to becoming a publisher, content marketing organizations, even those determined to change, face the following four stumbling blocks according to Lieb. Here they are along with my actionable content marketing tips.


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