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Holiday Content Marketing: 13 Tips Any Business Can Use

Is your content marketing ready for the holidays? Regardless of the type of business, Here are 13 actionable holiday content marketing tips to add holiday joy.

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4 Micro Content Marketing Ideas You Can Steal [Examples]

Want to stretch your content marketing budget & continue to produce regular content? Try adding these 4 types of micro content — 9 attribute definition included.

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Are You Winging Content Marketing Strategy?

How does your firm’s content marketing strategy rate compared to the pack? IMN‘s 2013 Content Marketing Survey Report provides new benchmarks to help you evaluate your organization’s content efforts. Charts & Actionable Content Marketing Tips. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Budget

Just as we celebrate Earth Day by setting up processes to preserve our natural resources – recycling and reusing products like paper, glass and plastic – content marketers must consider how to conserve their scarce resources, namely content, budget and employee time.

Similar to being green, content marketers can achieve their goals by rethinking how they use their limited business resources. Here’s a seven step plan to help you. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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9 Content Marketing Tactics to Increase Reader Consumption

As a content creator and/or blogger, how do you create content that draws your target audience further into your information without pissing readers off or diminishing the size of your following? Beyond the obvious benefits of increased pageviews and time-on-site, here are five reasons to drive engaged readers deeper into your content offering along with nine actionable content marketing tips to keep everyone else happy. 

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