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Blogging Tips To Avoid Triskaidekaphobia: 13 Blogging Beliefs Busted

13 Blogging Beliefs Busted

Whether or not you’re a blogger suffering from triskaidekaphobia, here’s help to improve your blog’s ability support your business and marketing with 13 bloggoing beliefs busted. Includes actionable blogging tips to improve your blog.

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The Top 10 Mistakes Bloggers Make

Here are the Top 10 Mistakes Bloggers Make and actionable blogging tips to help you overcome them. How many does your blog contain?

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Blogging: How to Create a Mobile Experience

Smartphones and tablets present challenges for bloggers because consumers expect a seamless experience across connected devices regardless of what’s required to provide it. Understand that the characteristics of mobile usage affect how readers access and engage with your blog. Specifically, this means the screen size of the device and the bandwidth available to access your content.  Here are eleven actionable blogging tips to help you. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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9 Actionable Blogging Tips to Grow Your Readership

Moving from newspapers to blogs & RSS

We all learn valuable lessons from our fathers. My dad owned a set of local newspapers. As such, he was the head of editorial, sales and a variety of other less glamorous media jobs. I learned a lot of about publishing just by watching how my dad ran his integrated local newspaper business. Here are nine blogging lessons I learned from my dad about building a blog following.

Happy Father’s Day from Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.