Marketing Offer: How To Actually Price Products And Services To Get Better Results

Marketing Offer: how to actually price products & services to get better results

Use the full marketing offer to price products & services to improve results. Includes offer checklist and tips to increase reach and sales.

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5 Pricing Challenges: What You Need To Know To Improve Outcomes

Do pricing challenges hurt your results? Use these tactics to better price your offering to improve your marketing strategy and profitability.

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How Social Media Has Changed Marketing’s 4Ps

When the Mad Men roamed boardrooms of major brands, marketing focused on the 4Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. To stand out, Trout and Ries introduced the notion of positioning which they called the battle for your mind. Fast forward to 2010 where digital marketers still incorporate the 4Ps into their plans, social media has altered the nature of the 4Ps. Here’s how…

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Social Media Checks Into Hotels

As experiential products, hotels provide both marketers and customers reasons to share information on a  wide range of social media platforms.  Before starting a social media marketing program, hoteliers should assess the 4Ps of hotel marketing as it relates to social media. In addition, this article provides 10 insights into how hotels can use social media. Please read on …

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What Marketers Can Learn From LeBron James: It’s the Total Offer

NBA free agent, LeBron James, generated a unprecedented amount of fan and media attention regarding from his announcement of his future team. What fan reaction overlooks and marketers can learn from is the fact that, for LeBron James, like your customers, it’s the total offer that matters. Here are 25  questions to ask about your offer. Please read on …

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