4 Responses to Are You Missing These 5 Social Sharing Powerhouses?

  1. I’ve been fascinated with Medium the new online magazine/platform launched by the founders of Twitter. As the founder of http://www.betareader.us, a literary support services newsletters and bulletin board, I’ve been part of the growing crowdsourcing movement in writing. Medium has many of the recommendations made above built in particularly the ability to share, recommend, and comment. Recently, Walter Isaacson, hailed Medium for allowing him to quickly and efficiently garner first hand accounts of the topics he was writing in his new book. In other words sharing can go both ways in today’s digital world.

  2. Yudhi Arya says:

    Great insights Heidi. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Excellent tips Heidi, I think for me the main thing I get from social media is building relationships and as you have pointed out that puts in place trust which in turn encourages others to share my content. There are a few other tips in your post that I am making note of to try out myself.