Social Media: Where to Distribute B2B Content Marketing [Research/Chart]

7 Social Media Platforms B2B Content Marketing Needs

About nine out of ten B2B marketers use social media to distribute their content marketing according to recent research by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. On average these marketers use five social media sites to spread their content marketing more broadly through social sharing. 

For B2B marketers, this requires that your content marketing be formatted to work well on the social media platforms where you place it and that you encourage readers to share it. (Here’s a chart showing how to leverage different types of content marketing across social media.)

Respondents cited fourteen different social media platforms that they used to distribute content. (Here’s additional research and analysis from the content marketing survey.) Half of the social media venues were used by over 20% of respondents.Content Marketing Institute - MarketingProfs Research - Social media

Interestingly, blogs weren’t mentioned. This is attributable to the fact that blogs are a form of content as well as a CMS (content management system). As a result, blogs provide a built-in way to distribute and share content. Further, B2B blogs tend to be integrated into an organization’s website to maximize search optimization results; as such, they’re not viewed as social media entities.

Social Media: B2B Content Marketing Distribution Chart

Social MediaPlatform % B2BUse Monthly Unique Visitors Content Format B2B Marketing Benefits


175+ million members Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation
  • Offers large B2B audience.
  • Positions company.
  • Provides credibility.
  • Expands business contacts.
  • Expands business network.
  • Sources employees.


465M accounts globally Links (with Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation, PDF)
  • Promotes content.
  • Expands reach.
  • Augments customer service.
  • Enables sales support.




955M monthly active members Text, Photo, Graphic, Video
  • Has large installed global user base.
  • (Outside US is only significant social media site.)
  • Use to build house file.


800 million unique users Video
  • Provides 360° degree product view & support.
  • Entertains and teaches.
  • Spotlight your brand.
  • Helps search optimization.
  • Entertains viewers.
  • Engages users.
  • Extends events.


33.2 million unique users Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation, PDF
  • Must have due to Google connection. Stake your brand turf.
  • Engage with prospects.


23 million unique users Graphic, Photo, Presentation
  • Provides visual product and company presentation.




60 million visitors Text, Photo, Graphic, Video, Audio, Presentation, PDF
  • Is B2B content marketing gold to reach targeted audience.
  • Yields high quality leads
  • Extends reach via social sharing.

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B2B Usage via 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark
Social Media Size sources: LinkedIn, Facebook June 2012, YouTUbe; Google+ via Compete July 2012;

5 Tips to enhance social media distribution of B2B content marketing

To extend the reach of your content marketing on social media platforms, here are five tips.

  1. Adapt your content to a format that stands out on your chosen social media platform. With social media one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Tailor your content to the platform to maximize results.
  2. Include links to your product and website. Once readers have taken the time to go through your information, guide them to your website by including links to your offering.
  3. Include relevant hashtags. These shorthand abbreviations help your message get to a wider audience. They work for Twitter and Slideshare.
  4. Encourage social sharing. Don’t just assume that once you publish content lots of people will find and read it. Add relevant social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of the content.
  5. Incorporate a relevant call-to-action. Once you’ve primed your prospects with your content marketing, it’s important to guide them to take action. Use a relevant social media call-to-action.

Social media is a great to expand your content marketing’s reach by using a variety of different platforms and taking these five steps to maximize your content’s impact.

Which social media channels do you use to distribute your B2B content marketing and why?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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4 Responses to Social Media: Where to Distribute B2B Content Marketing [Research/Chart]

  1. I have been looking for other content or web 2.0 sites where one can publish and promote B2B content. I already use the social media sites you have mentions and a few more but these are good only for sharing links. I would like to know places where I can post full articles. Any help will be much appreciated.

  2. jogebau says:

    Hello Heidi,

    Ok, I get it… There are 7 platforms out there, that almost all B2B marketers use. But that does not mean, that these are the platforms they *need*. These are simply the most used social platforms in the world – with LinkedIn coming out on top in this case, as it is the only general social network that claims to be made for business use only.

    You titled your post “Where to Distribute B2B Content Marketing” – so I guess what you are saying is: Distribute your content where everyone else is distributing his/her content? There is of course nothing wrong with using the most obvious channels… as long as you still try to find new ways to distribute content. And considering you chose “7 Social Media Sites B2B Content Marketing Needs”, you are claiming that these platforms are all you need?

    Yes I know, you have to go to where the audience is, but the truth is, distributing content through the above mentioned channels has lost much of its effectiveness – because we are all doing it. I guess my problem is this: Content marketing used to stand for creative and innovative marketing using helpful content for the reader to create new leads. Today, we are swarming the web with content about content marketing, and we are beginning to give content marketing a bad name. We are trying to mass distribute content just like advertisers are trying to mass distribute marketing slogans, television ads and posters.

    Why am I ranting here? Because this article states nothing new. You can find the same article, the same 7 recommendations for platforms all over the web. As someone who has reached thought leader status, you should bring something new to the table instead of writing the same article as everyone else.


  3. Hezi Hershkovitz says:

    Heidz, I am really a great fan of your blog. I am just wondering if you could also post in the future about how to get leads or how linkedin will work on BSB business? I haven’t yet tried this one. thank you.

  4. Andi Leeman says:

    I had no idea hashtags could be used on Slideshare, everyday is a school day!