Social Media Metrics: How Am I Doing? [Chart]

How to Choose the Right Social Media Metrics for the Job

Social media is a growing part of everyone’s marketing plans. To achieve optimal results your social media marketing efforts must flow from your business goals and deliver measureable results.

While this seems obvious, research shows that only one in three marketers measures social media ROI after three years

For organizations just starting the social media process, tracking measurable results can be difficult since social media marketing is often done on the side, as a test without any real marketing structure. As a result, when the case must be made, the marketer scrambles for some form of metrics.

To help you get your social media marketing on track, this chart matches business goals to the related social media metric and the information to measure results. By using these metrics you’ll be able to make the case for using social media as part of your marketing mix because they can show its effectiveness relative to other options.

The time to choose your social media marketing metrics is when you set your goals, before create your plans and dive in. Selecting the appropriate metrics upfront enables you to plan for success because it forces you to think through what you need to track and measure while considering what else may be needed to achieve your goals. Therefore you can modify your plans to keep them on track.

Are there any other goals and related metrics that you’d add to this list? If so, what are they and how would you track them?

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