31 Halloween Social Media Marketing Tricks & Treats

31 Social Media Marketing Tips

It’s Halloween, a time to get dressed up and engage with the other monsters, witches, ghosts, vampires and zombies.

Here are thirty-one tricks and treats to get your social media marketing on track.

  1. Dress up for Halloween. Get your avatar a costume to show your Halloween spirit. Think through any brand implications before changing your corporate avatar.
  2. Make sure your Halloween costumes are flame retardant. To avoid hard-to-handle PR flare-ups on social media platforms, develop a crisis management plan and make sure that it’s up-to-date.
  3. Have candles and flashlights on hand. Be prepared with alternate means to get your message out. Think in terms of backups, both for channels and employees.
  4. Stock up on candy for trick or treaters. Share other people’s content on social media platforms. (Don’t forget to check that it’s in line with your brand and/or subject.) 
  5. Don’t let the headless horseman gallop off with your social media. Have a social media marketing plan that’s integrated into your overall marketing and business plan and is managed by experienced marketers who understand your business and your brand.
  6. Don’t vanish from view. Add links to your social media profiles across your social media presences so people know where to find you.
  7. Provide the treasure map for Halloween guests. Include your 800 number, website, email address and physical address on your social media profiles so people can find your business.
  8. Jump on your broomstick to spread the word of your social media presence. Use internal media such as your website, blog and emailings to let people know where you are on social media networks so they can stop by and spook you.
  9. Be ware of eating too much Halloween candy. In social media terms, have social media guidelines so employees are clear as to what’s acceptable to say when they represent your firm and when they participate in their personal lives.
  10. Don’t let werewolves take the heart out of your social media. Use a silver bullet to get rid of the sanitized marketing-speak.
  11. Spin your spider’s web. Build connections with friends, colleagues and social media connections.
  12. Tell ghost stories. Since people love to hear stories. Use gripping stories to enhance your social media presence.
  13. Mix a spooky potion to bewitch your social media visitors. Give social media participants a variety of information related to your products and services. Think in terms of patterns and recipes that help pre-purchasers know what to buy and post-purchasers make their creations.
  14. Welcome trick or treaters to your home. Invite guest bloggers to create new content on a regular basis. Develop a set of guest post guidelines or you may have some scary content or other issues on your blog!
  15. Stop hiding under your bed. Yes, Halloween, like social media platforms, can be scary but if you don’t stop lurking and start participating in some form of social media people will think you’re a ghost.
  16. Provide the bat cave for Halloween festivities. On social media, gatherings can be online such as a Twitter chat or offline such as a Meetup. The goal is to get people together in real time.
  17. Cast a spell on social media followers with a targeted call-to-action. Don’t forget to make it contextually appropriate.
  18. Leave a sign you’ve visited the graveyard. Instead of Halloween chalk marks and broken eggs, post meaningful comments on blogs and social media networks to participate in the conversation.
  19. Place your social media icons under the moonlight. Since not everyone’s a wizard, make it easy to share your content on social media platforms.
  20. Don’t be a ghost. Put yourself in the spotlight by creating videos to entertain and help prospects and customers.
  21. Photograph the zombies. But remember vampires won’t show up in your photographs! To this end, ask permission to use photographs and videos of customers and the public, especially if they’re under 13. These images are great social media content to decorate your social media presence. Alternatively, post them on your own website.
  22. Don’t feed the trolls, no matter how they’re dressed. Trolls are social media participants who just want to argue and complain no matter what you say or do. Responding or paying attention encourages them to continue. So show them the door.
  23. Don’t fly in on your broomstick to leave promotional comments. Social media participants will view you as a spineless shill. Instead of being a witch, join the social media conversation and engage regularly.
  24. Use wizardry to create posts for other blogs. Get your name out in the social media landscape. Without being a bloodsucking vampire, use other people’s audiences.
  25. Put out candy and apples for Halloween visitors. While every witch and goblin wants sugary Halloween sweets, on social media, this translates to targeted offers. The promotions should entice costumed guests to take the next step in your process. Like Halloween trick or treaters, they may leave once they get their treats.
  26. Be a zombie and follow people who mention you on social media platforms to build your following. Unlike following digirati, these social media participants are interested in what you’re saying. Why not reciprocate?
  27. Get your Halloween visitors to help carve jack-o-lanterns.  Depending on your business, invite your customers and the public to show their creativity. Share their work via a photo gallery, your blog or other social media options.
  28. Take advantage of the moonlight to spotlight your customers. Put customers’ names up in lights to make them feel important. It can be their photograph with your product, their creations or just their names.
  29. Don’t let your social media presence get cobwebs. Visit and participate on social media networks regularly or people will suspect that no one’s home.
  30. Don’t let people think your social media presence is haunted. Schedule tweets and other content to show that you’re involved. Of course, you still need to be able to participate in real time some of the time.
  31. Check the neighborhood for signs of spooks and vampires. This means use social media monitoring tools to track what’s being said about your products, brands, company, senior executives and competitors. (When you find something that needs a response, act quickly. Remember there’s no protection against vampires when you invite them into your house!)

When it comes to social media marketing, what’s important is listening to and engaging with your customers and the public to build relationships. Don’t forget to have a scary good time in the process.

Are there any other social media marketing tricks or treats that you’d add to this list? If so, what are they?

Trick or treat,
Heidi Cohen

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