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10 Best Tweets From Social Media Week

Social media provides us with ability to share everything, every minute of the day across a variety of devices. Because we’re so inundated with information, however, we risk losing sight of our goals.

In the words of Thomas Bayrle, as referenced by Kevin Slavin at his Social Media New York talk, “we must not confuse the act of memory with the process of storage.”

As social media continues to evolve, we collectively find new ways to use it to help enhance our lives and our world. Here are ten social media inspirations to help you better engage on these platforms.

  1. Your first friend is you. This is important to remember and take to heart without becoming self-involved. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to care about you? Of course, this doesn’t give you permission to indulge in what Mark Truss labeled “The Awesomeness of Me!” where people share their every move with their friends and followers.
  2. The key is to learn where your power is on social media Jermaine Dupri made this point. It talks to being authentic as well as knowing who you are and what your personal strengths and weaknesses are. For example, someone who knows Jermaine Dupri for his music may not know Mark Zuckerberg (even if they use Facebook!)
  3. The past isn’t a single thread but we treat it that way. Kevin Slavin  expressed this perspective. This makes sense since the present and future are also multidirectional. Like social media, it’s multi-directional, one-to-many, one-to-one and many to many.
  4. On social media it’s important to learn what you have to do for the public, not just your marketing. Here’s another gem from Jermaine Dupri. It’s a question of building your community. Otherwise, they won’t trust you since customers don’t believe advertising.
  5. You must write when you have the passion! Gala Darling recommended not waiting. Just because you think that you’ll remember that perfect line doesn’t mean you will. This is critical for writers! [To this end, it’s useful to build the writing habit.]
  6. Create content that inspires your audience to do something. While aimed at marketers, this comment holds true for everyone on social media. You can’t sit back and hope people will find you. You have to grab them and get them excited.
  7. If the news is important, it will find me. This is the new model for the news media as viewed by teens according to Don Tapscott (@dtapscott) By contrast, newspapers only come out once a day and they don’t have any links.
  8. Context and relevancy matter for social media content. This is an interesting perspective coming from Kristine Welker of Hearst. Marketers must understand that the meaning of your content can vary based on where it appears and how important it is in that environment, since this can change the meaning. As a marketer, it’s important to take heed of this.
  9. Regardless of what’s said, there’s always a tweet out there that can get you fired! Everyone should have a copy of this reference made by Eric Carvin taped to their bathroom mirror so they don’t forget it! It can be extended to get you in trouble because you never know how someone will interpret your social media communication, regardless of whether it’s a Twitter, Facebook comment or other engagement. Therefore, think before you hit send. Take time to craft your response, regardless of platform, because there’s a chance it cold be permanent.
  10. There are three core social media metrics — velocity or speed of engagement, advocacy or mindset, and relevancy. It’s important to align your metrics with your goals and to develop appropriate metrics. Otherwise, you can exhaust yourself with data. It’s not just having the metrics but which metrics are best.

Take your time to understand each of these points because in Don Tapscott’s words “The future is something to be achieved.”  To do so, you must first understand your problems. With social media, there’s a good chance it’s outside your point of reference.

What were your favorite tweets and/or points from Social Media Week?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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