Where’s the Beef in Your Social Media Content? [Chart]

3 Ways to Create Juicy Social Media Content

Is your social media content just empty calories filled with meaningless corporate-speak? Strong social media content is a lot like a juicy steak. It attracts prospects, customers and the public by giving them useful and fun information that helps them move closer to buying your product or being able to better use it post purchase.

While it’s useful to put a blog at the center of your social media content, depending on your overall marketing strategy, you may need other forms of social media content.

5 Elements that add beef to your social media content

Like a good steak, consumers want social media content that doesn’t contain filler in the form of spam or promotions. Sales-driven marketing-focused content that’s only about you and your products is unacceptable. To drive social media and related search optimization, here are five elements to put the beef into your social media offering.

  1. Is fresh. New content needs to be added regularly. A website, blog or social media page that hasn’t been updated recently looks deserted.
  2. Is meaty. Content has depth to explain specifics related to your product, brand and/or company.
  3. Has vitamins. Content helps readers use your products better and/or increase their knowledge.
  4. Tastes good. Content is entertaining and fun. Entices prospects by keeping them engaged.
  5. Is tender, not burnt or tough. Content provides real value not empty marketing-speak or filler keywords.

3 Factors to create juicy social media content

To help you create juicy social media content that’s like a prime steak served at your local steakhouse, consider the following three elements.

  • Social media communications move in three distinct directions: one-to-many, one-to-one and many-to-many.
  • Social media requires useful and entertaining content that goes beyond basic product descriptions and advertising.
  • Social media content uses a variety of formats including text, photographs and graphics, video, audio, eBooks, PowerPoint (presentations), games, comments and reviews.

Social media content by format type

For corporate social media content, work with members from a variety of departments to diversify the points of view and information presented.  Here’s how different members of your company team can contribute to your firm’s social media content to keep it engaging and fresh.Social Media Content type by Content Format Across Corporate Departments

The key to developing juicy social media content is to focus on supporting the community. Based on your product offering, where do your prospects, customers and the public want additional information and related content? If you’re not sure, ask them.

Are there any other elements that you’d add to this list? If so, what are they and what type of content is needed?

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