Social Commerce: 10 Options & How to Make Them Work For You [Chart]

Social commerce provides a social context for customers’ shopping experience that extends across the entire marketing process from product development through to post-purchase fans and brand advocacy.

Social commerce continues to evolve and incorporates elements of social media content and engagement with the immediacy of mobile devices, mainly smartphones. As a result, your consumers are consulting a wider group of influencers and checking your retail and online competitors while they’re shopping in your store.

To help you assess how you can incorporate social commerce into your overall marketing plans, here are ten shopping options.

The bottom line is that your prospects and customers will seek help from their family, friends and social media contacts to provide the social context for your offering. Why not support them to help persuade them to buy from your firm?

Are there any other social commerce options that you’d add to this list? If so, what are they, how do they work and what is their benefit?

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Heidi Cohen

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