14 Ways To Romance Your Audience With Content Marketing

How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love

How To Create Content Your Audience Will LoveRomance is key to successful content marketing. Without it, you risk turning prospects off before they have the chance to experience your products and services.

I’m not saying this because it’s Valentine’s Day because true romance doesn’t need a special holiday to celebrate your relationship and care. Rather it’s something you do everyday.

The Urban Dictionary describes romance best. “True romance is doing something special or unexpected for someone you love, even though you don’t have to.” True Romance Definition-Urban Dictionary

As marketers, we need to romance our key audiences in the sense of paying attention to them, not just lip service until they buy from us but rather building an on-going relationship.

14 Ways to romance your audience with content marketing

Here are 14 content marketing tips to romance your audience.How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love

1. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Not sure what your prospects are seeking from you? Then ask your existing customers what information they need to select your products and services. To this end create a marketing persona.

2. Speak human.

Sound like a real living person. Nothing will turn your prospects off faster than a dose of corporate jargon. Be real. Relate to your customers’ needs using words they understand.

3. Provide the information your prospects actively seek.

Make it easy to find. Give them the product information, answer their questions, show them how to use your products, help them style your products and offer them product ratings.

4. Skip the words.

Sometimes we trip over ourselves trying to find the best way to say something. Instead show your audience what you mean by using images. The benefit is that it increases the speed of your message. Buffer found that tweets with images increased retweets by 150%.Tweets with images data via Buffer-1

5. Show them the videotape.

Make your content easy-to-consume with videos. Leverage your favorite video platform to show your audience how to use your product or even just talk to them. Let your audience be a part of your community by seeing you talk to them. 

6. Talk directly to your audience.

Don’t underestimate the power of the human voice. Create a podcast to deliver your audio message. The magic of a podcast is the one-to-one communication.

7. Tell stories.

Everyone loves stories. Even better, they make your content more memorable. Gather the stories about your business, history, employees, products and customers. Don’t forget the beginning, middle and end structure. By telling very specific stories you make your content more universal.

8. Introduce your employees.

Pull back the curtain and introduce the people who work for your firm. It helps make the purchase experience feel more personal. Remember that people buy from people. Let your employees be themselves. Of course, you must provide the tools and support that they need to shine in their content. 

9. Be available to answer the questions your prospects and customers have.

Many of you are thinking that this isn’t content marketing – but it is. It’s information your prospects actively seek. Responding to your audience when they have a question is key to closing the sale. Keep a record of these questions and answers. Then convert them into attractive, easy-to-find content for future prospects.

10. Take your cue from Dear Abbey.

Don’t just think about corporate marketing efforts. Take the time to write old fashioned thank you notes. Add specific details so that it’s not one size fits all.

11. Ask your customers for their feedback.

Yes this can be scary. But it’s way better to hear it from your customers directly. BTW—Bazaarvoice found that customers still bought from businesses with mediocre reviews since they qualified the product. One of the best sites for user input is TripAdvisor. Kuychi Rumi- TripAdvisor- Visitor Photo

12. Spotlight your customers.

Everyone loves to be recognized. Give them a shout out and show your love for your customers. Use your Facebook, Instagram or blog to call out one of your customers with a photo of them. P2P content

13. Make your audience laugh.

There’s nothing like laughter to make your audience feel better. Create content that amuses them and it helps give them a push. While not everyone will buy from your content, it will help build your brand. In honor of Valentine’s Day, check out Cisco’s video.

14. Offer your audience a content treat.

Apply this content marketing tip broadly. Don’t limit yourself to user manuals and recipes. Think in terms of events that get your prospects into your business. For example, The Lion’s Brand Studio shows a “Flicks With Sticks” monthly movie that includes a knitting scene. Guess what many of the viewers do before the movie? Purchase. Last Flicks with Sticks of 2014_ Addams Family Values

BTW, here’s how to never run out of content marketing ideas.

When it comes to winning your customers with content, provide them with information that lets them know you care about them.

What other suggestions to romance your audience with content?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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