Rock Your Holiday Content Marketing Calendar

41 Awesome Holiday Content Marketing Titles

As the holiday season begins, your content marketing must reflect the excitement of this special time of year.

To feed the social media conversation, provide product information, and support the sales process to get prospects into your purchase funnel, you need sufficient content marketing on a regular basis Therefore you need an awesome title to get people talking about your content and by association your product.

To fill your editorial calendar, here are forty-one holiday titles to brainstorm and create stellar content including blog posts across eight categories. (If this list isn’t enough, here are twenty-one holiday titles from last year.)

Gifts. Provide your audience with information to help them find the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday shopping list.  Think visual, sharable content.

  1. Top Ten Wish List. Spotlight the must-have product you’re selling this holiday season.  Make it easy for your customers to get the gifts they want by sending this list to their spouses, family and friends.
  2. Twenty-one Gifts For Everyone on Your Holiday List.  Help your customers shop by showing different gifts for different types of people. This is particularly useful for niche marketers where gift givers may not understand the product.
  3. Twelve Gifts for the Men on Your List. Since many women have trouble finding something unusual for the men in their lives including husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers, why not make life easy for them by creating an easy-to-use checklist. Focus on being visual.
  4. Seven Gifts From Your Kitchen. These can be home made gifts or ideas related to houseware products.
  5. Ten Quick and Easy Gifts to Make in a Weekend. Does your business lend itself to crafting? If so, show your customers how to make this year’s holiday gifts.
  6. Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas. Who hasn’t forgotten someone on their holiday list and needs that small something special? Make this piece visual to maximize your content’s pinability
  7. What to Get When Gifts Are NOT Appropriate. This applies to people who can’t accept gifts such as government officials, clergy and others. Think in terms of donations and the like. Remember supporting not-for-profits is strong on social media.
  8. How to Avoid These Ten Gift Bloopers. For example, a garden related product, can talk about the wrong things to give gardeners.

Food. These content marketing titles are good for food, liquor and housewares sellers.

  1. Seven Holiday Sweets From Grandma’s Kitchen.  Who doesn’t remember the warmth and wonderful smells of their grandmother’s kitchen? Consider how to share this sense with your target audience by offering a set of recipes that use your products.
  2. How to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey with All the Fixings. You don’t need to be Rachel Ray to show readers how to cook a turkey.
  3. Holiday Drink Guide. Think beyond eggnog. These drinks can be kid-friendly.
  4. Twelve Martinis of Christmas (or Eight Martinis of Chanukah). Create some special drinks in honor of the holidays. Think red and green.
  5. How to Stay On Your Diet During the Holidays. Holidays can be a minefield for those on a diet. Provide a list of helpful hints or inspirations.
  6. Ten Heart Healthy Holiday Recipes. This title can be adapted for any dietary restriction such as gluten-free or vegetarian.

Holiday decorations. The holidays are a time when people dress themselves and their homes up. This can be a great way to help your customers with a subtle sell message.

  1. How to Strut Your Holiday Stuff. Spotlight your holiday clothes.
  2. How to Pimp Your Christmas Tree. Whether you sell decorations, food or crafts, this is a great way to show how to make trees stand out. Think beyond the specific decorations to storage.
  3. Adorn Your House for the Holidays. While my family never decorated our house with lights, we always drove around the neighborhood to see how others did. This is a great way to talk about safety.
  4. Winterize Your Home Checklist. Since winter comes around the holidays, it’s a good time to include a checklist to ensure that homes are ready for the cold weather and snow.

Beat the holiday blues. While holidays are a time for entertaining and getting together with family and friends, they can be tiring as well.

  1. The 2012 Holiday Survival Guide. Regardless of your business focus, your target audience needs to pamper itself. Use this as the basis for great evergreen content. This makes a great ebook or checklist.
  2. Ten Tips to Survive Your Family This Holiday Season. Family gatherings can be stressful. Consider how you can provide support for your audience.
  3. How to Create Your Own Holiday Traditions.  Appeal to those prospects who want to start fresh for the holidays. Show them some options for alternative holiday practices regardless of whether it’s cooking, home decorating or gift giving,
  4. How to Spread Holiday Cheer. Despite signs to the contrary, many people find the holidays depressing. For businesses focused on spiritual or entertainment products, this is a good time to offer cheerful suggestions for keeping busy during the holidays.
  5. Exercise Your Way Through the Holidays. Most gyms change their pricing at the beginning of the year when people are ready to start their New Year’s resolutions. Instead use this time to get your body in shape and blow off steam from holiday stress.

Holiday icons. When it comes to Christmas, many of us share similar stories.

  1. You Don’t Have to Be Scrooge To Save This Season.  Offer your audience money saving ideas that help them make ends meet during this high spending period.
  2. Are you Haunted By the Ghosts of Christmas Past?  This article can focus on past holiday mistakes or more spiritual approach depending on your business focus.
  3. Top Ten Christmas Movies of All Time. This is a great way to get your audience involved in voting. It can be adapted to stories and music as well. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer anyone?
  4. Welcome Mr. Grinch. Everyone has a Grinch in their midst. Why not use this iconic character to spread some love. Here’s my spin on the Grinch.
  5. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Use this title as a way to discuss how to minimize colds and flu this season. (Alternatively, you could write about all of the other reindeer.)

Spiritual inspiration. At their core, the holidays have a spiritual meaning.

  1. Seven Things to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. Put the thanks back in Thanksgiving.
  2. Home for the Holidays. What do the holidays mean for your audience? Do you reach servicemen and women who are stationed away?
  3. Helping Others this Holiday. Reach out to those who are less fortunate.
  4. Seven Nights of Kwanzaa. Use the holiday themes to discuss topics related to your offering.

Holiday vacation. Whether you’re traveling to see family or escape, the holidays often mean time off.

  1. Seven Reasonably Priced Holiday Getaways. Not everyone can face extended time with their relatives. If you’re one of these people, why not treat yourself to a mini vacation away from family and work.
  2. Holiday Staycation Fun. This can be particularly important for families with tight budgets.
  3. Holiday Kid Fun. The holidays mean no school. How are you going to keep your kids occupied without planting them in front of the television?
  4. The Must-Have Holiday Travel Checklist. Whether you’re driving to grandma’s house or flying somewhere, holiday travel is stressful. What’s useful to have such as gum, power bars, water, etc.

 Year end. This topic is useful for any business.

  1. 2012 Year-end Round Up. What happened of importance during 2012? What does it mean going forward?
  2. New Year’s Toasts. Who doesn’t need help with some bons mots for the New Year?
  3. New Year’s Outfits. New Year’s a time to get out and party. Help your customers look their best.
  4. Looking forward towards 2013. What’s going to happen in 2013 for your category? What are your business’ forecasts?
  5. New Year’s Resolutions – What’s On Your List? Everyone makes resolutions. Help your audience with their lists.

The bottom line is that an awesome holiday title will help attract visitors to your content marketing and get them to read and share your information.

Based on your experience in past holiday seasons, what titles would you add to this list and why?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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