21 Tips to Reduce Blog Risk

Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket [or One Blog]

Don't put all your eggs in one blogTake a blogging cue from the saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” which means to reduce your risk by offering a variety of content options and expanding your potential blog audience. Here are twenty-one ways to reduce blog risk broken into four categories.

Mix up your blog’s content. Diversify content on your blog to hold readers’ interest. To this end, use an editorial calendar to plan and track posts and frequency.

  1. Offer variety of topics. Give your readers a tasting of related subjects to add some spice to your content offering.
  2. Present selection of post types. Alternatively, offer different article formats. Options include straight reporting, how-tos that explain and/or give instructions, editorials or opinion pieces, interviews, and round ups that link to articles from around the Internet.
  3. Include other media formats. Use a variety of different social media content formats such as photos, videos, presentations and podcasts to add diversity to your blog.

Offer other voices on your blog. Allow different perspectives to gather on your blog to broaden its appeal.

  1. Have a group blog. This is useful since it relieves the pressure to constantly create content. It’s particularly good for business blogs since it spreads the workload across a few team members.
  2. Invite guest bloggers to share their point of view. Having guest bloggers is a great way to attract new readers and get a respite from your writing deadlines. It’s a win-win for the guest writer and the blog owner.
  3. Include another source’s feed. Does another blog or website distribute information of value to your audience? If they allow publication and give you permission, integrate their feed into your blog. Bear in mind, they may charge for this service.
  4. Incorporate a Twitter stream. Keep your blog up-to-date with your tweets or those for a special hashtag.
  5. Ask for reader comments. Get readers to participate in the conversation via your comment section. Conclude your post with a related question to get them thinking.

Promote your content widely. Attract a broader audience for your blog by offering different ways to get and share the content.

  1. Make social sharing easy. Opt for more prominent buttons at the top and bottom of your posts so that readers don’t need to think about sharing.
  2. Distribute content to social media sites. Ensure your social media friends see your posts. Syndicate your feed to your organization’s Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Offer feeds. Promote your RSS feeds. Remember some readers like them!
  4. Send an email. This method supports building a house file of email addresses for future use.
  5. Leave comments on other blogs in your category. Participate in the conversation to raise your profile and show that you’re active and aware. Say more than “Great post” or “Read my blog”. Read the article and add relevant comments.
  6. Write guest posts for other blogs. Expose more potential readers to your writing and point of view to get them to visit your blog. Get a short bio and link back to your blog adjacent to the post. Also, get involved in the conversation related to your post and respond to comments there.
  7. Distribute your blog posts via Kindles. Use Amazon’s affiliate program to expand your audience. For example: here’s the link to get this blog on your Kindle (affiliate).
  8. Create e-Books to share with your perspective audience. These fancy white papers attract attention by giving away valuable information (like you do on your blog). Include one or more links back to your blog and mention it in your bio.
  9. Talk about your blog on a podcast. If you already have audio content about your blog, package it as a podcast to distribute via iTunes. Or, participate in someone else’s podcast to promote your blog.

Take your blog offline. Use offline options to broaden your blog’s audience.

  1. Speak in public. Give a talk or presentation at an event or conference. Incorporate information from your blog in the presentation. Don’t forget to mention or footnote the use. Include a link to your blog in the presentation footer or add a slide showing your important addresses for attendees to take note of.
  2. Attend conferences, events and meetups. Meet up and interact with people in real life (IRL). Promote your blog on your business cards so people you meet can check it out.
  3. Present webinars. Use content from your blog in a webinar and cite your blog as a source. Also, mention it in your bio.
  4. Publish print articles. Write guest columns and articles for old-fashioned print publications to expand your reach.

When it comes to blogging, understand that it’s important to attract a broad audience by offering a variety of post types and media content on your blog. Further, allow your blog content to extend beyond the borders of your website both online and offline. Take advantage of every opportunity to expand your blog’s reach.

Do you have other suggestions to add to this list? If so, please include them in the comment section below.

For those of you celebrating the holiday, have a Happy Easter!

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Note: While there are bloggers who have or contribute to multiple blogs on a regular basis, this post is focused on what a blogger can do with one blog to diversify his risk.

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  • Heidi, #1 is a bit contrary to what most folks out there seem to be saying. I actually agree with you, but conventional wisdom keeps saying focus, focus, focus! I think focus with some tangents does indeed reach, and engage, more people.

    • David–Actually, it’s not contrary. I agree that a blogger should be focused but within your niche, change up your topics. For example, if a blog focused on pasta recipes, which is very focused, variety could be based on ingredients (Vegetarian or meat) or where the recipes are from (Italy, China, Thailand, etc.) Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

  • Eddie (@50minCoach)

    Thank you for this great article – Bookmarked your site.
    The Kindle and eBook I am interested in. Any Links on eBook publishing please?
    The Website issue is not solved on my side. Need to put much effort in it. You points will help me being better focused. Let’s see!

  • Heidi great practical advice. I am just starting my blogging journey and your points are actionable and recyclable. I am following you on twitter. If you would reciprocate I would appreciate. @legge001