QR Code Placement: Where Are Yours?

12 Places to Use QR Codes for Marketing

QR Codes connect offline media, packaging and almost any surface with useful information or links to online data. Accessible to anyone with a camera-equipped smartphone and free software, these two-dimensional barcodes are starting to pop-up in the US, so don’t wait to start testing their ability to extend content delivery and connect with untargeted viewers in new ways.  

Where can you use QR Codes? 12 Prime marketing locations

Since QR Codes can vary in size, it’s easy to incorporate them into other forms of marketing to expand the amount of information you’re conveying and connect with passers-by. QR Codes facilitate connecting with prospects in otherwise unconnected forums or mediums. Bear in mind that QR Codes are contextually relevant. You can target the information based on where you place the QR Code.

  1. Print media. Old fashioned magazines, newspapers and other forms of print media can now link to online information. Your two-dimensional printed page provides an entryway to an enhanced reader experience with targeted QR Coded information.
  2. Out-of-home advertising. A variety of out-of-home options can incorporate a QR Code. Among the options are traditional billboards, transportation signage including trains, buses and airplanes, transportation related waiting areas such as subway stations, airport terminals, bus stop kiosks and guerilla marketing campaigns – including posters and stickers on almost anything, anywhere. QR Codes convey lots of information in a tiny design.Thank You for Your Visit, Have a Nice Day (Wearable Sculpture)
  3. Buildings including store windows. As flat public surfaces, buildings are ideal for placing QR Codes. They can be in the form of posters on the building or contain building information. Also, don’t overlook the power of your store window as an extension of your advertising.
    Blue State Digital Client QR Codes
  4. In-store signage. Expand this to encompass any location such as a museum or conference. Be creative with your QR Codes. Retailers can use them to contact customer service when customers can’t find a clerk.
  5. Product packaging. Can be used to ensure that customers have related information that they need to use your product. Customers will scan QR Codes in stores to get information. Also, it’s useful for product information like medicine where the consumer may throw out the box or directions from the pharmacist.
  6. Flyers and handouts. Any type of printed information can be connected to related content including videos, maps, contact information and targeted sales messages. Even better, you can change the information behind the QR Code without needing to reprint your handouts. Think events and conferences.
  7. Direct mail and catalogs. With increased postage and printing costs, get your traditional direct marketing to distribute additional targeted product information or even to provide scan-to-call badges to your sales and service centers.
  8. Business cards. Need to show that your business is 21st century? Enhance your contact details with a QR Code linked to your website or other information.
  9. Shopping bags. Incorporate a QR Code into your shopping bag design and get customers connected for an emailing or special offer. Since you can modify the information on the related URL, update the offer based on your current promotional calendar.
  10. Powerpoint presentations. Add your QR code to your powerpoint just as you would the rest of your contact information. Consider including the link to your presentation to encourage viewers to snap a shot.
  11. Clothes and accessories. QR Codes can be used broadly on any type of fabric design or jewelry. Why not include a QR Code on your give-away T-shirts? Also other conference give-aways.
  12. Tattoos. Use temporary QR Code tattoos for your next event. It’s a fun talking point and kids love the safe, washable versions.

While some of these options may sound unusual, the goal is to give you an understanding of how broadly QR Codes can be used. They supply additional information and connect you to an audience you may not realize is interested in your offering.

Are there any other locations where you can use QR Codes? If so, what are they and how would you use them?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Note: For those of you who are interested, there’s a #QRChat on Sunday evenings at 9.00pm ET.

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10 Responses to QR Code Placement: Where Are Yours?

  1. Heidi – really? QR Codes on a Pepsi bottle??? I’ve tried printing codes to stick onto the wines I sell, but the curvature seems to prevent them from being read properly. The code reads just fine as a flat surface, but once applied to the bottle… no go! Any ideas on how Pepsi overcame this issue? Is it a peel-off label??

    Many thanks!
    Dave the Wine Merchant

  2. Colin Green says:

    Well – that opened my eyes! About to design a new brochure. Here comes a QR Code!

  3. Great article. Lots of good examples in there. Business cards are definitely one of the easiest implementations.

  4. Jenn T says:

    Nice article. One basic implementation is with business cards. I got free stickers to use behind my business cards with my contact info from http://www.bwscan.com.

  5. NapkinsOnly says:

    Great post Heidi!

    Some really great ideas here…
    Several years ago, we created the world’s first “web-enabled” cocktail napkin and have been marketing it as ScanNap. It truly is a low cost method of bridging the offline physical world to the online digital world where everyones rich web content resides.
    Check it out: http://www.napkins-only.com/printed-napkins/scannap/

  6. Jim Sweeney says:

    Heidi, I have a client that used QR codes to create a scavenger hunt during a trade show..various “hidden” codes linked to his FB page, promotional video, tv commercial, etc. Scanners brought their phone back to him to check the reader’s history. Winner’s were given a small gift and entered into a drawing for larger item. Very successful promotion.

  7. Miles Austin says:

    Heidi, What is your opinion and guidance for those that are using a QR Code in place of a profile photo on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.?

    Another use of QR Codes is to include a QR Code on Name Tags at events, meet-ups, conferences etc. Not only is it a great way to collect contact info (if that is what is included in the QR Code) but also to be able to track the traffic for that code.

    Personally, I enjoy having the analytics behind the QR Codes in my marketing. If you are not creating a QR Code with a tool/service that will provide scan analytics you are using the wrong QR Code creator.

    • Heidi Cohen says:

      Miles–You raise a good point. In my opinion, photographs on social media sites are useful since they provide a human face that people can relate to. A QR code is an op art design to many.

      I do like using QR codes at meetings because it can reduce the need for business cards.

      Happy marketing,
      Heidi Cohen

  8. Andre Floyd says:

    Great information Heidi. I found a website called StickerScan.com that provides lots of interesting ways to use your QR codes in your marketing. I’m sure that there are plenty more.

  9. Just wrote a post about QR codes in nature http://bit.ly/gFvaCK and linked to yours to cite examples for marketing. Thanks.