PR Inquiries & Guest Post Requests

While we appreciate your generosity and interest as expressed by your offers and requests, we don’t always have the time respond to every email inquiry.

Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Guide accepts:

Research including the actual charts.

We are always on the outlook for great new research that needs to be analyzed and highlighted. We do our own analysis and include shots of your charts in our articles.

New books, both print and soft cover.

We accept books and access to new authors. We choose if and how we’ll use the information whether it’s an interview or other interaction.

Press passes to relevant conferences.

We cover many of the key marketing conferences and appreciate the opportunity to meet the speakers, presenters and exhibitors.


Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Guide does NOT accept:

Guest post requests

We do NOT accept guest posts requests since we don’t publish guest posts articles because this blog is in Heidi Cohen’s name.

Press releases

We do NOT accept press releases.


We do NOT carry advertising.

We do, however, participate in several affiliate marketing programs to promote events we participate in, books we like and services we use and recommend. Among these are (and subject to change):


Download free marketing resources: eBooks, white papers, webinars and more.


Our Web hosting provider. They’re the best.


Our registrar and DNS provider.


Our email marketing company. Subscribe to the AMG Weekly Newsletter.

The best social sharing plugin available. Real easy to setup and use.


Power up your subscriptions and registrations.


For great marketing books and everything else.


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