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  1. 72 Marketing Definitions

    72 Marketing Definitions

    Marketing comes in a wide variety of flavors based on audience, media platform and business.

    Here are 72 Marketing Definitions from expert marketers.

  2. Social Media Definition

    Social Media Definitions

    What is your social media definition?More to the point, has your definition evolved?

    For social media marketing success, examine these 80+ expert definitions.

  3. Voice Marketing Definition: Why You Need To Make Your Audience Listen Now

    31 Public Relations Definitions

    Can your potential audience, prospects and customers hear you? Wonder why I’m asking this question?

    Because if they can’t hear you, you might not enter their consideration set.

  4. Seismic Content Marketing Shift

    Seismic Content Marketing Shift

    Are your once stellar content marketing results fading even though you’re following “best practice”?

    Maybe you need to look outside of your organization to understand why.

  5. Voice Marketing: The How To Guide

    Voice Marketing: A How To Guide

    Is voice marketing part of your mix?
    Does your brand answer when a visitor or customer asks a question

    People are talking to their devices through a variety of devices and platforms. Are you listening?

  6. 31 Public Relations Definitions

    31 Public Relations Definitions

    Mention PR in a marketing conversation and participants are liable to have different views.

    Traditionally, public relations referred to the art of getting media mentions of a person or organization.

  7. 4Ps Of The Marketing Mix

    4Ps Of The Marketing Mix

    Do you use the 4Ps of Marketing Mix for the basis for your marketing strategy? Not sure?

    perhaps you didn’t study marketing in college. (BTW—I didn’t!) Don’t worry—We’ve got your back!

  8. 1000 blog post

    7 Step Marketing Framework

    Actionable Marketing gets the public to engage with your brand and buy from your company.

    Here’s the basic seven-step framework of an actionable marketing strategy.

  9. What’s Your Brand DNA

    What’s Your Brand DNA?

    Branding is more than a collection of colors, images or sounds. It’s is an integral part of your offering.

    Here are seven questions to answer to help get your branding on track.