Branding on a Budget Checklist: How To Do Branding On The Cheap

Image of Heart BrandingUse this Branding on a Budget Checklist to make your company’s branding consistent.

And branding is shorthand that extends beyond your visual logo and advertising.

Because branding is your organization’s connective tissue. It touches every aspect of your business, not just your marketing. So incorporate it into your overall business strategy. Continue reading

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Voice Consumer Statistics: How Voice Shapes Your Customer Behavior [VCI Research]

Man with megaphone to represent Voice Consumer StatisticsWant the latest voice consumer statistics to better understand your audience?

Then we’ve got you covered with our analysis of the 2021 Voice Consumer Use Research (aka: VCI 2021).

To understand how your customers use voice-first devices and their functionality. Continue reading

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4Ps Of Marketing Mix: The Best Guide To Show You How To Triumph

4Ps Of The Marketing MixDo you use the 4Ps of Marketing Mix for the basis for your marketing strategy?

Not sure?

Did you sleep through your Intro To Marketing class?

Or, perhaps you didn’t study marketing in college. (BTW–I didn’t!)

Don’t worry–We’ve got your back!

Continue reading

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Content Consumption: How We Consume Content Now (and What It Means For Your Marketing!)

5 types of content consumptionWhat are your Content Consumption Habits?

Chances are you have one or more devices within arm’s reach.

Don’t worry you’re not alone!

71% of Americans sleep with or next to their smartphone (Bank America research).

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How To Create a Content Series Even If You Have Writer’s Block

Content SeriesMaybe you’re having trouble writing one lone article or you’ve lost your blogging mojo, so you wonder why you should learn how to create a content series.

Like many of my readers, at some point, you find sitting down to write even one measly blog post is physically painful.

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10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets To Make Your Results Better Copy

dad-tested content marketing secretsWhat content marketing secrets did your father teach you?

Okay–I admit content marketing runs in my family.

But I bet that your dad taught you a thing or two about content marketing! 

And this holds true even if your relationship with him was less than stellar.

My dad was a big New York City publisher.

Before you think New York Times or Daily News, let me clarify:
My dad—not the media entity—was physically big. Continue reading

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Voice Marketing Business Case: What You Need To Know That Will Make Your Management Agree

Voice Marketing Business CaseAre you waiting to make the Voice Marketing Business Case to your management team?

Did you realize that your organization may already use voice functionality?

Since most businesses use at least one of the following forms of voice marketing:

  • IVR or automated functionality to direct incoming calls.
  • Chatbots including the use of text-to-speech (aka: TTS) or speech-to-text (aka:STT)
  • Voice or audio content including podcasts, videos, and/or voice options such as Alexa Briefings and/or Skills or Google Actions.

Still not convinced?

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