Content Audit: The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Content Marketing Results

Content AuditThink that a content audits is a yawn?

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Because like many marketers you don’t realize that a content audit is at the core of increasing the value of your content marketing and, more importantly, your business assets.

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Voice Marketing Challenges: What You Need To Know Now To Get Heard

Voice Marketing ChallengesSince a voice-first approach represents a paradigm shift for your business, understand the voice marketing challenges.

Because voice marketing expands your brand and functionality at every customer touch point.

So you can integrate voice across your entire organization.

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4 Tips to Make Your Shopping Bags Promotional

Are your shopping bags keepers?

Do you encourage fashionable bag ladies?

Before the image of an elegant homeless person with their hand out comes to mind, let me clarify that I’m talking about shopping bags.

My grandmother was the original shopping bag collector. She never went anywhere without a shopping bag. And Grandma’s bag carrying habit wasn’t limited to shopping for food and other necessities.

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Guest Blogging Tips: 10 Ways To Land Posts (Almost) Every Time

Guest Blogging TipUse these 10 guest blogging tips to get  your posts accepted.

Do you face rejection after rejection when you reach out to write guest blog posts?

Before you give up, realize that the problem may be  your approach.

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13 Guest Blogging Policies: Do You Set Guidelines For Guest Posts? [Checklist]

Guest Blogging PoliciesDo you have a set of guest blogging policies?

Like a hotel or B&B, establish your guest blog post policies. These rules define your expectations for bloggers, both your staff and guests.

Ideally develop your own set of guest blogging policies before you accept posts from outside sources. Continue reading

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Podcast Movement 2021: 10 Lessons To Extend Your Audio Marketing Reach

Audio Marketing ReachWant to extend your voice & audio marketing reach?
Then add podcasting to your marketing mix.

While podcasts have been around for years, they’re experiencing a resurgence like other forms of voice content.

Create your podcast to:

  • Support your brand,
  • Be your core content offering, or
  • Start your side hustle.

Whether you’re a podcast newbie or an experienced broadcaster, use these 10 lessons presented at Podcast Movement 2021 to grow your audio marketing reach. Continue reading

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AMG Author Interview – Matt Blumberg, Startup CXO

Heidi Cohen interviews Matt Blumberg.

Startup CXONew Book: Startup CXO: A Field Guide To Scaling Up Your Company’s Critical Functions and Teams

Heidi: Startup CXO reads like a handbook for the senior management team of a startup that intends to grow into a full fledged business. It should be required reading for anyone considering starting a business (as versus a side hustle), scaling a startup, or joining a startup in a key management role.

Unlike many books on the market, it fills a definable niche of Startup CEOs and their management team. While it’s easy-to-consume so readers can find the sections that interest them, it’s a graduate level textbook. Unlike most business books, it clocks in at 600+ pages. Continue reading

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Seismic Shift Marketing: What You Need To Do Now

Will your marketing continue to break through the seismic shift and get found by your target audience?

Probably not!

Because the seismic shift in marketing has changed the global environmental massively across business, political and social factors. 

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