3 Non-Marketing Books For Marketers That Will Make You Happier

Non-Marketing Books For MarketersDespite feeling time-starved, the average American still consumes 10 hours and 24 minutes of information daily.

So who has time to read non-work related content?

Yet research shows reading offers 5 health-related benefits:

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The Ultimate Guide To Celebrate Your Customers

Balloons to represent celebrate customersYou don’t need a holiday or special event to celebrate customers!


Because your customers are people not business transactions.

Like you, they just want to be noticed and acknowledged as human beings.

So change your perspective to see and treat them as people not accounts! Continue reading

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Audience Media Consumption Data: How To Improve Your Marketing

Audience Media Consumption DataNeed to attract your target audience’s attention?

Who doesn’t?

The challenge: In today’s content saturated environment, media options and devices have shifted consumer media consumption behavior.

So, how do you succeed?

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2019 Inc 500 Social Media Research How To Improve Yours

Social Media Social media no longer provides a “free marketing lunch” for small businesses.

It’s not my opinion.

That’s the big take-away from the 2019 Inc 500 Social Media Research by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMass Dartmouth).

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Social Media Goals You Need To Win: How To Create A One Page Social Media Strategy

Social Media Goals89% of marketers use social media but 51% don’t have a social media strategy in place.

Further, 19% of marketers don’t know if their social media activity is effective.


I’m not.

Without a map and a destination, anywhere you arrive is good enough.

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Facebook Ads Made Simple – Author Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Andrea Vahl

New book: Facebook Ads Made Simple: How to Create High-Converting Facebook Ads in an Hour or Less.

Facebook Ads Made Simple

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful places to advertise online today. But many people try one ad and decide it doesn’t work. You must test what works for you!

There are a lot of “generalizations” out there about Facebook Ads but your niche might respond differently.

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Annual Content Planning: How To Fill Your Calendar Like A Pro

Annual Content PlanningAnnual Content Planning isn’t about filling your editorial calendar!


You shouldn’t be.

Because content marketing continues to grow at an exponential rate. 90+% of marketers use content marketing.

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How To Reduce Non-Human Digital Traffic: 3 Ways That Will Make Your Marketing Succeed

How to reduce non-human digital trafficLess than 60% of digital traffic is human
(New York Magazine)

Sound like a sci-fi movie treatment?

BUT, it’s not! Continue reading

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