Voice Marketing Definition: Why You Need To Make Your Audience Listen Now

Voice Marketing Definition: Why You Need To Make Your Audience Listen NowCan your potential audience, prospects and customers hear you?

Wonder why I’m asking this question?

Because if the people you want to reach and talk to can’t hear you, your business probably won’t enter into their consideration set.

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5 Reasons Why Your CMO Needs Artificial Intelligence Now

your CMO needs artificial intelligenceDo you know why your CMO needs artificial intelligence NOW?

CMOs must show measurable financial results for the budget they invested! 

Wonder how AI relates to financial results?

I’m not surprised since the answer may not be obvious.

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How To Improve Consistent Content Results: Steal These 5 Late Night TV Tricks

Improve Consistent Content ResultsHas your consistent content reached marketing nirvana?

Does your appointment content have a cherished place in your audience’s weekly information diet?

So that as a result: Your readers actively seek and consume your regular communications?

Or do these communications consist of bland filler content?

Then see how you can take advantage of the secrets Late Night TV use to produce quality shows on a regular schedule.

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100+ Free Summer Content Titles To Make You Look Good No Inspiration Required

Free Summer Content TitlesDo the sunshine and high temperatures zap you of the inspiration you need to write?

Instead of getting into the content creation zone, the virtual pile of balled up sheets of blue lined paper keeps growing.

Further, while cursor keeps blinking, your fingers remain frozen above your keyboard.

I call this Blank Screen Syndrome.

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How to Be a Twitter Chat Champion: The Ultimate Guide

twitter chat guideTwitter chats are social media’s non-stop virtual cocktail party.

Unlike real life events, you don’t need an invitation to get on the list to attend a Twitter Chat!

And, in many chats, even newbies get the velvet rope treatment!

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10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets To Make You Better

dad-tested content marketing secretsWhat content marketing secrets did your father teach you?

Okay–I admit that content marketing runs in my family.

But I bet that your dad taught you a thing or two about content marketing! 

My dad was a big New York City publisher.

Before you think New York Times or Daily News, let me clarify:
My dad—not the media entity—was physically big. Continue reading

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How To Build Your Network: The One Easy Thing You Need To Do

How To Build Your NetworkWant to know how to build your network?

No need to be shy with me.

Because while you may not know it, I’m an introvert!

So I’m not going to let you use that excuse.
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Social Media Strategy Holes: How Many Do You Have?

Social Media Strategy HolesIs your social media strategy like a doughnut?

To celebrate National Doughnut Day, let’s see why:

Both fill you up, one with information and one with food.

Both often have holes! Continue reading

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