2020 B2B Content Marketing Research: How To Improve Your Results

2020 B2B Content Marketing Research: How To Improve Your ResultsCan B2B content marketers improve their business results in this environment?

I ask myself this question on a regular basis.


Because we’re at an important point where outside factors create incredible marketing opportunities—and challenges!

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Indistractable – Author Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Nir Eyal

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

IndistractableHeidi Cohen: What inspired you to dive into this topic of “lack of focus”?

I was surprised that you reference research on lack of attention dating back to the early 1970s, pre-dating PCs by a decade.

Nir Eyal: To be honest, I was trying to solve my own problem. I noticed it most powerfully when I was with my daughter. She asked me to do something, and I told to hold on a second because I had to check something on my phone.

It hit me that I was allowing myself to become distracted by some insignificant email—and that it was pulling me away from one of my most significant relationships. That’s when I set out on a quest to figure out how to defeat distraction once and for all.

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How To Build A Strong Professional Community

How To Build A Strong Professional COmmunityAre you part of a professional community?

Don’t translate community to mean social media platform, email list or Slack.

These options allow you to hide behind your computer screen doling out likes and shares.

Rather, I mean organizations, associations and meetups with face-to-face gatherings. Continue reading

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Content Marketing World: The Only Conference Advice You Need To Make You Better

Content Marketing World The Only Conference Advice You Need To Make You BetterWant the only conference advice you need to get the most out of every event you attend?

Of course, you do!

How do I know?
Because I used to be like you.

Before, I subscribed to Groucho Marx’s view of the world:
“Who would want to belong to a club that would have me as a member?”

As a result I often suffered from Conference Wallflower Syndrome:
It sets in when you attend live events without a colleague or social wingman. So you feel isolated and less willing to engage. Continue reading

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CMWorld: What You Need To See That Will Make You A Better Content Marketer

CMworld -heidi cohenCMWorld is finally here!

Waiting for this must-see content marketing event is like waiting for Santa Claus.

The difference:
You get 200+ people strutting their orange instead of one lone man wearing red.

And yes:
I am proud to be one of them! (Hat tip: Stephanie Stahl, Cathy Mc Philips and Andrea Larick!)

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The Top Content Marketing World Presenters You Need To See

The Top Content Marketing World Presenters You Need to SeeDrum roll!

The much anticipated Content Marketing World 2019 is finally here! 

Or #CMWorld  as it’s affectionately known. 

I’m not surprised.

So do you know:
Which Content Marketing World presenters you want and need to see?

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3 Reasons You Need Sustainable Content Marketing

3 Reasons You Need Sustainable Content MarketingHave you paid attention to the man-made fires burning in the Amazon?

Hoping for cash inflows, the Brazilian government doesn’t care about the world’s lungs.

Despite Brazil’s economic focus, world leaders are concerned about sustainability.

Because we risk depleting natural resources in our lifetimes.

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Do You Need To Get Rid Of Your Content Marketing Gut?

Content Marketing GuitWant to know a secret about me?

Of course you do!

Because everyone loves gossip!

Even The Economist includes gossip—they call it “Obituaries” to appeal to their readers’ guilty pleasures.

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