What Is Web 3.0: How Will It Affect Your Marketing?

What is Web3? includes photo of computer network

What is Web3 or Web 3.0?

Have you heard of Web3 or Web 3.0 ?

Or, did you assume that it was a typo?

The term Web 3.0 is used by different people to mean different things.

For the business community, startups and venture capitalists, it’s a way to hype a product or service by giving it the sheen of cutting edge technology. 

For others, it’s an aspirational dream of a democratic online world not dominated by big corporations.

To help you answer “What is Web3?” for your organization, this article defines Web 3.0 and the related technologies to understand how you can use it. Continue reading

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Web 3.0 Glossary: The Ultimate List You Need

 Web_3_0_Glossary shown by person using dictionaryDo you experience FOMO when someone mentions a Web 3.0 term you don’t know?

Don’t worry!
This Web 3.0 Glossary of Terms has you covered so you can sound like a smartie.

Keep it handy to use whenever you need it.

We will keep this Web 3.0 Glossary of Terms up to date as new terms emerge.

Continue reading

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Voice Consumer Statistics: How Voice Shapes Your Customer Behavior [VCI Research]

Man with megaphone to represent Voice Consumer Statistics

Do you know the voice consumer statistics regarding how your audience uses voice?

Do you need to understand why and how your audience selects to use voice across devices and contexts?

Then get up-to-speed with our in-depth analysis of Voice Consumer Index 2022.

Continue reading

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The New B2B Purchase Process: What You Need To Know Now [Research]

New B2B Purchase Process

Do you know the B2B Purchase Process has changed?

Or, does most of your marketing budget remain focused only on raising awareness and attracting leads?

Or, do you lose control of prospects once Sales gets involved? Continue reading

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Seismic Shift Marketing: What You Need To Do Now

Does your business break through the seismic marketing shift?

Does your target audience find your business when they need it and take action?

Probably not!

Because the seismic shift has changed the global environment massively across business, political and social factors.

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Marketing Career Advice: Women Tell You How To Triumph

Marketing Career AdviceWelcome to your amazing marketing career!

As marketers, we face exciting new opportunities.

Despite challenges from:

  • COVID-19,
  • Eroding trust, and
  • Increased privacy concerns.

With evolving AI-driven technologies and improved data, we can create better customer experiences across channels and devices. Continue reading

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