5 Pricing Challenges: What You Need To Know To Improve Outcomes

Pricing Challenges - Image of Price TagDo you face pricing challenges?

Don’t worry since you’re not alone.

Because pricing is the hardest of the marketing 4Ps.

In today’s always-on, always-connected world, pricing faces even more challenges since it must be contextually relevant across platforms and devices.

Merriam-Webster defines pricing as as the quantity of one thing that’s exchanged or demanded for another. Continue reading

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Presentation Success: How To Create A Killer Preso Every Time

Presentation Success: How To Create A killer Preso Every TimeWant to achieve presentation success in-person or virtually?

Want your audience to pay attention and engage with your talk?

Of course, you do!

Regardless of venue, real life or virtual, ever notice how certain speakers always deliver a great presentation while others read their slides? Continue reading

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AMG Author Interview – Carla Johnson, RE:Think Innovation

Heidi Cohen interviews Carla Johnson.

Re:Think InnovationNew Book: RE:Think Innovation

Heidi: To start, what inspired you to write this book? Was it a specific event or did it grow out of your past consulting?

Carla: I was inspired to write RE:Think Innovation® because over the years, I’ve had so many people say to me, “I could never come up with great ideas.” As a person who has more ideas than I could ever do anything with in a lifetime, I just didn’t understand it! That sent me down the rabbit hole of finding out where people get inspiration for their ideas.
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Influencer Marketing Relations: How To Improve Your Results

Woman with megaphone in streetDo you use influencer relations marketing to achieve your business goals?

Did you know that influencer marketing:

  • Expands your marketing reach and
  • Improves your ability persuade prospects to purchase?

More importantly, adding influencer relations to your marketing mix helps to build trust. Continue reading

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Top Marketing Books: Experts Recommend the Best!

Top Marketing Books“What are the top marketing books I should read?” is a question I’m often asked.

While I have my favorite marketing books, new and old, I asked top marketers what they recommend. Here are their replies.

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50 Marketing Quotes For Back-To-School

Heidi Cohen at NYU - 50 Marketing Quotes for Back to SchoolSince Labor Day signals the return to school, use these 50 Marketing Quotes for Back-To-School to inspire you and improve your marketing.

Because every marketer should be always be learning!

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Voice Content: 10 Audio Content Formats Your Marketing Needs

10 Audio Content Formats Your Marketing NeedsWhy add voice content to your marketing mix?

Because while your marketing may be rooted in the beauty of words and images, roughly 80% of the population listens to content on their smartphone or other device. (Source: Edison Infinite Dial 2021)

This translates to 2 hours 35 minutes per day of voice content. (Source: Activate Outlook 2021)

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Content Audit: The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Content Marketing Results

Content AuditThink that a content audits is a yawn?

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Because like many marketers you don’t realize that a content audit is at the core of increasing the value of your content marketing and, more importantly, your business assets.

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