Simple 5 Step Blog Post Formula That Will Make You A Pro Now

Simple 5 step blog post formulaFeel the minutes ticking by until your blog post deadline?

But you don’t know what to write?

I get it.

While writing is difficult, it’s harder when you’re under pressure to produce.

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Content Curation Roundup Posts: How To Get Awesome Results

Content Curation Roundup PostsRoundup posts are “sweet”.

By gathering input from influencers and your audience, you are curating content.

Content curation chooses the most relevant, highest quality digital information to meet your readers’ needs on a specific subject.
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How To Get Useful Conference Results On The Cheap Without Being Physically There

Conferences create marketing meccas.

They laser-focus your industry’s attention on a key topic.

As result:
They attract influencers and prospects who otherwise may be unfindable or targetable Continue reading

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Marketing Career Advice: Women Tell You How To Triumph

Let What You Love Be What You DoWelcome to your amazing marketing career. 

Today we face the most exciting challenges in the history of the marketing profession.

Despite eroding customer trust and privacy concerns:

We can connect with our hyper-niche audiences across platforms, channels and devices.

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Social Media Definition: The Ultimate Guide That Will Make You Smarter

social media definitionReal people and their human interactions define social media.

Social media provides the stage for multi-directional human conversation.

Further, when you use social media you can choose your favorite:

  • Platform,
  • Content format,
  • Communications option and/or
  • Device

To help you understand Social Media, 60+ marketing experts and influencers contributed their social media definition.
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Ignore Blogging Blarney: How To Get Awesome Blog Results

Ignore Blogging BlarneyForget the once dependable blogging blarney when content saturation sets in!

At this point the luck of the Irish won’t help your blog.

Although my Irish colleagues RazorSocial’s Ian Cleary and AgoraPulse’s Jenny Brennan may disagree.

So stop believing these 17 pieces of blogging blarney! Continue reading

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Marketing Circle of Trust: How to Improve Relationships for Social Good [Research]

Marketing Circle of Trust

As a mathematical constant, Pi (π) or 3.14 for short is the ultimate irrational number.

When calculated to over a million digits beyond its decimal point, Pi remains infinite and patternless.

Representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, Pi is key to geometry calculations.

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Best Content Distribution Platforms: How To Get Results

Best Content Distribution PlatformsDo you use the best content distribution platforms to reach your audience?

Or do you have a nagging feeling that you may have missed a key opportunity? 

Don’t worry since content distribution isn’t a once and done tactic!

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