How to Be a Twitter Chat Champion: The Ultimate Guide

twitter chat guideAre Twitter Chats part of your social media marketing strategy?

If not:
What are you waiting for?

Since Twitter Chats yield measurable social media results.

Don’t take my word for it!
Use a tool like Talkwalker, NodeXL, TweetBinderPRO,  and/or others.

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Mad Men Marketing Quotes: How To Improve Your Results

Mad Men Marketing Quotes - Day of The DeadYou can learn a lot by paying attention to the Mad Men marketing quotes.

For example, Bill Bernbach famously said of our marketing profession:
“Our job is to bring the dead facts to life.”

So let’s examine some famous Mad Men Marketing Quotes.

To see how these dead marketing legends still inspire us now. Continue reading

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31 Halloween Social Media Marketing Tips You Need To Drive Awesome Results

31 Halloween Social Media Marketing TipsHalloween social media marketing tricks drive measurable results!

Even better, you can scare off your organization’s social media naysayers.

So skip the Halloween treats!

Because, while tasty, the sugar high doesn’t grow anything but your waistline.

Instead use these 31 Halloween social media marketing tips to improve your business results. To avoid the witches, ghosts, vampires and zombies can lead your marketing astray.

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2020 Content Marketing Pivot: 3 Tactics You Can Use To Improve Your Results

Square Lights-Content Marketing PivotDid your brand make a content marketing pivot in 2020?

It’s the only tool in your marketing toolbox to meet 2020’s unique challenges.

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Marketing Success Metrics: 3 Types You Need To Know

marketing Success MetricsHave you set up marketing success metrics associated with your business goals?

Can you track and measure the results from each marketing campaign?

The mere mention of numbers and/or analytics instills some marketers with fear.

BUT you must speak your CFO’s language to prove you created profitable sales.

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2020 Blogging Research: What You Can Do To Improve Your Results

2020 Blogging ResearchBlogging still works in 2020.

Don’t take my word for it—my colleague, Andy Crestodina, recently published Orbit Media’s 2020 Blogging Research.

And he’s run this research every year since 2014. That’s 7 years of data!

So here’s the reality:
Blogging has grown into adulthood. (Okay, I may be using dog years.)

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New Normal Customer Behavior: What You Need To Know

The New Normal Customer BehaviorHave you adapted to New Normal Customer Behavior?

Not sure what I mean?

Due to the health risks of COVID, people changed their lives quickly and significantly. In turn, their activities and behaviors also adapted to the new reality. Continue reading

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Marketing Audience Definition: What You Need To Know

Do you know who your true marketing audience is?

Stop and consider:
Why am I asking what appears to be a relatively basic marketing question?

Most marketers get it wrong!
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