The Creative Curve – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Allen Gannett

New book: The Creative Curve: How To Develop The Right Idea At The Right Time

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Heidi! I’m a big fan of everything you’ve done with the Actionable Marketing Guide.

So, here’s my best piece of advice for marketers: Good marketing is good storytelling. And if you want to be a good storyteller, you’ll need to get good at listening to your audience.

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2018 Social Media Use Has Changed: What You Need To Do [Research]

2018 Social Media Use Is your business’s approach to social media still focused on driving attention, traffic and leads?

How’s that working for you?

While marketers continue spending budget and time on social media content and promotions, their activities aren’t aligned with how people use social networks. Continue reading

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100+ Must Have List of Free Summer Content Titles: No Inspiration Required

Free Summer Content Ideas-Larry Aronson PhotoAre sunshine and high temperatures zapping the writing inspiration you need to compose your next blog post or piece of content?

Does summer content creation or blogging take you back to your fourth grade homework assignment, “What I did For My Summer Vacation?”  Continue reading

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Original Research Content: How To Convince Your Boss To Create Marketing Gold

Original Research ContentQuality original research content delivers the ever-elusive pot of marketing gold.

Because done well original research is information your audience actively seeks. This is important for B2B buyers.

16% of CXOs spend 4+ hours per week engaging with thought leadership content.  (How Thought Leadership Impacts B2B Demand Generation by Edelman and LinkedIn (2017))   Continue reading

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Activate Your Agile Career – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Marti Konstant

New book: activate your agile career: How Responding to Change Will Inspire Your Life’s Work  

activate your agile careerQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: My book is in the career development space, but I referenced my years as technology marketing executive to apply my researched concepts to careers, particularly marketing careers. Several of the people highlighted in the book’s case studies are marketers.

Lean marketing

Advice: Create dynamic case studies, including creative brief, swipe files, plan, goals, and detailed list of specs and requirements of your marketing projects, campaigns, and programs.

Why? So you can experiment, make mid-course adjustments, and learn from your successes and failures via team debrief.

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Summer Content Marketing Tips: How To Get Your Content Strategy Ready

Summer Content Marketing TIpsAre you and your content strategy in shape for summer?

Let’s be honest—I’m not and my gym knows it!

Or more importantly, my health club knows a thing or two about summer content marketing based on past registration and usage results. Continue reading

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Content Marketing Fairytale Framework: What Royal Weddings Can Teach You

content marketing fairytale frameworkUnlike most content marketing, marrying the charming prince is the stuff fairytales are made of.

So it’s no surprise that Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, like Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton, has attracted lots of attention. Further, as Princess Diana’s son, Harry fuels our guilty desire for related news and gossip. Continue reading

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Flat Social Media Usage: What Your Business Must Do Now [Research]

Flat Social Media Usage ResearchStop crying over fewer available social media opportunities that cost more.

Dry your eyes and accept that the “free social media lunch” is over and flat social media usage is the new normal. Continue reading

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