Recycle Content Marketing: 100+ Ways To Reuse, Repurpose & Repromote

Recycle Content MarketingDo you recycle content marketing?

If not, you’re missing opportunities to extend your content reach, effectiveness and lifetime value.

It’s a great way to help you get your content marketing in shape. Continue reading

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Mad Men Marketing Quotes: How To Improve Your Results

Mad Men Marketing Quotes - Day of The DeadYou can learn a lot by paying attention to the Mad Men marketing quotes.

For example, Bill Bernbach famously said of our marketing profession:

“Our job is to bring the dead facts to life.”

So let’s examine some famous Mad Men Marketing Quotes.

To see how these dead marketing legends still inspire us now. Continue reading

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31 Halloween Social Media Marketing Tips You Need To Drive Awesome Results

31 Halloween Social Media Marketing TipsHalloween social media marketing tricks drive measurable results!

Even better, you can scare off your organization’s social media naysayers.

So skip the Halloween treats!

Because, while tasty, the sugar high doesn’t grow anything but your waistline.

Instead use these 31 Halloween social media marketing tips to improve your business results. To avoid the witches, ghosts, vampires and zombies can lead your marketing astray.

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Blogging Research 2021: What You Need To Know To Drive Measurable Results

Blogging Research 2021Blogging Research 2021 shows that blogging continues to yield measure results.

For the 8th year, Andy Crestodina and the Orbit Media team have asked 1,000+ bloggers 20 questions about blogging for their Annual Blogging Survey.

Read this analysis to see how to get better results from your blog.

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Content Creation Skills: 10 Fundamental Abilities Your Team Needs To Succeed

Content Creation SkillsUse a mix of content creation skills to consistently publish great content.

In this context, great content attracts visitors who take actions to yield profitable sales.

Does budget and headcount to create enough new content feel like a barrier?

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AMG Author Interview – Felix Velarde, Scale At Speed: How To Triple The Size of Your Business and Build A Superstar Team

Heidi Cohen interviews Felix Velarde

Scale At Speed

New Book: Scale At Speed: How To Triple The Size of Your Business and Build A Superstar Team

Felix Velarde is an industry leader and founder of several innovative digital creative and strategy agencies. He is now CEO of 2Y3X, an international two-year growth acceleration program and the author of the how-to guide for 2Y3X, Scale at Speed.

Heidi: To start, what inspired you to write this book? Was it a specific event or did it grow out of your past consulting?

Felix: To be candid it wasn’t my idea. I was interviewed on a podcast in the United Kingdom about the commercial growth acceleration program I run, 2Y3X. The interview just flowed and was really fun. Then, a literary agent got in touch with me and, three years later it’s an instruction manual for founders and leaders capturing everything we do.

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Content Marketing World Authors Will Make You Smarter

Content Marketing World Authors - Heidi Cohen

Get your game on before you leave for Content Marketing World!

Since many Content Marketing World speakers are also published authors, we created this guide to their books.

Read some of these books whether you’re headed to Cleveland or not.


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AMG Author Interview – Dan Gingiss, The Experience Maker

Heidi Cohen interviews Dan Gingiss.

the experience makerNew Book: The Experience Maker: How To Create Remarkable Experiences That Your Customers Can’t Wait To Share

Heidi: To start, what inspired you to write this book?

Was it a specific event or did it grow out of your past consulting?

Dan: I had been collecting customer experience examples for years and wanted to share them all in one place.  I found storytelling really inspires people to take action, which is the goal of the book.

For the book I created a simple methodology to organize all of the examples and ultimately teach readers how to create remarkable customer experiences at their own business.
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