Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life: What You Need To Do Now

Spring Cleaning Your Digital LifeDoes your digital life need a spring cleaning?

Have your computer and other devices accumulated the digital equivalent of dust?

Do these out-of-date files can reduce your efficiency?

And if that’s not enough, COVID-19 and working-from-home (aka:WFH) offer more reasons to clean up, purge and organize your digital life.

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The Catalyst – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Jonah Berger

New book: The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind

The Catalyst

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: To be a successful marketer, you have to understand social influence.

People don’t make their own choices. They make choices based on what the people around them are doing.

So to succeed you have to understand how influence works.

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PR Crisis Management Planning: How To Get What You Need To Know About COVID-19 To Survive

PR Crisis Management Planning Does your business have a PR Crisis Management Plan?

If you don’t know, your firm probably doesn’t have one!

With the increase in Coronavirus cases and related business and stock market reactions, your organization must decide how to address this growing crisis.

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Women In Marketing: How To Beat Career Challenges For The Money

Women in MarketingAre women in marketing equal in the workplace? 


And this inequality widens based on race, sexual orientation, and other factors!

Without divisive language and partisanship:
Let’s change how women are viewed in the workplace!

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Best Social Media Tools: What The Top Marketers Use

Social Media ToolsWhy do you need social media tools?

To get measurable marketing results that your CMO and CFO understand!

Face reality:
Your social media marketing requires financial investment!

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Social Media Definition: The Guide You Need To Get Results

Social Media DefinitionWhat is your social media definition?

More to the point, has your definition evolved?

For  social media marketing success, examine these 80+ expert definitions to:

  • Understand the evolution of social media platforms and use by participants.
  • Determine how to integrate social media into your overall marketing and broader business plans.
  • Allocate budget and resources for social media -related activity. This extends beyond marketing to include sales, customer service and your business reputation.

So let’s see how social media definition is defined now. And more importantly what you need to do to drive results.

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Best Audio Content Guide: What You Need To Know

Audio Content GuideIs audio content part of your content marketing strategy?

No? Don’t worry—you’re not alone!
Because many marketers overlook the ever-increasing power of audio content.

In a voice-first world, however, audio is no longer a nice-to-have content luxury.

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Voice Marketing: The How To Guide You Need To Be Competitive

Voice Marketing: The How To Guide You Need To Be CompetitiveIs voice marketing part of your mix?

Or more to the point:
Does your business answer when a prospect uses Alexa, Google or Siri?

Regardless of how your business views the voice-first landscape:
People expect businesses to be available when, where and how they speak to their device.

They expect a contextually relevant response! 

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