Content Marketing Plan: How To Create A Strategy That Will Make You Stand Out

Do you have a Content Marketing Plan?

Is it documented?

Regardless whether you sell to consumers, businesses, donors, and/or the government,  you need content marketing to:

  • Attract attention for your brand,
  • Get people to consider buying from you,
  • Close profitable sales,
  • On-board end-users and get them to buy from you again, and
  • Support higher level social goals.

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Voice Marketing ABC: How To Achieve Business Success

Voice_Marketing_ABCAre the Voice Marketing ABC part of your business strategy?

Or do you think voice-enabled devices are still a niche market?

Or maybe you believe:
Only the big boys have enough resources to invest in emerging technologies.

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Why You Need To Create A Convincing Marketing Persona Backstory

Marketing Persona BackstoryWhy create a marketing persona backstory for each customer segment?

To inform your persona with a specific background, context and motivations.

This makes your persona believable.

Like playwrights and screenwriters, you create each marketing persona based on a composite of similar people in a subset of your prospects and customers.

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COVID Changed 2020: 5 Marketing Trends You Need To Make You Competitive

COVID Changed 2020: 5 Marketing Trends To help your business succeed this year, use these 2021 Marketing Trends.

They’re based on the accelerated and lasting changes of 2020 due to COVID.

COVID, COVID, COVID was the story of 2020.
It touched every major aspect of life globally.

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Annual Content Planning: 5 Types Of Content You Need To Improve Results

Annual Content PlanningDo you think Annual Content Planning is  about filling your editorial calendar!

It isn’t! 

Does this surprise you?

It shouldn’t. 

Because the content marketing landscape is saturated since most businesses use some form of content in their marketing mix.  Continue reading

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Promotional Plan: How To Create An Effective Calendar To Improve Your Results

Promotional PlanAre you creating your promotional plan for 2021?

With health, economic, political and social disruptions, the later you create your plans, the better.

Because you’ll get a better understanding of this year’s results.

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Awesome Holiday Content Marketing Campaign You Need To See

Holiday Content Marketing CampaignDid you know a holiday content marketing campaign created many of our Thanksgiving traditions?

Despite what you learned in elementary school:
first harvest feast in 1621 shared by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans lacked both turkey and pumpkin pie!

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30 Top Voice Influencers: The Inside Scoop You Need To Get Up To Speed

Top Voice Influencers - Voice Influencer DefinitionDo you know what a voice influencer is?

Do you think of Orson Welle’s War of The World?

Or, maybe, FDR’s weekly radio broadcasts?

With an amazing voice and great use of language, President Franklin Roosevelt made up for being confined to a wheelchair during the heyday of radio.

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