The Must Have List of Free Summer Content Titles

50 Free Summer Content Titles – No Thinking Required

50 Free Summer Content Titles-Heidi CohenNeed writing inspiration to your editorial calendar?

Look no further!!

Here are 50 free summer titles to your fill your content calendar before the temperatures rise. Use these titles as the jumping off point for your content marketing, blog or other writing.

Even if these specific titles don’t make your final cut, they’re a great source to get your creative juices flowing.

Headlines make the difference between content virality and obscurity. Don’t take my word for it, Upworthy revises headlines about 25 times to maximize reach. (Here are 6 other headline tips guaranteed to attract readers and shares.)

To this end,  you should spend about half of your creation time crafting compelling titles. This must have list of free summer content titles can reduce your effort and save you time.

The must have list of free summer content titles

Here are 50 free summer content titles to inspire your content creation. Replace the word “BLANK” with your focus keyword. (In case you’re wondering, here’s how to get your content in shape for summer.)50 Free Summer Content Titles-Heidi Cohen


They are already on you calendar. Make the most of them.

  1. BLANK: 20 Tips to Get Ready For Summer. Memorial Day Weekend signals the beginning of Summer. Use this title as the basis for a checklist. If you create a checklist, include a visual that can be pinned!
  2. 10 Best Cookout Recipes. Memorial Day is also the beginning of summer BBQs. Help your audience with recipes or other how to’s related to your core topic.
  3. BLANK: Canadian Made. July 1st is Canada Day. Pay homage to your Canadian readers by adapting this title to your products or area of focus.
  4. How to Get A Bang Out of BLANK. July 4th is known for fireworks. Why not create a sideways approach to the topic?
  5. Celebrate Your Independence From BLANK. July 4th is also known as Independence Day. What holds your readers back?
  6. Wearing the Red, White and Blue. Here’s a styling spin on the Fourth of July. You can adapt this to your target audience, just use products and images highlighting these colors.
  7. 10 Ways To Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings. (July 7) Whoever invented National Chocolate Day was a genius. I think that a day without chocolate is a bad day. How can you celebrate chocolate in your business? Not a food related content marketer, then try the color chocolate brown.
  8. 10 Computer Shortcuts to Streamline Your Life. (July 13) Celebrate the inner geek we all have in today’s connected device world on Embrace Your Geekness Day. This can be adapted to related more specifically to your content focus or blog.
  9. Let Them Eat Cake: 10 Easy Cake Recipes. Bastille Day is July 14th and this is a spin on Marie Antoinette’s famous phrase. Don’t forget the photographs and make them pinnable.
  10. BLANK: 5 Ways To Simplify Your Life. The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week.

Friday the 13th (June 13)

Friday the 13th is a great time to create lists containing 13 items. You can also focus on luck. Even better use funny images of black cats.

  1. BLANK: 13 Tips For The Unlucky. Everyone can use this spin for their content.
  2. 13 Tips To Avoid Triskaidekaphobia. Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of the number 13. I used this title for Blogging Tips. The great part of this title is the word triskaidekaphobia because it makes readers stop in their tracks. (Don’t take my word for it, Upworthy used the word Wondtacular to drive 15 million views.
  3. How To Change Your Luck With BLANK. This is another spin on the luck theme.

Father’s Day (June 15)

We all have dads and have learned from them. Here are some titles that help you to draw in your readers around fatherhood.

  1. 20 Best BLANK Gift Ideas for Dad. This is a great way to showcase dad-appropriate gifts. Even better – if you’re an etailer, include links to your product pages without seeming salesy.
  2. BLANK: Why Father Knows Best. Apply fatherly advice about your subject to your blog.
  3. 10 Things We Learned From Our Dads. This is a great roundup post to get input from your employees. Go one step further and include a photo of their dads when they were young. You can use this one on Facebook for #ThrowBackThursday.
  4. The New Father’s Checklist (What No One Ever Tells You). This is a great post idea for a number of different types of columns. Think productivity, DIY, or parenting.
  5. For Dad: The Top 5 BLANK Apps To BLANK. This is a useful hook to share the inside scoop on what’s trending in mobile apps in your category.


Memorial Day is the traditional opening of public beaches. All of that sun and water can be inspirational for you as a writer.

  1. BLANK: Top 10 Beach Reads. For many people, the beach is where we kick back and relax with a good book. Use this opportunity to recommend the best of your niche.
  2. BLANK: How To Ride The Wave. Adapt the surfing metaphor to your business. This one’s dedicated to my surfing nephews.
  3. 10 Best Beaches No One Knows About. Create a beach lover’s guide to the best. It’s great way to engage your readers by asking for their input and/or votes.
  4. Beach Apps: What You Need To Have This Summer. Appeal to the inner geek but make it useful for your target audience. Everything from books and movies to maps.
  5. What’s In Your Beach Bag: 10 Items You Need To Have Fun. Another useful checklist post. Make going to the beach fun for your readers.
  6. 10 Beach Workouts. While you’re on the beach get active. This can also be adapted to beach looks.
  7. 10 Amazing Sandcastles You Can Build With Your Kids. Get creative. Show readers how to have fun. When I summered on Fire Island, an adult made the most meticulous sand structures every weekend. He’d bring a set of tools and create works of art in the sand. This is picture perfect content.


June is the traditional wedding season.

  1. The Top 10 Most Original Wedding Gifts. Give your readers ideas for off the beaten path gifts that are special. My personal favorite is knitting wedding shawls for the bride.
  2. 10 Wedding Toasts We Wish We Had Given. Afraid of public speaking? Here’s help for that awkward moment when you need to say something meaningful but your mind is blank.
  3. 10 Outfits To Stand Out At This Season’s Weddings (Without Breaking The Bank). This works well for clothing retailers as well as DIY crafters. Even better, it’s visual so show your readers how to dress and link to your product or patterns.
  4. 5 Key Financial Things You Must Take Care Of Before You Get Hitched. Couples in love don’t always pay attention to the fine print. This is a great piece of content for banks, financial advisors and credit card companies.
  5. 5 Ways to De-stress Before Your Wedding. While weddings are happy times, they involve a lot of family and money discussions that translate into stress. Also, even if you’re not the one getting married, they can be stressful.

School’s Out

The end of the school year is a great time to gather the learning your field.

  1. BLANK: 5 Things Every College Grad Needs To Know (But They Do Not Teach You). This is a great title since it focuses on your niche but makes readers want to dive in and find out what they’ve missed.
  2. The College Grad’s Guide To BLANK. Give college graduates your wisdom. This is a place where you can think big in terms of content that can be re-imagined.
  3. 10 Easy Pieces Every College Grad Needs In Her Wardrobe. Going from school to job often requires a big adjustment. This is a great way to provide styling help that grads need.
  4. Personal Finance: What They Didn’t Teach You In School. Even if you studied finance, you probably didn’t learn the basics of how to budget and manage your expenses for the long term. This is great for parenting and financial audiences.
  5. Commencement Advice You Wish You Had Received. This is a good starting point for a roundup post. Ask your employees, experts in your field or your customers.


Summer is historically vacation time. Therefore it provides a great hook for fun, useful content.

  1. 10 Memorable Road Trips Through the US. In the states, it’s a great American tradition to drive to different places of scenic or historic importance. When I was young my family took summer vacations through New England in our burgundy convertible.
  2. My TRAVEL Bucket List. Which trips rank highest for your readers and what advice do you have for them? For example, I’m a knitter and I always scope out where to buy yarn and see the craft locally. Alternatively, change the word travel to something more appropriate for your audience.
  3. Travels With BLANK. Use this title as a theme for a series of interviews to get expert insights into an area of your business.
  4. The Best Camp Checklist Ever. Help your readers by giving them a checklist for what to pack for camp.
  5. 10 Tips To Treasure Your Family Vacation Memories. Part of the power of family vacations is that your family gets away together and gets to appreciate each other in a special environment. One important aspect of that is the memories you have. This is a great topic for scrapbooking and photography.
  6. Campfire Stories About BLANK. Summer camp brings to mind the idea of the campfire. This is a useful hook for telling your verbal history.

Beat the Heat

Temperatures tend to rise in the summer time. Use this theme both literally as well as figuratively.

  1. 15 Tips To Summerize Your BLANK (and Save Money!). What a great way to sell home or other products with a checklist.
  2. 20 Best Summer Movies of All Time. Summer is blockbuster movie time. Why not select the golden oldies that suit your readers?
  3. 25 Activities To Keep Cool When The Temperature Rises. In many cities summer time means festival time. What do you do to have fun?
  4. Your BLANK Summer To Do List. While the summer is the time many people kick back, it’s a great time for getting things done since the weather’s good. What do your readers want to accomplish this summer?
  5. The BLANK Must Have Summer List. This is a great title for any audience. In fact, I used it for this post.
  6. 10 Ways to Stay Cool When Your Boss Is Pissed Off. This title can be adapted easily. Just change the word boss to another word that’s relevant to your target audience.
  7. Why BLANK Is Like Christmas In July. The objective is to bring Christmas cheer to your audience when the heat has them down. It can be adapted to a number of different businesses.
  8. Drinks: 10 Recipes To Keep You Cool. Offer a set of recipes to help your audience mix up a set of new, fun drinks. They can be healthy, PG or cocktails.
  9. What I Learned About Business From Running A Lemonade Stand. What business lessons did you learn from your first summer job. My brother drove a Good Humor truck and learned to take certain routes at snack or after dinner times.

Titles are the hooks that pull your readers in. As David Ogilvy pointed out, only 1 out of 5 readers gets past your title. Therefore it must work VERY hard.

If you’re like me, you need a title to get you started on your writing journey. It doesn’t have to be your final headline, but it helps to crystallize your thinking.

What other titles would you add to this list of must have list of free summer titles?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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