100+ Free Summer Content Titles To Make You Look Good No Inspiration Required

Free Summer Content TitlesUse these 100+ Free summer content titles to make you look good!

No need to let the sunshine and high temperatures zap the writing inspiration you need !

Despite the current COVID and other challenges, you can easily get into the writing zone.

Use  current constraints and this How To Mad Lib Guide to Summer Content Titles to:
Create attention-getting content!

Don’t let your fingers freeze above your keyboard as your cursor blinks (aka: Blank Screen Syndrome.)

To crush your content creation without increasing you  frustration:
Fill your editorial calendar these 100+ free summer content marketing titles.

Instead you’ll jump start your writing to draft seasonally-relevant content marketing, blogging, social media and/or writing projects.

Go on, I dare you!

Mad Libs How To Approach To Ideation: How To Use Free Summer Content Titles

Mad Lib Approach To Content Ideation

How to use the Mad Libs Approach to content ideation – Visual example

Want to reduce your content creation time and improve your finished content?

The use the Mad Libs approach to content idea generation combined with these 100+ Free Summer Content Titles to jump start your creative creation.

What is the Mad Libs How To Approach?
Mad Libs is a text-based game where words are replaced with blanks that players fill in, either on their own or as a group.

  • How does this apply to these 100+ Free Summer Content Titles?
    Change the words in these free titles so they’re tailored to and aligned with your business.

By taking this fill-in-the blank approach to these summer titles, you make content ideation and creation into a game.

Also when you put constraints on your choices, you increase your creativity. 

Don’t underestimate the power of constraining your creative choice! 
Research by Stanford University Professor Bob Sutton, Research on creativity and constraint demonstrates that, when options are limited, people generate more, rather than less, varied solutions — apparently because their attention is less scattered.” 

''When options are limited, people generate more, rather than less, varied solutions—apparently because their attention is less scattered.'' @Work_MattersClick To Tweet


Don’t worry if your Mad Lib title doesn’t make the final editorial cut.

Because the Mad Libs goal:
To get you into the writing zone and shorten creative creation time.

Once the Mad Libs Approach gets you started, continue outlining your initial ideas with the 5 Step BRAVO Approach.

5 Step BRAVO Method for content ideation


The Must Have List Of Free Summer Content Titles

Here are 100+ free summer content titles to inspire your content creation. Replace the word “BLANK” with your focus keyword and supply a suitable number where you see “XX”. (BTW—Here’s how to get your content in shape for summer.)Free Summer Content Titles



Get Ready For Summer: Free Titles For Content And Blog Posts

1. Free Summer Content Titles Your Audience Actively Seeks

Hot weather and longer days make summer a special time. At a minimum, seasonal changes provide a reason to communicate with readers and prospects.

  1. How To Plan Your Summer To Do BLANK. What do your readers want to accomplish this summer? How can you help them?
  2. BLANK: The Must Have Summer Checklist. Tailor this hook for your products to create evergreen content for your audience.
  3. XX Tips To Summerize Your BLANK (and Save Money!) Another checklist for home, pet or other products.
  4. How To Shape Up BLANK For Summer. Works for fitness and personal goals.
  5. How To Use Summer To Do BLANK. Help your audience to achieve their personal goals
  6. How To Learn BLANK This Summer? I learned to write at summer retreats while working fulltime. Can you offer summer classes or retreats?
  7. XX Ways To Streamline BLANK Summer Chores. Help readers to get summer chores related to your business done faster or easier?
  8. Picture Perfect BLANK. Use summer photographs, visual content and/or video to tell stories.
  9. Heat Warning: How To Cope With BLANK. How does heat apply to your readers’ problems or needs?
  10. BLANK: How To Fill Your Summer Afternoons. Give readers tips related to your business.
  11. Get Out To Change Your Perspective On BLANK. What does getting out and where help your audience.
  12. BLANK: Summer Homework. Give your audience a set of “how to’s” to help them related to your business.

2. Keep Your Cool With Free Summer Content Titles

While temperatures rise, use “keep cool” literally and figuratively.

  1. How To Keep Your BLANK Cool During The Summer. Give your audience product usage tips.
  2. Keep Cool With XX BLANK Activities When Temperatures Rise. In many cities summer time means festival time. What do you do to have fun?
  3. XX Ways to Stay Cool When Your BLANK Is Pissed Off. Adapt this title to your target audience.
  4. How To Beat The BLANK Summer Blues. Use this hook to engage readers when temperatures are high.

3. Free Summer Titles Related To Fun, Games and Entertainment

Summer is filled with sports, blockbuster films and outdoor festivals.

  1. BLANK Summer Reading List. Summer reading lists started in school. What should your audience read?
  2. What’s On Your Kindle Queue? Apply your summer reading list approach to other devices.
  3. XX Best Summer Movies of All Time. Summer is blockbuster movie time. Select relevant movies or shows for your readers?
  4. BLANK: A Summer Listening Guide. Spotlight podcasts or a music play list.
  5. XX Summer Festivals You Should Attend. Many locations have special summer activities. Spotlight the ones that are relevant to your readers.
  6. County Fairs Near BLANK. Did you go to county fairs to visit or enter competitions? If so, what was your experience? What fairs are relevant to your audience?
  7. The Circle Of BLANK: Let’s Ride The Ferris Wheel. Whether in Chicago’s Navy Pier or your local amusement park, how does the Ferris wheel metaphor apply to your offering or audience?
  8. Why BLANK Is A Roller Coaster. Even if you never rode the Coney Island Cyclone in Brooklyn, use this metaphor for ups and downs in your niche.
  9. Why BLANK Is Like A Ballgame. Did you go to a baseball game with your dad? What elements of a baseball game apply to your writing.
  10. BLANK Lessons I Learned From Little League. Did you play baseball as a kid? If so, what did you learn? Good hook for teamwork.
  11. How BLANK Is Like Backyard Camping. How can your audience think about using their backyard? Ann Handley works in her little house in her yard.


Graduation Inspired Free Summer Content Titles

Use the end of the school year to gather the learning from your field or help graduates.

  1. BLANK: X Things Every College Grad Needs To Know (But They Do Not Teach You). Focus this title on your niche to get readers want to find out knowledge that they missed in school.
  2. College Grad’s Guide To BLANK. Give college graduates your wisdom. Use this hook to think big in terms of content that can be reused.
  3. BLANK: Advice From The Experts They Didn’t Teach In School. Create crowd-pleaser content with an influencer roundup. Ask experts, employees or customers.
  4. 10 Easy Pieces Every College Grad Needs In Her Wardrobe. Going from school to job requires adjustments. Provide styling help that grads need.
  5. BLANK: What They Forgot To Teach You In School. While many positions require a college education, it lacks information that you need to live such as finance, real estate and parenting.
  6. XX Real Life Lessons You Don’t Get In School. How can you help newbies in your category?


Wedding Inspired Free Summer Content Titles

Use summer weddings to offer helpful advice without selling.

  1. XX BLANK Checklists To Consider Before You Get Hitched. Focus on newly weds needs for content hooks.
  2. How To Save Big On BLANK Weddings. Help brides and attendees since weddings can be expensive life events.
  3. XX Things I Wish I Knew When I Planned My Wedding. Regardless of the type of wedding or expense, there are always problems or issues. Can you offer solutions for you readers?
  4. XX Outfits To Stand Out At This Season’s Weddings (Without Breaking The Bank). Clothing sellers and DIY crafters can target brides and attendees with visual content.
  5. XX BLANK Wedding Gifts. Give readers ideas for special gifts or create special tailored offerings based on your business.
  6. XX Ways to BLANK Before The Wedding. While weddings are happy occasions, they involve stress inducing factors like family and money. Help your readers to cope.
  7. Wedding Attendee’s Survival Guide. Offer a set of tips related to your business. For example: how to calculate the cost of a destination wedding.
  8. How To Save Wedding Memories. Provide useful tips on photography and other DIY options.
  9. You’re Married: A BLANK Checklist. Apply this hook to your content focus.
  10. What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Event. Whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid, getting more use out of a dress or related wedding items is helpful.


Travel Inspired Free Summer Content Titles

Summer time is vacation time. To avoid writer’s block, here’s how to use summer vacations to spark your content creativity.

1. Travel Inspired Free Summer Content Titles

Summer travels provide great content hooks not only for travel-related offerings but also as a storytelling device other businesses can use.

  1. Summer TRAVEL Bucket List. Which trips do your readers want to take? Alternatively, change the word travel to another topic more appropriate for your audience.
  2. XX Memorable Trips Through BLANK. What are places of interest to your readers? Are there notable sites near your location? My family drove through New England in our burgundy convertible.
  3. Travels With BLANK. Create a series of expert interviews related to your business.
  4. XX Tips To Keep Your Family Vacation Memories. Help readers capture and keep family memories. Use this topic for scrapbooking and photography.
  5. BLANK Summer Travel Checklist. Create evergreen content for your audience.
  6. BLANK: How To Get The Most Out Of Travel Waiting Time. What suggestions do you have to take advantage of travel delays? Spotlight your best podcasts.
  7. How To Save Yourself Travel Grief. Offer financial or packing tips to keep readers from travel-related problems.
  8. Ultimate Carryon Guide For BLANK. Provide tips so readers have what they need in case their luggage takes another route. Or offer packing secrets related to your products.
  9. Keep BLANK Travel Costs Down Without Being A Cheapskate. Offer tips to save readers money on the road. Use this hook for finances, phone and other digital usage.
  10. How To Keep Digitally Safe On The Road. Great hook for digital or cloud based services since free WiFi can result in identity theft or other problems later.

2. Family Trips Inspired Free Summer Content Titles

Summer is often family vacation time. Use specific details from your memories and lessons to give life to your content marketing or blog posts.

  1. Family Vacation Survival Guide. Create a checklist of activities or items to keep readers in good spirits.
  2. The Water Is Always Too Cold And Other Lessons From Mom. What did you learn from your mom’s approach to summer vacations? How can they add to your writing?
  3. Postcards From The Road. While pre-smartphone technology, postcards provide a text and visual content option. Also can be a content series.
  4. BLANK Travels With Grandma. Did you spend time with a favorite relative? If so, what did you learn that can help your writing?
  5. BLANK: History Comes To Life.What landmarks or historical places have a tie to your business?
  6. How To Plan A Staycation. Help readers have fun with their children without leaving home.
  7. Visiting Grandma And Grandpa: BLANK Lessons. What did you learn when you stayed with your grandparents that can help your audience?
  8. BLANK Abroad. Use a trip to inspire a piece on travel advice, how to approach new experiences, or tell stories related to your firm.
  9. BLANK: Traveling Down Memory Lane. What did you learn about visiting a place where one of your parents grew up? Also, use this hook for your business’s history.
  10. Nature Travels: What You Need To Know Before You Go. Create evergreen content to help your audience be prepared.
  11. BLANK: City Sights. Use a location to focus on special sights and shops related to your topic.

3. Road trips Inspired Free Summer Content Titles

Road trips are about the journey, not the destination. This topic is broader than travel.

  1. BLANK: Are We There Yet? Explain how readers can get over stalled progress.
  2. What I Learned From Signs Across BLANK. Tell your business story with visual road signs.
  3. XX Miles To Go. Use mileage to structure your content.
  4. Don’t Forget BLANK And Other Necessities. What happens when you leave something important behind?
  5. Ultimate BLANK Road Trip Checklist. Create evergreen content readers seek with specific details related to your niche.
  6. BLANK: Where are we going? Use maps as a metaphor for navigating other issues.
  7. How Map Out Your BLANK. Apply a map structure to your content and visuals.
  8. Mapping Your BLANK. Use a map to guide readers through a challenge.
  9. BLANK: What To Do When You Are Lost. What did your family do when they got lost? How can you help readers who are feeling lost.
  10. What happened to BLANK? Did you ever wander away from your parents? Write about someone who is missing from your business?
  11. Should we take the scenic route to BLANK? Apply the hero’s journey to make your content memorable.
  12. BLANK Detours. Help readers to use your products when they get lost.
  13. BLANK Checklist: How To Plan For The Unexpected. When flat tires happen on road trips, help readers plan for unexpected challenges.
  14. How To Tour BLANK. Offer information about trips near your location.


Get Summer Content Inspiration From Outdoor Activities

1. Life’s A Beach Inspired Free Summer Content Titles

Memorial Day is often the traditional opening of public beaches at least along the eastern US coast.

  1. What’s In Your Beach Bag? Make this into a checklist.
  2. Don’t forget your BLANK beach gear. What do your readers need?
  3. What’s Under Your Umbrella? Tell an intriguing story.
  4. BLANK: Beach Gossip. What news or gossip, can you tell your readers?
  5. How To Buy The Perfect Bathing Suit. How can you help readers find great beach wear.
  6. Are You Digging Yourself Into A BLANK Hole? Unlike holes in the sand, how are your readers getting into trouble?
  7. BLANK: How To Jump The Waves. Use this hook to help readers overcome a pain point.
  8. WARNING: BLANK Storm Watch. What dangers do your readers need to check for during the summer?
  9. BLANK: How To Ride The Wave. Adapt the surfing metaphor to your business.
  10. XX BLANK Beaches. Create a guide to special swimming holes.
  11. BLANK Apps: What You Need This Summer. Appeal to readers inner geek but make it useful
  12. XX Beach Workouts. Target beach fitness or substitute “workouts” to your business.
  13. XX Sandcastles You Can Build. Show readers how to have fun with picture perfect content. 

2. Free Summer Content Titles On The Water

At home or away, water sports are often part of everyone’s summer.

  1. XX Places To Cool Off In The Pool. Create a local guide to public pools and other swimming areas.
  2. BLANK Water Activities. Offer refreshing ideas for staying cool without visiting the beach.
  3. Fishing For BLANK. Beyond memories of fishing with your dad, brother or friends, what are your readers looking for?
  4. How Not to Tip The BLANK Boat. Summer boating lessons apply to other topics where balance is needed.
  5. Motoring Across The Sound With BLANK. Use this boating hook for interviews.
  6. How To BLANK When The Wind Dies. Sailing depends on wind or you can get stuck in the middle of a lake like my dad and I did when I was at camp. Help readers when they get stuck. Substitute another word for “wind”.
  7. How To Navigate BLANK. Don’t limit yourself to boating activities. Use this title to answer readers’ needs.
  8. BLANK: Watch Out For Lobster Cages And Other Watery Dangers. Depending on where you grew up or vacationed, there may be special issues. How can you help your audience avoid hazards?

3. Free Summer Content Titles Growing In Your Garden

Use summer garden bounties as a hook.

  1. Plant Your BLANK. A garden can be a metaphor for other types of activities.
  2. How To Preserve BLANK For The Winter. Canning summer crops is about planning ahead. How can you apply this hook for your readers?
  3. What’s In Your BLANK Crop. A summer spin on new products.
  4. How To Weed Out BLANK. Like your garden, many activities have their detractors that are like weeds.


Camp Activities That Inspire Free Summer Content Titles

What’s new and different this summer from a kid’s perspective?100+ Free Summer Content Titles

  1. Best Camp Checklist Ever. Help your readers with a checklist for what to pack for camp.
  2. Letters From Camp. When I went to camp, we had to write home once a week. Use this camp metaphor to create a summer recurring column or series.
  3. BLANK: Scary Stories You Want To Hear. Who doesn’t remember campfire stories? Use this hook to teach your audience about potential problems.
  4. Real Life Arts And Crafts Lessons For BLANK. Arts and crafts was my favorite camp activity. How can your reader use this type of help from your business? This works well for DIY, upc-ycling and crafts.
  5. Can You Pitch A Tent? Did you spend time outdoors in camp or with family or friends? What did you learn about working together?
  6. BLANK Care Packages You Need Now. What camper didn’t want to receive stuff from home? Talk about ways your audience can pamper themselves.


Summer Jobs: What You Learned And Can Share In Your Content

Summer jobs can be fun such as being a camp counselor or they can be trying such as working in a fast food restaurant.

  1. What Driving An Ice Cream Truck Taught Me About BLANK. This title is dedicated to my brother, Andy, who had a Good Humor truck and every night my dad helped him count the “cold cash” (literally!)
  2. Lemonade-Stand Marketing For BLANK. What can you learn from having a small business as a child?
  3. What I learned About Management From My Fast Food Summer Job. While most people don’t like their summer jobs, you can learn how to treat employees and customers.
  4. BLANK: What I Learned From Babysitting. If you had to take care of your siblings or neighbors’ children, what did you learn?
  5. Lawn Mowing Adventures: How I Learned BLANK. What did you learn from taking care of neighbors’ lawns?
  6. BLANK: What I Learned As A Camp Counselor. Think about the person-to-person issues that apply to other communities or business situations.
  7. How Earning Money From My Summer Job Changed My Life. What did you learn when you started getting a pay check and what did you use it for?


Free Summer Content Titles Related To Food

Use summer’s fruits and vegetables to inspire content or provide details to improve your writing.

  1. Tasting BLANK Across LOCATION. Is there a food that you try wherever you go? For example, Noah Kagan is a fan of tacos.
  2. Dad’s Barbeque BLANK Lessons. What did you learn about food, cooking or being a man from your dad?
  3. BLANK: How Do You Slice It? Use a summer fruit like watermelon to provide fun tips about your business.
  4. Eat a BLANK! Great start for a series of recipes for berries, peaches and other seasonal food.
  5. Stopping At Summer Farm Stands For BLANK. Use the summer farm stand as a way to talk about what’s in season in your corner of the world.
  6. BLANK Lessons I Learned From Picking Berries. What lessons or inspiration did you get picking blueberries or strawberries that you can use in your writing?
  7. Can We Stop For Ice Cream? What memories do you have about eating ice cream in the summer? Was it the place, flavor or form that you remember? (BTW, I wrote about ice cream sundaes.)
  8. XX Beach Snacks That Won’t Melt. How can you help readers pack food for summer trips that won’t spoil?
  9. XX Ways To Avoid The Kitchen When It’s Hot. Give your readers tips for healthy eating that doesn’t require cooking.
  10. Drinks: XX Recipes To Keep You Cool. Offer a set of recipes to refresh your audience.


The Must Have List Of Free Summer Content Titles Conclusion

If you’re like me, a title helps you to start on your blog, content creation, and/or writing journey. Even if it’s not your final headline, you need that initial push.

Summer memories and associations spark content ideas and/or specific details that make your writing distinctive and universal. Further, your readers, prospects, customers, and employees can relate to or learn from them.

Regardless of which of these free summer content titles you pick, use the Mad Libs Approach to adapt it to your audience and business.

In the process, you will be stealing like an artist to make the title and content your own. Use these free titles to brainstorm ideas, outline your content and create quality content and blog posts!

Go on—I dare you to create summer blog posts and content based on this free title list.

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

PS: We would appreciate it if you’d link back to this article if you use one of these titles.

Note, This article is a substantial rewrite of our post originally published in May, 2014.



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