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The recent Monitoring Social Media Conference (#MSM10) in New York on November 4th and 5th provided useful insights on measuring the impact of social media on a company’s marketing and ROI. This Twitter stream which has been edited for redundancy and translated into proper English reveals many of the highlights and useful links. Additionally, this content contains some of the best nuggets of Twitter bait and is worth the read to see how to incorporate Twitter bait into your presentations.

  • Use social media to preserve legacy knowledge within a company. @kdpaine Measuring advertising and PR is a soft measurement. Web metrics and social media are hard measurements and they can’t be compared.  (Missing attribution)
  • KDPaine: “It’s not about how many people you reach-it’s about how the people engage.” Social media makes everything you know about measurement obsolete. Now you now have seconds to respond to things. New school metric: Influence= power to affect someone’s actions.
  • MarionFSwan: Awareness is not enough; you have to be relevant.
  • TreyPennington: Priority shifts in marketing:  listening over monitoring and correlations over counting by @kdpaine.
  • BradJobling: Social media measurement will become business intelligence. What are your customers saying and doing?
  • BradJobling: Location check-ins are the new coupons via @kdpaine
  • TreyPennington: @loicmo is referring to Orange case study ( )
  • CKieff: Health is one of the most discussed topics online in social media=about 20% of all conversations via @LoicMo
  • TreyPennington: “With social media, you can get answers to questions you never thought to ask” via @loicmo
  • KHaughwout: Tailor your monitoring strategy to your brand identity.
  • BradJobling: @loicmo Start small with your social media listening tools first and then expand upon what you learn.
  • TreyPennington: It’s a shame the market doesn’t use the same keywords the marketing department does.
  • HeidiCohen: Cup of Love–use new social media telephone. How are you communicating? With social media, think in terms of listening layers, not promotional messages or push.
  • TreyPennington: @radian6 Twitter response time standard= 6 minutes.
  • Myekulis: It’s not about the numbers but the story they tell. Via Cory Hartlen
  • HeidiCohen: Build a following on Twitter, blog, Facebook translates to free communications channel.
  • Joodoo 77 case studies that prove social media ROI
  • TreyPennington: Word of the day: disambiguation. via @joodoo9
  • HeidiCohen: Social media benchmarks: webstats, conversion rates, volume of conversation, sentiment, competitors and type of conversation.
  • ChuckDizzle78: Between 2-10% of mentions are worth engaging.
  • HeidiCohen: Getting social media monitoring right takes time and iterations. Time: 2 weeks – 3 months depends on complexity and languages.
  • MaryAnnHalford @kdpaine Twitter isn’t a substitute for the general population. Market Research is still important.
  • KDPaine: Link to the Vico ROI story
  • ChuckDizzle78: 65% of major brands don’t monitor.
  • HeidiCohen: If a status update reaches a social network but no one reacts does it exist? Drinking from social media fire hose, we’re suffering from Facebook Fatigue (aka occupational spam).
  • Wendicc: It’s not about who you’re connected to but rather who you aren’t. Research influencers.
  • HeidiCohenKYI: Know your influences. Who matters and moves your message? Content consumption graph. What info shared among your audience? Content stream: How relevant is your stream? Major challenge: know what to put in your feed. What is your brand affinity among your audience? What content do they interact with?
  • Namnum: Use analytics properly to find the ‘socially promiscuous’.
  • MJBrenton: You need to feed your feed more than you think you do.
  • HeidiCohen: Twitter is like ticker symbol. You need to mix it up since consumers share information around your brand at geometric rate. Need to harness information around your brand and curate content to be smartest guy in room. Remember quality drives CTR. Check content consumption graph to see what’s resonating with your audience. Then remix content around these ideas.
  • Namnum: Not just the graph, but “graph context.”@chasemcmichael
  • HeidiCohen: SocialMedia Anxiety: People either do too much without thinking (Can’t do it all) or do nothing (Paralyze in fear) @wendicc
  • HeidiCohen: Socialmedia is new WOM but must get customer experience right first. @wendicc
  • Emotional interactions cannot always be measured in hard numbers. via @wendicc
  • BradJobling: Process for social media monitoring: Map, listen, filter, report, refine.
  • TreyPennington: “Social media may be the fiber optic cable bandwidth of interpersonal evolution” @JodeeRich
  • ChuckDizzle78: 1 million brand mentions a day on Twitter.
  • HeidiCohen: Two differences between Twitter and Facebook: 1] Twitter is open and serachable; 2] Twitter enables asynchronous relationships
  • MaryAnnHalford: Social media has reduced 6 degrees of separation to 3. @jodeerich
  • Engage121: The 3 words Mommy Bloggers tweet the most: thank you, give away and love.
  • Namnum: As huge as Facebook is, Social Media dwarfs it. via @JodeeRich
  • TreyPennington: “Human communications online and offline are inherently subjective.” Via @SethGrimes
  • NJOpenCoffee: 1 in 4 searches is mobile today. via panel
  • MurrayNewlands: Slides are at
  • TreyPennington: @loic confirms my thesis: If you’re not responding to fans online, you are IGNORING PEOPLE!
  • @KDPaine Location based technonlogy is going to be huge: couponing, point of sale and it’s moving to your phone.
  • TreyPennington: Another cool concept articulated by @chasemcmichael at “content consumption graph.”
  • BradJobling: TweepSearch was mentioned as a good way to find influencers on Twitter.
  • HeidiCohen: When look for influencers, start with a list of keywords, competitors, people, pare this down to30 keywords. Once you check the top 30 keywords, then look at the top people and blogs. Examine their contacts. Via @loicmo of @sythesio
  • TreyPennington: Want to search Twitter more smartly? Here are 20 Twitter search tools via @Synthesio
  • NeilGlassman: 100+ Insights from Monitoring Social Media
  • TreyPennington: Google advanced search operations reference
  • TreyPennington: How to write a search query cheat sheet
  • KHaughwout: Use Social Media Monitoring to Find Brand Influencers; Constructing a Query for Social Media Monitoring Here’s all my blog posts on presentations & panels at #MSM10
  • Ecceterramus: Social Media Monitoring Case Studies, Tools and Data Mining, English (translate):
  • TreyPennington: What do people want? People want stories. via @loicmo
  • TreyPennington: “If you don’t get their point of view, you’ll never make the sale” @namnum on selling social media in the organization.
  • Ctctcoach: You need to give people a reason to pay attention to you on social media. Start with great content.

The message from the Monitoring Social Media conference was that this is an emerging art and science. It’s important to start your tracking to learn what’s important for your business.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Big tip of my hat to the speakers and audience who tweeted their knowledge. Please note that the tweet stream was edited for duplication and highlights. Some tweets were combined since several ones appeared in a row from the same person. In addition tweets were modified to read in English and clarify points for non-attendees.

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