7 Responses to Are You Missing These 3 Mobile Social Media Opportunities?

  1. valeriedresner01 says:

    This might be a great help. I didn’t have the idea that sharing a social link via a mobile device increased over 20%. Thank you for your insights!

  2. Mary Gravitt says:

    The blog you have shared is well detailed, but here’s are tips I have read before on Leo Widrich blog.
    1. Share Images on Twitter: Increase Retweets by 150%
    2. Share Content More Than Once
    3. A/B Test on Social Networks
    4.Reframe Content to Suit Your Audience
    5.Re-Buffer Posts and Buffer Native Retweets.
    I’m sharing these different steps for additional information and I’m looking for more ideas.Thanks for these new strats to ponder on.

  3. David Boozer says:

    Great post Heidi! I am going to take a look at the Snapchat app!

  4. Rob Montgomery says:

    Hey there Heidi!

    Looks like you have done your homework and the best thing about it is that you allow all of us to take advantage of it! I love how you use pies and graphs in order to show how reliable your information is. I have used mobile marketing strategies for my business and it did great wonders to it. With your tips, I might be able to widen my audience reach even more.

    Thanks a lot!


  5. Daniel Chloe says:

    Exactly the Daily social media activity on mobile devices continues to gain ground. Social Media Marketing

  6. MLL_69 says:

    So much info! I love your blog!

  7. Gupta Deepak says:

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