Marketing ChatGPT: Why It Is Not Ready For Primetime

Everybody is talking about Marketing ChatGPT!

Are you?

More importantly, do you know what Marketing ChatGPT is?

Don’t worry—As usual, we’ve got you covered!

Marketing ChatGPT is the latest form of conversational AI to help accomplish repetitive marketing functions. As a result, it frees your marketing employees to work on more creative and complex activities.

To help you better understand what ChatGPT is and how it can help you improve your marketing results, we have written this comprehensive piece of content. Further, we have provided you with an outline so you can jump to the areas of specific interest or need to you.

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Marketing ChatGPT Definition

Marketing ChatGPT is a specialized form of Conversational AI dedicated to marketing.

Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer or, ChatGPT for short, is a form of conversational AI. It’s an advanced form of machine learning  (aka: ML). It generates natural language in response to human requests with a high level of accuracy. ChatGPT was trained on large amounts of online content such as Wikipedia in a number of languages.

Don’t let the reference to AI or artificial intelligence scare you! 

In plain English, AI transforms the human input, either voice or text, into a data structure for the system to understand. Without further user input, the computer does its work behind the scenes to provide information that is converted to proper language for the human user.

ChatGPT and other forms of conversational AI need to be trained on large quantities of quality data. This means that each element of data is complete and has the appropriate metadata associated with it. Further, before starting to work with the training dataset, it must be checked using statistics to ensure that it represents the target user group.

If your starting data is missing elements of information or isn’t representative, the ChatGPT or other form of AI will yield poor results.

This chart provides a simplified version of how ChatGPT  (as well as other forms of voice technology) work. From a human perspective, the most difficult aspects are getting the machine to understand the initial human request and transforming the output so that it makes sense to the user.

RIDR Model For Voice and Multimodal Interactions via Conversational AI

Caption: AI is used to translate the request and the response

Why IS ChatGPT Getting So Much Attention?

ChatGPT appears to be the killer app because there are no barriers to use it. In its beta state, anyone can get a free account with easy and take it for a test spin. 

Among the key functions ChatGPT can perform that humans can understand include:

  • Answer questions asked or typed by a human;
  • Complete text or phrase when partial information is give;
  • Create longer content based on user prompts
  • Generate computer code instead of natural or human language;
  • Classify text based on requested categories;
  • Analyze text sentiment; and
  • Perform calculations as well as organize information into useable tables and spreadsheets.

As a result of ChatGPT’s diverse functionality, it’s like we’re living in the world of science fiction that we only knew through HAL and C3PO. Even better, people have fun using it. 

  • Is a significant advance in Conversational AI. Its capabilities will continue to expand rapidly with the upgraded GPT-4 version. This will improve performance and help third-party apps using its API.
  • Can create different types of content including advertising copy, social media posts, blog articles, business letters and even computer code. The list of use cases continues to expand rapidly.
  • Facilitate e-commerce growth. ChatGPT will allow companies to help more customers and prospects at a lower cost.

Actionable Marketing Tip

  • Get your own ChatGPT account and start testing how to use it. Otherwise your business will miss this critical technological evolution.

ChatGPT  was launched as a free public beta in November 2022 by OpenAI, a non-profit research organization backed by Microsoft. Since then, OpenAI has onboarded over 1 million users – faster than any other technology to-date. 

In part this is attributable to the fact that ChatGPT is free to test and use. This was a smart move by OpenAI since it helps them to build their user base quickly  and to speed up the learning curve for their AI scientists and the software.

ChatGPT Trend 2022-2023 via Google Trends -Chart

As a point of comparison, check how fast ChatGPT has grown compared to AI in general since it was opened to the public on November 30, 2022. When examined over a 10 year period, its growth rate is practically a straight light going up.

ChatGPT compared to AI in Google Trends over 10 years

Further, ChatGPT is a major source of conversation across various platforms around the world.

ChatGPT Growth Chart

Actionable Marketing Tips

  • Participate in social media and webinars to learn more about ChatGPT and to get your questions answered. By getting involved in the conversation, you become one of the smarties in this new niche.
  • Pay attention to the conversation about ChatGPT in the marketing newsletters you receive to increase your knowledge of this rapidly changing technology. 

Why Marketing ChatGPT Is Not Ready For Prime Time?

While it’s easy to forget that ChatGPT is still in beta because the results appear so good, as the saying goes, “Buyer Beware!”

Due to ChatGPT’s structure and data training set, it has some critical issues.

ChatGPT’s problems include:

  • Output accuracy can be unreliable. Since ChatGPT is based on major internet websites such as Wikipedia, it can repeat existing misinformation and false facts contained in the original content.
  • Key concepts may be lost or misinterpreted during the generative process changing the meaning of the output. Or, worse, it can just make things up which AI researchers refer to as hallucinations.
  • Events and information that appeared or occurred after its initial training set was last tested aren’t referenced.  According to the OpenAI website disclaimer: Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021. Before using any ChatGPT results, you should check the facts carefully. 
  • Bias contained in the underlying information creates a critical problem when using  ChatGPT. The Internet contains information in all content formats that reflect societal attitudes and language that is no longer acceptable in general discourse.
  • Facilitates plagiarism, other forms of theft and cheating. To help with this widespread problem, tools are being created to  detect whether or not a piece of content was written by a human.
  • Lack of copyright for published content in any format including text, images and/or sounds. Given the fast growth of this new form of AI, expect new tools and laws to sort out this challenge.

Actionable Marketing Tip

  • Bring senior management and technology up-to-speed on ChatGPT and other related technologies now. Don’t wait until your organization faces outside challenges.

How Marketing ChatGPT Can Improve Your Results

While Marketing ChatGPT is NOT ready for prime time. Now is the time to make sure your business is ready to use this new technology across every function in your organization.
Bear in mind that your goal isn’t to cut headcount but rather to improve your output and increase your profitable sales. 

The best place to start to get your organization ready for ChatGPT and other forms of Conversational AI is to cleanse and improve the quality of the data and metadata across your organization.

This means the information in all of your systems including Mike in Accounting. This work requires understanding the current state of your data and how it has to work across your entire business seamlessly. For some organizations, this may require the use of librarians to help you make your data useful to meet current and future needs.

The good news for marketers:
Finally, you will be able understand how your prospects and products move through your business.

Among the top marketing uses for Marketing ChatGPT:

  • Product names and descriptions,
  • Social media posts and comments,
  • Product packaging content,
  • Customer service call, IVA and chatbot scripts, and
  • Personalized email newsletters

Marketing ChatGPT Conclusion

Marketing ChatGPT is sweeping the business environment. So jump on to OpenAI’s free platform and learn how to use this latest form of conversational AI. It’s so easy even your grandmother can use it!

While your business will need this latest technology to keep up with competitors and new players in your market, start by making sure that your organization is ready to use ChatGPT and other conversational AI players that enter the field.

From a marketing point of view, the most important thing you can do is to ensure that you  have complete, high-quality data across your organization. Further, analyze your data so that your metadata is used consistently and that your information isn’t siloed in various departments and older technologies.

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

PS: Larry Aronson, the CTO of the Actionable Marketing Guide did most of the research for this article. Further, like the rest of the Actionable Marketing Guide’s content, this article was written entirely by humans.

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies.
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