16 Magnetic Titles For February Content & Blogging

February Themed Marketing to Pump Up Your Promotions

16 Magnetic TitlesWhen it comes to promotional inspiration, February is a marketer’s delight because it’s filled with fun holidays. What better way to give your content marketing or blog post headlines the power to blast through and draw prospects in than a celebration?

To help you develop your editorial calendar for February, here are eight events around which to write great content or blog posts as part of a larger marketing campaign.

There are sixteen magnetic titles in all, enough to get you two blog posts a week for the month of February. (Need more choices to get your creative juices flowing? Here’re 125 Blog Titles.)

February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day where the groundhog comes out of his home in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. If he sees his shadow, there’s six more weeks of winter. It’s a great basis for a blog post unless of course you’re Bill Murray whose film by this name made him keep repeating the day until he got it right.

  • 12 Reasons You’re Afraid of BLANK. What’s your version of your shadow and why does this matter for your readers?
  • 7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues. Another spin is to show your readers how to beat the winter blues.

February 5th is the 46th Super Bowl where the Giants face off against the Patriots. Since the NFL carefully protects their name, many marketers call it the big game because it’s the biggest contest of the year, whether you’re talking sports or advertising. Depending on your organization, there are other associations you can use to create headlines to draw readers in.

  • Are you ready to compete for BLANK? Where’s the power in your offering? What drives your prospects and customers?
  • Get Your Game On – 5 Ways to Celebrate The Big Game. If you don’t have a direct connection to the Super Bowl, why not use another approach such as how to throw your big game party.

February 13-14 is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. If you love dogs, then this is the event for you! It takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

  • It’s A Dog’s Life. Tell about the world as it relates to your category from the perspective of a dog. Have fun with this title. If you don’t have a dog’s perspective, use products for dogs.  For example, how about “3 Free Dog Knit Coat Patterns.”
  • Why Pedigree Matters For BLANK. This title can be applied to B2B as well as B2C. It’s especially good if you want to persuade readers to pay a premium for your products.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and romance, a big date night complete with chocolates and flowers. Get your red paintbrush out because love is in the air! Make sure your products have a romantic association or it won’t work.

  • 14 Reasons to Love BLANK.  Where’s the love in your product offering? Alternatively, share some love with your customers.
  • 14 Great Gifts For Valentine’s Day. Spotlight offbeat options related to your offering. Alternatively, adapt this headline to focus on places to propose or other romantic option.

February 20th is President’s Day, officially celebrated on the third Monday in February. This was two holidays for George Washington  (February 22nd) who couldn’t tell a lie and Abraham Lincoln (February 12th) also known as Honest Abe.

  • 12 Truths About BLANK [A] That Every BLANK [B] Needs. What can you talk about to show you’re being transparent (or at least appealing to the gossipmonger in each one of us.
  • 12 Secrets About BLANK You Always Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid to Ask) Everyone wants to know the dirt about something. How can you make your stories juicy? Think People Magazine and The Star.

February 21st is Mardi Gras. Essentially the beginning of Lent, Mardi Gras is one big party where everyone dresses up. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  • 12 Ways to Jazz Up Your BLANK. Improvise on the notion of New Orleans musical history to talk about your offering or topic of choice
  • 5 Tips For Letting The Good Times Roll. How do you bring a bit of New Orleans into your category?—have a brainstorm session.

February 26th is the Oscars. Talk about star studded events. It doesn’t get better than the Academy Awards. It’s about the stars, the movies, the clothes and the jewels. Use this year’s nominated films as a hook to talk about issues of interest to your readers or cull insights from past winners.

  • Who’s The Star of BLANK?  Make something or someone a star related to your category. Even better make a short video to underscore your point.
  • Will Your BLANK Take Home The Prize? Who’s at the top of your sector and why should your readers care?

February 29th is Sadie Hawkins Day which is all about women’s choices, namely asking men to dances and to get married. It’s also Leap Day. They only come around once every four years so it’s important to take advantage of them.

  • Ladies’ Choice – What Do Women Really Want? What a great opening to talk about a woman’s perspective to your offering. Of course, you could be literal and offer specific guidance on how to ask a man out for dinner.
  • 29 Leaps of Faith Every BLANK Needs. Here’s a play on the word leap. Of course, twenty-nine points can be difficult so get help developing it.

February is a multi-themed month. Don’t stop at these eight events. Have a holiday each day as well as celebrating Black History Month and Heart Health Month.

What’s important isn’t that you use these magnetic headlines verbatim but rather that you use them as the beginning of your brainstorming to ensure that you’ve crafted the best title possible for your content and/or blog post.

Are there any other holidays or titles that you’d add to this list?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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