34 Ways to Raise Blog Readership Without Social Media

Look Beyond Social Media to Promote Your Blog

What marketer isn’t looking to expand his reader base? Most bloggers just concentrate their audience building efforts on social media. While this is effective, it overlooks a broad range of opportunities where you’re already connecting with people.

To help you build your blog readership, here are 34 non-social media blog promotion suggestions. Regardless of which options you choose, don’t forget to include a call-to-action!

  1. Optimize for search terms. Use keywords and linking strategies to maximize find-ability through search engines.
  2. Promote your blog on your business website. Understand that results will be correlated with the prominence of your promotion. Think homepage and navigation. Also, link appropriate posts to relevant product pages.
  3. Highlight blog posts of interest in emailings. Include part of the posts to lure readers in.
  4. Promote blog on your products. Think product packaging especially if you supply product-related content.
  5. Write for online publications. Like guest blogging, expand your audience by being exposed to a related reader base. Ask for a link to your blog. Even better, get an author page that mentions and links to your blog.
  6. Contribute to offline publications and newsletters. Think area expert. For business bloggers, think trade publications and newsletters. For local businesses, don’t overlook local newspapers and/or your alumni association(s).
  7. Reprint your blog content on other websites. Grant other businesses and organizations second printing rights to your content. Of course, you want to wait until your content is indexed on your blog first for search reasons.
  8. Issue a press release. Focus on special research or unusual resource you’ve created on your blog such as a list of top executives in your field. Link to your blog in the release.
  9. Advertise on newsletters or websites, both online and offline.
  10. Use other offline media for advertising. Think targets and/or local options like package inserts or sponsor a little league team.
  11. Respond to press requests. Not sure where to look? Sign up for HARO‘s emailings. It lists journalists’ requests for sources.
  12. Exchange co-registration. For email sign-ups, promote another website and they promote you. Email newsletters do this all the time.
  13. Speak at events and conferences. Get your blog included in your bio in the program and other marketing collateral.
  14. Do meet and greets. Think blog version of book reading. Leverage related businesses.
  15. Include your blog URL in your email sig file. If you’re writing for a corporate blog, have the sig files changed centrally to maximize your reach.
  16. Put your blog URL on business cards. Consider using one side of your card to promote your blog. If you don’t have a business, order business cards just for your blog!
  17. Add your blog to your bios. Think broadly in terms of business events, professional associations, and local meetings – even your kid’s PTA. Remember your goal is to attract more readers who’re interested in what you have to say.
  18. Promote your blog via a sign up list by your cashier, event registration or tradeshow booth. Of course, this entails typing the information into your database. With your first emailing remind recipients of where they registered.
  19. Include flyer about your blog in shopping bags, tradeshow booths or event goodie bags. Give people a physical reminder about your blog.
  20. Put your blog URL on shopping bags or giveaways.  Think of your blog’s URL like you would any other address or phone number.
  21. Add blog URL to bills and other business communications. Think customer service signature files, auto-responders and email-a-friend.
  22. Advertise using emailings and other online media options. Before you invest, assess the return on your media spend relative to your blog goals.
  23. Get blog content included in business or NFP mailings. Alternatively get mentioned in a company or organization’s mailings.
  24. Support related charity. Get promoted in event marketing collateral with a sponsorship or donate your product for a silent auction.
  25. Integrate blog URL into powerpoint presentations.  Whenever you make a presentation, include your blog in your bio slide. Go a step further and incorporate its branding into the slide master.
  26. Put up a sign promoting your blog in shop window or on a bulletin board. Think high trafficked area to get people to see it.
  27. Get promoted in a relevant store or business. This can work if you review the type of product they promote.
  28. Paint blog URL on bicycles, cars and delivery vans. Does your firm have special vehicles? Why not use them for advertising?
  29. Promote blog in employee publications and communications. This works for businesses with large workforces.
  30. Mention blog in verbal introductions. It lets people know about your blog.
  31. Add blog URL to nametags. Where appropriate, write your blog’s URL on your name tag.
  32. Create sticker for your laptop. People see it when you’re working in public locations and/or at events. Have a sales force? Then promote it on their briefcases.
  33. Write letters to editors of relevant publications. It’s the non-blog equivalent of commenting.
  34. Program print function to include blog promotion. The idea is to have your blog address printed whenever someone prints out a post so they know where to find the article source. This is useful if your article is distributed to others.

As a blogger, you must determine which of these suggestions will help you to achieve your blog’s goal based on your focus, target market and resources.

Do you have anything that you’d add to this list for building your blog audience with non-social media marketing? If so, please include your suggestions in the comment section.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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11 Responses to 34 Ways to Raise Blog Readership Without Social Media

  1. Bala Kadamba says:

    These are great ideas and useful one.

  2. Gekko says:

    You are among few that talk about blog promotion without social media. Great tips, thank you.

  3. Guest says:

    That might work for business blogs. For individuals (not necessarily “personal” blogs, but any type of solo act) it’s not as easy to cover all ground. Especially if the individual lives in a rural area where not only is bandwidth sparse, the population is too — or a suburban one where “high traffic storefronts” are big-box stores and fast food restaurants rather than niche indie boutiques.

    Also not easy if it’s not feasible to get out very often. I don’t have a blog myself yet, but am the sole caretaker of an elderly relative, so that doesn’t exactly make it easy to go on a billboard spree around town. (Note also that the style of notices commonly associated with missing pets — those on telephone poles — are technically illegal, and can run people afoul of the law because one is not supposed to use public property for personal or professional advertising.)

    I came upon this article looking for ways to promote one’s blog (or other anchor site) without social media, to which I am fervently opposed for various reasons. Sadly, I have come to believe that in the public psyche, a blogger is all but expected, if not mandated, to have some sort of ancillary outlet simply because of the nature of blogging itself. I do not own a business, but am of a professional mindset in that I am not at all fond of the water-cooler blather that goes on amid the social sphere. If/when I do end up with a blog, I would aim for offering quality content there and avoiding the sp_m-heavy navel-gazing that people engage in on Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, I value my privacy, but so do social media sites — albeit with monetary value.

  4. Noella2 says:

    It is unbelievable how many ways there, are to promote your blog without having to use social media. Thanks alot for this informative article.

  5. Great ideas! It’s important to integrate all your marketing and not just chase the latest trends. These are great examples of how you can combine the tradtional with the cutting edge. As always keep what works, get rid of what doesn’t and always try something new.

  6. Kelly says:

    There is a huge focus on social media for blogging; it’s refreshing to read these great tips Heidi.


  7. Ashley O. says:

    These are great ideas. I’ve tried a few of them and have had success. Would you recommend for bloggers to have a business card specific to their website?

    • Heidi Cohen says:

      Ashley — That’s a good question regarding business cards for your blog. If your blog is an extension of your business, I suggest including a link to your blog on that. Otherwise, if your blog is on a separate topic where’ you attend meetings and conference, then I’d recommend a different card. It’s a good low cost marketing investment. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

  8. Abdullah says:

    WOW, thanks for all 34 great tips.
    I have one more, create post-it-notes and place them in most unusual places, i.e. public buses, libraries (inside some related books), shops, public toilets etc. 😀

  9. Thanks for the great tips, Heidi. Some very fun and creative ideas!