LinkedIn Celebrates 100 Million Members

3 LinkedIn Lessons for Marketers

Marketers – take a page from LinkedIn’s playbook when you celebrate your company milestones. LinkedIn used the 100 millionth member to their network to thank their customers and make them feel special. (Want some suggestions to thank your customers and make them feel special? Here’s 100 ways to thank your customers.)

Here’s my copy of the note from Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn’s Co-founder and Chairman with a photograph and signature to make it feel more personal (Of course, next time they shouldn’t cut the top of his head off.) As you can see from my number, I wait to see that a technology’s been tested. 3 LinkedIn lessons

Here are three things that LinkedIn did well and your firm can imitate with good database management and creative thinking. In the process, you’ll help reinvigorate traffic to your site.

  1. Get over yourself. It’s not about you (or your firm!) It’s about your customers and how they feel about your company. LinkedIn gets this.
  2. Make it feel personal. Yes I realize that it was a computer-generated note. But it had my name (spelled correctly) and has my unique LinkedIn number.
  3. Start people talking. Conversation about this email campaign dominated an email listserve I belong to. Everyone wanted to compare where they were among the leaders of new technologies. Interestingly, everyone felt good about their place until they started comparing with others. Also, it got people to talk about how they use LinkedIn.

Can you do this for your next promotion? That depends. What type of customer information does your database contain? How can you use it to make your customers feel special? (Note: I’m not talking about a push email promoting your latest sale.) Can you celebrate your customers in a way that makes them feel special? As LinkedIn showed, you sure can and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!

Did you receive a LinkedIn email? If so, how did you feel about it? How would you run this type of campaign and what would you change and why?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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