Infographics: Content Marketing’s Social Media Magnet

11 Steps to Create a Magnetic Infographic

Infographics stand out in a sea of text. Infographics condense information into a friendly visual format to make it easier to consume, understand and remember. As a result, infographics are sexy content marketing that is a magnet for social media shares and related content.

Why infographics are important elements of your content marketing

Here are five reasons to include infographics in your content marketing mix.

  1. Infographics are eye candy for readers. This is particularly useful for individuals who process information visually.
  2. Infographics convey complex ideas. While infographics can be a composite of a variety of smaller data graphics, they simplify complicated information for consumption by a broader audience.
  3. Infographics attract social media shares. As visually inviting content, infographics are highly shared and discussed on social media platforms.
  4. Infographics build inbound links to support search optimization. By allowing third party media and blogs to post your infographic, you attract high quality links. To rank in search, infographics need to offer value.
  5. Infographics incorporate your 360° brand. Through the use of design elements including but not limited to color, typography and imagery, you can integrate your brand into the infographic.

11 Steps to Creating Magnetic Infographics

While infographics make complex ideas easy-to-understand, as pieces of content, they require work. Here are eleven steps to help you create stellar infographics to add to your content marketing mix.

  1. Determine your infographic’s subject. Your goal is to develop an evergreen piece of content that’s core to your information offering. Actionable Marketing Tip: Consider how the infographic can be extended and/or reused in other pieces of content.
  2. Know your infographic audience. Answer the following questions: Who is going to be interested in this information? What are they looking for? Does this encompass a segment or your entire audience? (Here’s how to create a marketing persona.) Actionable Marketing Tip: Organize the information so that it makes sense to your target audience.
  3. Tell your story visually. Outline how you will tell your story in visual terms. To this end, think inside the box in terms of the flow of your information from top to bottom in the infographic. Actionable Marketing Tip: Ensure that each section of your infographic contributes to the overall story line.
  4. Share data. At the heart of your infographic should be quality information. Actionable Marketing Tip: Document your sources so that readers can tell where the data came from and assess its quality.
  5. Eliminate any hint of promotion. Like other forms of content marketing, your infographic shouldn’t contain any promotion. Actionable Marketing Tip: Provide useful product information and comparisons that your audience is seeking. (Here are some helpful tips for creating non-promotional content.)
  6. Visualize your data (DataViz). Think visually, especially for your hook. Minimize the amount of text. Actionable Marketing Tip:  Use graphics, not fancy type.
  7. Use color and graphics effectively. Don’t overwhelm readers with too many colors or too bright colors such as neon pink, orange or green. Actionable Marketing Tip: Select a limited color palette. Go easy on the eyes.
  8. Provide context for the information presented. Remember you want your infographic read and shared by the broadest audience possible. Actionable Marketing Tip:  Use effective labels to offer supporting information readers need.
  9. Add your organization’s logo and/or copyright. Make sure your organization gets credit for the infographic. This aspect of your infographic should be consistent with your branding. Actionable Marketing Tip: Incorporate your copyright and other details regarding use and links.
  10. Incorporate a strong call to action. Where appropriate, ask your readers to take another action. Think in terms of offering additional information to readers. Actionable Marketing Tip: Minimize the information required to get readers to take the next step in your process.
  11. Track results. Measure your infographic’s success. Actionable Marketing Tip: Assess the impact of the infographic in terms of both direct and indirect contributions.

Add infographics to your content marketing mix since they are a magnet for social media shares and conversation. Assess every step of the infographic creation process to maximize its effectiveness. To this end, high quality graphics and simplicity are key.

What else would you add to this infographic list and why?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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