How to Show Your Thanks With Content Marketing

5 Ways To Show Thanks With Content Marketing

Show Thanks With Content MarketingThank you.

These 2 words show prospects, customers and others you really care about them, not just their money.

Everyone wants to feel they make a difference.

Applying the word “guest” to every situation makes no sense. There are a lot of places I don’t want to be a guest. Yet employees at these establishments routinely call me “guest”.

Instead use content marketing to thank your customers in a way that keeps giving.
More importantly content marketing gives your audience information that they’ll thank you for.

Further, it helps convert leads and yields repeat purchases.

Content is the gift that keeps on giving.

You don’t need to be someone’s cheap uncle to like free stuff. Research shows the power of reciprocity; waiters received a 21% better tip when they left 2 free mints.

You can achieve this with quality content.

Done well, this thank you content is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s evergreen information in most cases. Spruce it up to fit every season or holiday.

5 Ways To Show Thanks With Content Marketing Show Thanks With Content Marketing

I love this content since you can use it again and again and again. It gains traction based on its longevity.

1. Use your words to express your thanks

This is a no-brainer. At a minimum, send a follow up email. Use these communications to gather email addresses, up-sell customers and/or offer discounts on future promotions.

Amazon has used this technique for years to build customer relationships and product reviews. As a result, it’s the first place 40+% of shoppers turn for product information.

Google VS Amazon Where US Customers Start Product Purchases - Chart


Actionable Content Marketing Tips:

  • Make the note personal. Write a thank you note from your own email address. Don’t look like a computer. This is important for high-ticket items and relationships. Do this ASAP to show your customer you care.
  • Write the note by hand. Yes, I’m talking pen and paper. At MarketingProfs B2B, Ann Handley hand writes individual notes to all of the speakers. In an era where there’s not much mail from other people, a hand written note stands out.


2. Expand product instructions

Don’t underestimate your buyer’s need for additional information to use your products effectively.

Actionable Content Marketing Tips:

  • Create useful step-by-step directions. Use photographs, video and infographics to help customers put together or use your products better.
  • Suggest alternative product uses. This includes styling. For example, show customers how to mix and match your products to fit their specific needs.


3. Offer patterns and recipes

Providing recipes and patterns are the gift that keeps on giving. I love this type of content, both as a marketer and a customer.


Customers feel like they’re getting something of value. For example, knitters generally have to pay $4 to $10 for individual patterns on Ravelry.

My sister’s mother-in-law was known for her brownies. But despite going through all of her papers, my sister couldn’t find the brownie recipe.

Her mother-in-law was too methodical not to use a recipe.

It didn’t make sense until she cleaned out her mother-in-law’s pantry.

There she found the Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate. The mystery was solved. The brownie recipe was on the back.


Baker’s Chocolate Recipe via Kraft Recipes

I wasn’t surprised to discover the recipe is from Kraft Recipes, a Top 5 Food site. But I laughed when I read the notation:

“This BAKER’S ONE BOWL Brownies recipe is the one that gets handed down through the generations.”

Actionable Content Marketing Tips:

  • Encourage customers to buy your products. Examine how Kraft presents its recipes. Kraft uses other Kraft products. Follow Kraft’s example: where appropriate link to specific products on your website. Make it easy for readers to purchase.

    Content Marketing Spotlights Products

    Baker’s One Chocolate Brownie Shopping List Highlights Kraft Products

  • Give readers a reason to share their email address. Kraft encourages you to join their site to collect recipes and print out shopping lists. This drives retail sales and builds their email list. This information provided detailed data to drive their content and marketing.
  • Ask readers to share their comments and input. Kraft gets readers to comment and rate each recipe. This improves the quality of the content.
    Content Marketing To Thank Your Customers

    Customers Rate and review Kraft Recipes


  • Schedule content updates and promotion. This is particularly important for content that’s only used for a short period every year. For example, King Arthur’s Flour republishes its Irish Soda Bread before St. Patrick’s Day to maximize attention to this long tail content.Irish Soda Bread Promoted On King Arthur Flour Blog Homepage


4. Teach customers how

Educate your customers to use your products better using a variety of different types of materials and presentations.

Actionable Content Marketing Tips:

  • Offer tips and tricks in either digital or paper format. B2B marketers call this “Best Practices”. It’s one of the top types of content B2B buyers actively seek.3 B2B customer-vendor disconnects
  • Write the ultimate guidebook. This is content you can charge for. Or you can just give it away in exchange for their email address. Include exercises that get readers to use your products and want to purchase related items. Utilize the Kindle Store to extend your reach.
  • Provide a community discussion forum. Allow your customers to talk to each other.
  • Create an online course. Drip out your training materials via email. Include other content formats. Get recipients sign up to get more.
  • Present webinars and/or live classes to teach your audience. Don’t limit yourself to traditional topics. Have fun creating the content and your audience will have fun consuming it.


5. Entertain customers with content

Everyone needs fun in his life. Create content that sparks joy in your audience.
Actionable Content Marketing Tips:

  • Make your product the star of entertaining content. Create a video, podcast or text that features your product. Give your product a voice and a personality to engage and entertain your audience.
  • Offer related fun content. Use cartoons, stories, games and/or videos related to your product.
  • Spotlight customers. Get customers to submit photos or videos to present on your owned platforms and social media outlets. Alternatively, give your customers a real time view via webcams or make them your communications’ focus. Roscoe’s Bed & Bark does a great job of this. (Hat tip: Laura Petrolino)Content Marketing example


5 Ways to use content marketing to thank your customers bottom line:

Use content marketing to thank your customers. It’s a great way to extend your relationship with them.

Many marketers underestimate the power of post sales customer engagement to generate more profitable sales. Getting existing customers to purchase more from you is less expensive since you already have their contact information.

Further, continuing the dialogue with your customers enables you to discover how they feel about your products. This gives you the chance to respond to any issues and fix them before your customer thinks about your competitors.

In the process, you can delight customers with content that’s a benefit to them and provides links back to your offering.

How else can you use content marketing to thank your customers?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies.
You can find Heidi on , Facebook and .

Note: This post was originally published on November 23, 2011.

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  • Thats how content marketing ROI increases by 150% however sometimes your own creativity works much better than reading such articles and applying as is it. 🙂

  • Great ideas,This is a very informative blog for all website owners. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights!!

  • Marco Mijatovic

    Good one, Heidi. I noticed you suggested using videos, cartoons or games in order to get our audience engaged and make them entertained.

    How about organizing a contest and giving clients a chance to create their own funny videos or games by using products which they’ve purchased on our website and then encourage them to share it with their followers throughout social channels?

    It’s just an idea. I haven’t tried it myself yet but seems it might be a good one.

  • Ohhh, so many great ideas here! And thing thing with most of these is they require very little, if any additional costs, but ROI is huge…and grows. Good brain food here to apply to all of our own campaigns and organizations

  • Hi Heidi,

    Expressing our gratitude towards prospects helps in creating loyal customers. An early feedback to customers queries will increase the probability of conversion and results in a l0ngterm relationship. Knowing the target audience and providing actionable content that provides solution for their pain points will result in creating brand advocacy.

    Last… Its not always the bottom line, Its the VALUE that an enterprise adds to the customers life keeps them in business.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable insights, This article is one typical example of what adding value to audient’s Is.

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  • This is a very informative blog for all website owners. Your audience and loyal followers will feel appreciated and loved if they see or read that you show how gratefulness through writing a good content.

  • I like when brands deal with me as an important “Member” of their community. I think you once published a review of “The Membership Economy” by Robbie Kellman Baxter (sorry if it was on another blog, I guess the post is one or two years old). I had a real pleasure to read this book.

    One great example I recently encounter was Zendesk (despite I’m not a customer). They produce really great entertaining videos (if you haven’t seen some, check for instance). Giving some related but fun videos is a way to thank customers too.

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