How to Build Your Social Media Team

Social Media Means Team Work

Social Media Requires TeamworkSocial media must be integrated across your organization in order to effectively leverage your employees’ strengths. This requires strong teamwork that breaks down the corporate silos and creates cross-functional partnerships.

Getting social media to work in large organizations means understanding and meeting these three requirements. 

  1. Social media must create holistic processes. You need to work across traditional silos within your organization so that your social media profile reflects how the public views your brand rather than how your company is structured.
  2. Social media must speak with one consistent voice. While different people may participate in your organization’s social media initiatives, their content and communications have reflect a consistent, perspective that’s readily identifiable as your brand.
  3. Social media must be part of employees’ jobs. Social media can’t be something employees do “when they have time”. Rather it must be integrated into their core duties.

Building your social media team

Because social media marketing has evolved beyond hiring a student who knows Facebook, you need to build an integrated social media team, broken out across three major categories of activity. Of course, your human resources department should be involved in the process.

Social media content marketing. Create content to feed social media engagement and sharing. Check that your content is aligned with your marketing goals. Here are the skills you need to develop that content.

  1. Writers. At its core, most content marketing requires writers to develop the information. (We can help meet with your content marketing needs.)
  2. Editor. Depending on the amount of content your business creates, an editor may be needed to oversee your social media content strategy. The individual holding this position should maintain an editorial calendar.
  3. Art director. Most social media content marketing requires graphic design to attract visitors.  Ensure your design elements are consistent with your 360° brand.
  4. Media expert. This specialist enhances your social media marketing by creating videos, photographs or audio podcasts to augment the text content.
  5. Search optimization resource. This expert ensures that your social media content is optimized for search engines and can be easily found by prospects and the public. 
  6. Copy editor. This must-have content resource makes sure your text information makes sense, has no typos and, uses good grammar. Most importantly he or she removes the fear of poor writing. Poorly written content, even on social media, reflects poorly on your brand.
  7. Technology resource. This person supports your social media team and helps overcome technical issues with the content and its distribution to various social media platforms.

Social media engagement. As a key component of your firm’s public face, social media encompasses all of your customer interactions. Because of the challenges, many firms don’t respond on social media platforms.

  1. Social media experts. Depending on your organization’s size and your social media efforts, these individuals may be community managers or specialists.
  2. Customer service representatives. As your organization’s front line problem solvers, these individuals are invaluable for answering customer inquiries and converting sales. Understand that different skills are needed when communicating via social media platforms versus telephone or in-person. It requires knowing how to engage on social media as well as an ability to write.
  3. Sales team. These people nurture, grow and manage your organization’s customer relationships. In this role, they interact with prospects, influencers, decision makers, customers and the public appropriately on social media platforms.
  4. Marketing, PR and/or corporate communications. These professionals create and distribute messages to your various constituencies including your prospects, customers, and the public. (Of course, for social media, these messages shouldn’t be promotional.)
  5. Senior executives. The public expects social media engagement by the your top corporate officers. Think in terms of strategic ways to engage on relevant social media platforms because it builds customer trust. (Here’s the research on CEOs.) This doesn’t mean your CEO should spend all of his or her day posting on Facebook.
  6. Investor relations. If your firm is publically held, it’s important to be where your investors are to receive and provide information.
  7. Legal and/or compliance officers. Depending on the size and focus of your firm, it’s useful to have dedicated resources to help fast track any social media questions or issues.

Social media analysis. To understand your organization’s social media performance holistically, track social media conversations and engagement.

  1. Brand monitoring. Assess the environment to see what prospects, customers and the public are saying about your organization, products and executives as well as related topics and competitors.
  2. Social media metrics. Examine how participants are engaging with your company, brand, and products on various social media platforms.
  3. Post-engagement tracking. Measure your social media content and engagement results from various activities. To this end, it’s critical to have a social media call-to-action.

Social media requires building cross-functional teams that work together to accomplish your business objectives. Depending on the size of your organization, your social media team may consist of individuals who perform multiple functions or have matrix reporting lines.

What have you found that improves social media teamwork within your organization?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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