How Old Spice Can Translate Social Media Success Into Sales

5 Tips For Attention-getting Follow Up Campaigns

The Naket CowboyOld Spice’s YouTube Campaign has garnered lots of viewer and media attention and that’s great for transforming it into a hot, hip brand. But as a brand repositioning campaign it may take time to yield bottom line results, so in today’s what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world, Old Spice’s marketers must consider how to translate their social media success into sales.

5 Follow up campaign action items

To stay top of mind and keep prospects, consumers and the general public engaged, marketing requires continual exposure.  While having a viral video campaign that continues to attract attention is great, here are five additional marketing tactics to enhance Old Spice’s reach and drive sales.

  1. Leverage newer location-based social media options like Foursquare. Since a physical check-in is required, work with one or more retailers to generate check-in interest and sales.
  2. Create live events focused on meeting the Old Spice Guy. Let retailers, influencers, prospects and customers interact with and get their photos taken with the Old Spice Guy. Select a few popular locations like Times Square where even the Naked Cowboy (see photo) attracts lots of attention. Perhaps these photos can be shown on a billboard as well as on Flickr.
  3. Build an old-fashioned email list to provide another channel for communicating with prospects and customers. Be sure that you get permission to use this list for the broader family of Old Spice products. Put together a marketing plan for this list and include links to it on your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels.
  4. Be present at places where men need washing lotion. Have a physical presence and hand out samples at strategic sports events like the NYC Marathon, in airports on popular travel days after luggage checks, or in sports clubs and/or gyms.
  5. Offer samples for hand raisers. Give away product samples in a follow up campaign. Take a page from Coldwater Tide, another P&G product. It’s more effective to get samples to people who request them than to just carpet bomb the general public.

Each option should include a means to share in the activity across social media channels.  In addition to adding to Old Spice’s current buzz, these engagements can be used to give prospects a coupon or discount to purchase Old Spice products.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Photo credit: Naked Cowboy website

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