How Actionable Marketing Stacks Up (against other forms of marketing)

How does actionable marketing compare to other forms of marketing? Actionable marketing refers the ability to persuade prospects, customers and the public to engage with your brand, product and/or firm. These three elements distinguish actionable marketing from other types of marketing.

  1. Incorporates a call-to-action to overcome prospect and customer inertia.
  2. Engages prospects and customers to connect with the company in some form.
  3. Yields measurable results towards a business goal.

Actionable marketing encompasses direct marketing. While direct marketing focuses on generating leads and sales, actionable marketing produces a wider array of prospect, customer and fan interactions that aid branding, sales process, post-purchase support and advocacy. Actionable marketing overlaps with social media marketing in terms of its proactive engagement with prospects, customers and fans. While actionable marketing can enhance branding, it’s a by-product of its engagement rather than a goal.

How actionable marketing stacks up

Here’s how actionable marketing, brand marketing, direct marketing and social media marketing stack up against an array of attributes.

Actionable marketing is distinguished by its ability to cost effectively drive measurable results. While a wide range of products can use actionable marketing, it’s important to bear in mind that most mass-market products still require branding that utilizes mass media.

Do you have any other elements that you’d add to this analysis? If so, please include them in the comment section below.

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