Golden Age of PR: 5 Reasons Why

With the evolution of communications and media, the options for getting PR’s well crafted messages out to various publics, on behalf of individuals or organizations, have increased. PR’s tailored communications can be distributed one-to-many, one-to-one and many-to-many across owned media, third party media and social media via online and offline vehicles. To complicate the process, only 5% of consumers trust companies; they trust other consumers. But consumers can also use social media to create and broadcast their own messages which may contradict or distort your communications and not yield the results you desire. This dynamic environment presenting information distribution options and challenges creates special communications opportunities making now the Golden Age of PR.

Here are five reasons why now is the Golden Age of PR.

  1. Expands social media choices. As social media matures, there’s a growing set of social media formats for creating content and delivering your PR message to a wider audience. Among these social media options are text, video, photographs, audio, presentations and live events.
  2. Enhances owned media entities. Organizations have a diverse array of internal media options including but not limited to website, emailings, blogs, direct mail, and physical locations. Companies are publishers regardless of their business category. To this end, PR professionals have some control over the message presented to the public. At a minimum, keep generating messages through a crisis and make sure that a proportion of these messages are focused on your firm and your products.
  3. Increases third party media options. These media entities are owned by companies or individuals. Media options encompass television, radio, newspapers, magazines, online and live events. Additionally, there are a wide range of bloggers and other content providers. These media developers may require special treatment to persuade them to cover your story.
  4. Facilitates vigilant reputation monitoring and related crisis management. Since comments and/or content can easily be taken out of context or be misconstrued, PR is important to ensure that your organization knows how to react in the event of a public issue. It’s not always necessary to respond to customer remarks but you must be able to distinguish which messages require an answer and which can be left alone. Be alert for potential opportunities for getting your message out since a situation can change in the blink of an eye and the story may be go to the first person who gets attention.
  5. Improves PR tracking. This is attributable to better brand monitoring across platforms driven by sophisticated data analysis. Yet at its core, what’s required to track the results of a PR campaign are use of a strong call-to-action and tailored promotional codes to facilitate tracking.

During the Golden Age of PR, be an engaged part of the conversation across media platforms. This’ll help ensure that your message remains top of mind with your prospects.

Do you believe that this is the Golden Age of PR? Why do you feel the way that you do?

Happy marketing,

Heidi Cohen

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