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25 Free Fall Content Marketing Titles

Free Fall Content Marketing TitlesLabor Day Weekend signals the end of summer, at least in my small area of the world. Marketers, like students, need to think in terms of back-to-school and fall.

While many American students are already back at school and the back-to-school marketing push occurred in early August, you can still attract a portion of the $669.28 the average US family spends for grade-schoolers or the $916.48 college students spend, according to the National Retail Federation with the right content.

Instead of the almost always painful “What I Did For My Summer Vacation” essay that results in a paper bag full of crumpled false starts, here are some fun titles and related content inspiration you can put into action.

If you find yourself changing the title to meet your specific needs, so much the better. It means you’re on your way to your first draft.

Free fall content marketing titlesFree Fall Content Marketing Titles

Back to School. Whether your niche or product has a back-to-school element, it’s a great starting point for a solid blog post or piece of content that relate to your business. To get your creative juices flowing, here are 12 classic back-to-school topics.

  • 13 Facts About BLANK That You Won’t Learn In School. Think in terms of answering your customers’ questions related to your product.
  • BLANK 101. Nothing says beginner information like the 101 of an entry level course.
  • The Newbie’s Guide To BLANK. This is another spin on a beginner’s post.
  • 10 Famous Quotes About BLANK. Here’s the opportunity to sound erudite on your topic. The best part? Everyone loves sharing quotes on social media.

Fall (September 23rd) The change in season means new colors, clothes and other purchases. How do they relate to your offering.

  • 10 of Fall 2014’s Must Have Accessories. Show your audience how to style this season’s clothes.
  • 5 Trends In BLANK You Need To Keep Up With. The seasonal change hints at other alterations.
  • The Fall Checklist for BLANK. What do your customers need to do in the fall? This is a great evergreen post.

Football (American style). This major American sport is a serious part of many people’s lives.

  • 5 Easy Game Time Snacks. Everyone gets munchies watching football games. Create some fun finger food.
  • BLANK Football Fun. Work a connection between football and your product. For example, special clothes that people wear to games.
  • 10 Reasons To Love Football Season. While this title sounds like it’s about football, it’s about what else you can do while many people are glued to their television sets.

7 September holiday content hooks

Here are 7 fun September holidays that provide you with a fun content hook. To get you started, I’ve included some recommended titles and ideas for building promotions.

Be Late For Something Day (September 5th) and its kindred spirit: National Fight Procrastination Day (September 6th.) This is a great writing hook for helping your readers get organized or over some major hurdle. Of course, if you take too long to figure it out, you’ll miss your opportunity.

  • 10 Reasons You Are Not TOO Late For BLANK. Apply this to your product offering. I often get asked if companies are too late to do social media.

Grandparents Day (September 8th) This holiday is great whether you focus on celebrating an older generation or use stories based on your own grandparents. I did this recently when I referenced my grandparents in a blog post.

  • 3 Things I Learned From My Grandfather. Who doesn’t have a few things that their grandfather taught them as a child that are relevant to their business today?
  • 5 Recipes My Grandmother Taught Me. My family has recipes from my grandmother that mother learned by sitting with my grandmother. My mother stopped her at every step to measure her handfuls of ingredients and write them down.

Swap Ideas Day  (September 10th) What a great day to have a brainstorming meeting.

  • 5 Changes You Asked For. Regardless of your business, you can collect suggestions from your customers and employees.
  • The Great BLANK Swap. Establish a swap related to your product offering. For example, within some knitting circles, members make each other gifts of socks or shawls because while they enjoy making them, they never seem to make one for themselves.

International Chocolate Day (September 13th) Who doesn’t like chocolate? Personally, I consider chocolate one of the major food groups.

  • Top 10 Chocolate Recipes. I couldn’t resist and neither will you if you’re a chocoholic.
  • 7 Best Places To Buy Chocolate In [LOCATION]. If your product isn’t related to chocolate, tell your customers where to buy chocolate. One of my nephews believes Dylan’s Candy Bar is a must-visit site in New York City.
  • 5 Ways To Show You Care With Chocolate. This topic can be spun a number of ways. For example, I had a client who loved chocolate and I bought him a pound of chocolate at Jacque Torres.

World Gratitude Day (September 21st) Use this opportunity to celebrate your customers and employees.

  • What Are You Grateful For? This is a great hook for a roundup post.
  • Why We Are Grateful To Have You As Our Customers. Here’s another way to talk about your customers. Go one step further and get their photographs. 

Punctuation Day (September 24th) Remember your sixth grade English teacher? This day was made for her and Ann Handley whose latest book is titled Everybody Writes

  • 10 Special Words For [PRODUCT]. Okay—it’s a stretch. But it’s a good opportunity to give your target audience an education in the language of your product.
  • How To Speak BLANK In 5 Easy Lessons. Give an insider’s view of your product or niche.

Ask a Stupid Question Day  (September 28th) As any experienced teacher will tell you, there are no stupid questions. But this holiday is a great basis for a number of key content offerings.

  • 21 Things You Always Wanted To Know About [YOUR PRODUCT]. This is a great way to create product related information your prospects want to know.
  • 12 FAQs You Need To Know Before You Purchase [PRODUCT].  Another spin on answering your customers’ questions, one of the 5 basic content types.
  • 10 Critical Questions Our Employees Answer Everyday About [PRODUCT]. This is the opposite of the stupid question. It’s great because you can get your fellow employees to help craft the content.


Print out this list of 25 free fall content marketing titles. The objective isn’t to use everyone as is but rather to get started brainstorming your September editorial calendar.

Use them like the old fashioned Mad Libs. Fill in the product or blank so that it’s relevant to your business or blog.

Before you stop writing, jot down a few ideas for each one. This way you don’t get writer’s block. You’ve got a start on a column when you sit down to write.

What other titles would you add to this list and why?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen



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