Don’t Tax Yourself – 99 Free Blog Titles

99 Non-Taxing Free Blog Titles

99 Free Blog TitlesFace it—blog post inspiration can be tough under normal circumstances.

When you’re focused on other mentally, emotionally exhausting work like taxes, fresh blog titles and ideas are nearly impossible.

Fortunately tax season only comes once a year—unless you’re an accountant.

But you need blog motivation at least every week or every day depending on your blog publication frequency.

If you’re like many bloggers and writers, you’ve experienced Blank-Post-Syndrome, (aka: writer’s block) at some point. When, no matter what you do, you can’t squeeze words onto your computer screen even to form one meager sentence.

That’s when you need these 99 free blog titles that won’t tax your brain!

To keep the words flowing from your brain through your fingertips and onto your computer screen, use these 99 free blog titles to ignite your imagination.

You don’t need to use these titles verbatim.

Instead employ them to brainstorm your own, better ideas.

(BTW, if these 99 free blog titles aren’t enough inspiration for you, try these 125 free Blog topics.)


99 Non-Taxing Free Blog Titles

Here are 99 non-taxing free blog titles that you can use as is or modify to meet your blog needs. All you have to do is: Insert a word relevant to your category for BLANK and modify the list size to the number of points in the meat of your post.

99 Free Blog Titles 

Money Basics Free Blog Titles

Before diving into tax-related free blog titles, start by answering your prospects’ money-related questions.

This is pure Marcus Sheridan’s “They Ask, You Answer.” (BTW, if you really want to get an in-depth explanation of this type of content marketing, read his book! It’s worth your time.)

  1. How much does BLANK cost? This is the question every marketer and sales person doesn’t want to answer. Stand out from your peers—Answer it without fear. Sheridan generated $2 million in pools sales with his blog post answering this question. Answer your customers questions--basic content type
  2. BLANK: A Sophisticated Buyer’s Guide. Explain your product in detail. It’s core information your prospects actively seek.
  3. BLANK Versus BLANK Comparison. Here’s another classic Sheridan style post. Your objective is to show customers the differences between products or with your competitor. Go one step better include a chart. Remember people are visual.
  4. Why We May Not Be A Good Fit For You. Ask yourself: Who you don’t want as a customer. While this sounds like you’re turning away business, it’s not. Difficult customers cost you time and money. Stop them early before they nickel and dime you out of business.How Marcus Sheridan defines customers who are a bad fit


Tax-related Free Blog Titles

Apply the tax theme to your blog. You can be literal or metaphoric.

  1. Is BLANK too taxing? This title works for most topics to discuss something that takes way too much effort. How can you solve your readers’ challenges?
  2. Is BLANK tax deductible? While you’re thinking “Are my blog-related costs tax-deductible?,” assess the tax implications of your products or category. Where appropriate get input from a from a qualified tax accountant.
  3. How to deal with BLANK refunds? This is an easy post to explain your business’s refund policy.
  4. Can I get a tax credit for BLANK? This is another topic to tap your accountant for input.
  5. Can you find these XX hidden loopholes in your BLANK agreement? Everyone’s always looks for tax loopholes. Does this apply to your business or contracts?
  6. XX Ways to avoid BLANK penalties. Penalties can be applied from taxes to professional sports. What penalties apply to your blog niche?


Savings-related Free Blog Titles

Who doesn’t want to save money? 

The trick: Make the savings relevant to your readers without hurting your business’s bottom line.

  1. XX Money saving tips to beat BLANK. Regardless of how much money your audience has, they always want to feel that they got a great deal. How can you show readers to get their money’s worth? Syms, a discount clothing chain, used the tag line, “a sophisticated consumer is our best customer.”
  2. XX Little changes make you save big. This free blog title requires that you think different. (Hat tip: Steve Jobs.) Use it to show buyers long-term value.
  3. How to save on your BLANK. Use this post as part of a series. It’s helpful to make local businesses stand out from the competition.
  4. BLANK: Count your pennies. Are there small changes that your readers could make that would add up to making a bigger impact on their lives?
  5. XX Ways for monster savings. Give your readers a list of ways they can conserve resources and reduce their bills.
  6. XX BLANK Time-saving tips. Time is money for most people, especially entrepreneurs. Help them to be more efficient.
  7. XX Ways to increase your BLANK efficiency. This is another spin on time-saving.
  8. XX BLANK strategies you can bank on. Do you have suggestions that will help your readers that translate to revenues?
  9. How to stretch your BLANK dollars. Who doesn’t want to make their money go further? Do you have tips that will help your readers?
  10. How to do BLANK on the cheap. This spin works for businesses and hobbies.
  11. Is saving BLANK making you poor? The counter intuitive nature of this title creates allure that can hook readers. Change it slightly and it can apply to non-financial options. For example, “Is exercising making you sick?”
  12. Are you planning for the BLANK future? This can be broader than just financial. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
  13. How BLANK helps you save. Since saving stuff is good, this title can work with many different topics.
  14. How to BLANK save for a rainy day. Everyone needs a special stash for those unexpected problems.
  15. Is your BLANK habit is preventing you from achieving your goals? Here’s to talk about the three trips a day to Starbucks for a $5 coffee.
  16. How to give your old BLANK a new life. A targeted way to show readers how to save money.
  17. XX BLANK coupons we’d like to have. A shopper can dream can’t she? What would you like retailers to offer?
  18. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and other ways to save on BLANK expenses. Apply the health metaphor to help readers save.
  19. How BLANK provides XX ways to save. Tell your readers what they need to do to keep going.


Budget-related Free Blog Titles

Focus your blog posts on spending your resources within your financial limits. Get your brain cranking on writing articles about saving money.

  1. How to stretch your BLANK budget. Everyone is always looking for ways to make their budget, whether it’s personal or business. What are your suggestions?
  2. XX Ways to cut your BLANK budget. Everyone can use this topic. Based on years of corporate budgeting, I know the little tricks to ensure you’ve saved some money in case you need a boost at the end of the year.
  3. How to manage your BLANK budget. What can you share with your category newbies about budgeting?
  4. Budgeting for XXX. Everyone can use tips to get them started on their budget. What can you add to this discussion? Is there anything special you audience should know?
  5. What’s in your BLANK budget? This is a spin on the popular credit card ad. Are there other ads that you can adapt to your blog?
  6. XX Budget stretchers for BLANK. How can your readers make their budget go further? Be specific so that when they finish reading your content, they tell their friends. Here’s my example What’s your firm’s value meal?
  7. XX BLANK budget busters to watch out for! What challenges are lurking out there that your readers might unexpectedly walk into?
  8. How to blow your BLANK budget. Is there something special that your audience is likely to do that will hurt their budget for the rest of the year? How can they avoid making this mistake?
  9. BLANK: Are you running on empty? Does your target market have less money than they thought? Do they need to accomplish something with little or no money? What do you suggest?
  10. How to make ends meet on a BLANK budget. What can you suggest to help your readers who lack a lot of budget?
  11. How to support your BLANK champagne tastes on a beer budget? This is the how to do more with less post. Translate it to your target market’s needs. Here’s another example from this blog entitled What do the Shake Shack and Pre-Owned Mercedes have in common?
  12. How to live like a king on a McDonald’s budget. This is the fairy princess living in the attic story.


Spending-related Free Blog Titles

While many people love to spend money, especially when it’s not ours. Often our desires are bigger than our pocketbook.

While you’re assessing these free blog titles, think about how you can incorporate visuals. They attract attention and can be shared on social media, especially Pinterest giving you long tail impressions.

  1. XX Spending strategies to minimize BLANK expenses. The subtext to this title is how to save money. Where’s the fat in your budget?
  2. What’s in your BLANK wallet? Use this spin on credit card advertising to show readers a misconception about the costs associated with buying your products.
  3. XX Ways to BLANK without breaking the bank. This is a great approach for many DIY topics. These articles are ripe for price comparisons.
  4. How to BLANK like a million dollars when you’re on tight budget. Apply this title to the wonders of second hand shops or DIY.
  5. Why greed is good for BLANK. Take a page from Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko. It doesn’t well during difficult financial times. Remember don’t be tone deaf to current events!
  6. Spend your way to prosperity with BLANK. Can you show your readers how spending money effectively will improve their total wealth? This doesn’t have to be literal. For example, apply this topic to health. What good is money if you’re sick and stressed out?
  7. How BLANK can pay the bills. This is the classic how to make your hobby into a job.
  8. Moonlight your BLANK way to success. Do your off hours passion feed your personal bottom line? What lessons do you have for your readers?


Earning-related Free Blog Titles

These topics include “How to make money” and other job-related issues.

  1. BLANK: Why you aren’t your job. Write about life to help readers achieve their personal goals.
  2. BLANK: Are you always be selling.  No one wants to be the seedy used car salesman. Yet many of our jobs involve selling in some way. This is a great title to show readers how to get ahead in their professional or real life relationships.
  3. Make me a BLANK offer I can’t refuse. At first blush, this sounds like The Godfather come to life but it’s about what really matters to your audience.
  4. Let’s make a BLANK deal. It’s also about how business works. What can you show your readers to improve their business
  5. What color is your BLANK parachute? Borrowed from the classic job hunter’s guide, apply this title to your niche.
  6. How to make BLANK money while you sleep. It’s a great starting point for online information products.
  7. XX Part time jobs you can do from home. What can you do on your own time? The important element here is to relate it to your blog’s theme without sounding like a come-on.
  8. How to telecommute and save time at BLANK. This column targets people considering a telecommuting position. Do a pros and cons comparison to stand out.
  9. Increase your earning power with BLANK. What can your readers do to improve their money-making abilities? Think how to get a better job or additional training.
  10. Is your BLANK making you poor? This is a good jumping off point to discuss a wide variety of topics.


Well Known People Inspire Free Blog Titles

Here’s another spin on Influencer Marketing. Research the lessons of people well known in handling money and apply them to your readers’ needs.

  1. Skinflint’s guide to BLANK. Are your readers cheap? They don’t necessarily have to have limited funds to want to keep their overhead low. Be careful with this free blog title! It’s work well for luxury brands.
  2. The BLANK Cheapskate’s handbook. This is another spin on being a Skinflint.
  3. Warren Buffet’s 10 Lessons for BLANK. The Oracle of Omaha is famous for keeping his spending down way below his needs. What can he teach your readers?
  4. What you can learn from Scrooge. No one wants to be Dicken’s Ebenezer Scrooge (or Scrooge McDuck, either) but there can be useful insights from these characters that you can apply to your niche and help your readers.
  5. BLANK: What I learned about finance from the Cat In the Hat. There are business lessons for your readers everywhere. How can you make them easy for your readers to understand?
  6. XX Habits of BLANK Millionaires. What can you learn about your business from the very wealthy?


Well Known Money Quotes As Free Blog Titles

Tap into well-known money quotes for blogging inspiration.

  1. It’s the economy stupid. Employ this title to help readers deal with difficult challenges they’re facing.
  2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This title works when discussing diversification whether business or personal.
  3. BLANK: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Who hasn’t heard their parents say this? Adapt this saying to meet your readers’ needs when talking about their pain points.
  4. A penny saved is a penny earned. Originally said by Ben Franklin, it’s still good today. How can you show your readers to save? For example, is there something that they can recycle and use in a different way
  5. BLANK: Why you’re being pennywise pound foolish? Is your audience missing the big picture? Are they focused the small costs and missing the big ones that will cost them more long term? This title is great for home improvements and DIY topics.
  6. BLANK: Money can’t buy me love. Did the Beatles have this right? Why or why not? How can you help your readers?


Money-Related Games Inspire Free Blog Titles

Money is involved in a wide range of games from childhood classics to Las Vegas. Use these lessons for your blog posts.

  1. Pass go and collect $200: XX BLANK lessons I learned playing Monopoly. What did you learn playing this classic board game?
  2. Are you playing roulette with BLANK? Are your readers doing something risky? What’s your advice to them?
  3. BLANK: Why the house always wins and other gambling lessons you need to learn? Is the deck stacked against a segment of your readers? Can you help them beat the odds?
  4. BLANK wheel of fortune. What is your readership hoping for? Does it make sense? What insights can you give them?
  5. Are you gambling with your BLANK’s future? This title stirs up fear. Make it work for your readers.
  6. Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em – XX poker lessons for BLANK. What have you learned from poker that your audience can profit from?
  7. Don’t bet the house on BLANK. Explain why your readers need restraint in their actions. Include what they can do to improve their position.
  8. How not to loose your shirt doing BLANK. This title may be a bit over the top. It’s useful to get your brain ticking.


Family Money Lessons Inspire Free Blog Titles

Good or bad, you first learn about money from your family.

  1. What an allowance taught me about BLANK. What lessons can you show your readers?
  2. What I learned from my first job doing BLANK. Love it or hate it. Our first jobs teach us a lot about people and money.
  3. How I bought my first car. What did you have to do to get the money together to purchase your first car? Was it second-handed? What can you share from your experiences that can help others?
  4. XX Lessons from uncle moneybags about BLANK. Everyone has one relative who has more money than the rest of the family. What did that mean in your family? How did it make you feel about money?
  5. How I learned BLANK from my first lemonade stand. Many aspiring entrepreneurs start with something small and keep trying. How did your first business spur you on to keep being an entrepreneur?
  6. How hand-me downs changed my view of BLANK. Did you grow up in a large family and have to wear your older siblings’ clothes? How did this make you feel? What insights can you share with your readers?


Other Money-related Free Blog Titles

Here’s a mix of money-related suggestions that don’t fit into another category.

  1. Looking for the BLANK pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? XX tips you must have. Everyone is always looking for the prize. Do you have a story that can help your readers accomplish something in your niche?
  2. What’s the value in BLANK? Show your business value to readers.
  3. Is your BLANK strategy bankrupt? Here’s a good title to help your readers re-examine their current plans and try to do something better.
  4. BLANK: The gift that keeps on giving. Is there something in your market that continues to support the business or generate other benefit
  5. What’s the ROI on BLANK? Useful for business and money topics since executives always seek a better return on their investment.
  6. All that glitters isn’t gold – XX lessons in BLANK. Do you have insights to help your readers see the challenges with a product or way of doing something that appears profitable or beneficial but isn’t really?
  7. The BLANK Golden Rule. What’s the secret that everyone in your market wants to know and why? How can you help your readers with this?
  8. XX Ways to do BLANK for Free. Nothing gets readers attention as the word, free. What can you show your readers how to do without cost?
  9. How to get a BLANK grant. Does your organization or business have the potential to get money from the government or a not-for-profit? What suggestions do you have for your readers?
  10. How to get a BLANK scholarship. Are you targeting students? Can you help them get a scholarship? This reduces student expenses.
  11. How to create a BLANK business plan? Help your readers develop their plans related to your niche.
  12. Making money the easy way doing BLANK. Everyone wants a ticket to easy street. This can be useful for stock tips.
  13. Where’s the beef in BLANK? Taken from an old Wendy’s commercial, this title is good to focus on the heart of you business. Here’s my social media example: Where’s the Beef in Your Social Media Content?
  14. How to use other people’s money to BLANK. Based on the name of an old movie, it makes a great title. Why? Because it’s easy to spend someone else’s money. Use other options such as other people’s budgetsor other people’s problems.


99 Non-taxing Free Blog Titles Conclusion

Nothing’s more taxing than an empty screen and a blog post deadline.

While you might not believe it, I periodically struggle to find a great blog post idea.

That’s what inspired me to create this list of 99 non-taxing free blog titles for you.

They do the hard inspiration work when you’re at a loss for new blog titles and posts.

Even if you don’t like them, you’ll find your mind automatically flooded with new ideas with which to replace mine.

And that’s all you needed: Focus and ideas to react to.

Your imagination was just tired or concentrating on other issues.

If you use one of these free blog titles, please link back to this post!

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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