Content Repromotion Plan In 5 Steps

Your Content Doesn’t Get Enough Attention (Neither Does Mine)

Content Repromotion PlanLike Donald Trump, your carefully crafted content lusts for attention. Without reader attention, your content can’t support your business. It has no audience.

Unlike The Donald,  the master of newsjacking according to David Meerman Scott, your content often gets lost in your audience’s social media streams and inboxes.

Every content marketer worth their salt has a plan to distribute their content as soon as it’s published.

But content distribution is a once and done process for 75% of marketers. They’re on to their next new piece of content. That’s research by Kapost.

Don’t blame your marketers. It’s not their fault.

Content distribution only goes so far even if there are 37 different content distribution options available.

The challenge:

Your target audience uses different sites as their go-to source for product information.

  • 54% of Global Web Index respondents use search engines.
  • 47% of Global Web Index respondents use consumer review sites.
  • 36% of Global Web Index respondents use product/brand websites sites.


Content marketers are on a content hamster wheel. As a result, they’re churning out content and promoting it as fast as they can. But each piece of content has limited time to bask in the sun of reader attention.

There’s lots of competition for reader attention. Even if they’re interested in your business or your topic, they’ve don’t have time or focus.

Traffic for most articles peaks the day it’s published, based on research over a 4 month period by Boost The News. (Note: The sample size was very small.) 

To put that in perspective, most content gets seen by its audience for less time than it took to create.

The bright spot:

  • Social media, third party mentions and repositioning of the original source resulted in traffic spikes.

Therefore repromote your content marketing to keep it visible.Content Repromotion Defined


Don’t take my word for it. Social Triggers’ Derek Halpern believes in the 80/20 Rule of content distribution. Ideally, you’re focusing on the content that yields the most results you’re seeking.Derek Halpern 80-20 rul2

You need to cheer your content on through repromotion.


Why you need to repromote your content marketing

A Content Repromotion Plan provides the additional attention your existing content needs to reach its maximum engaged audience. It extends the life of your content by getting more people to see and consume it. You only pay for additional promotion and related advertising.Content Repromotion Plan

Content Marketing Repromotion Plan assumes you’ve created a variety of different presentations when the content was originally created. This maximizes the original investment because you have the team creating the content develop related visuals, charts, audio, presentations and video where applicable.

  • Expert content marketing tip: Include this request in your freelance contracts. Also ensure that you can promote these other content presentations in the future without additional cost as a work for hire. (Check this with your legal advisor.)

Repromote your existing content marketing for these 3 reasons:

  1. Build customer trust through multiple content impressions. Your audience needs to see your message 5 to 8 times before they trust it. This holds true for your content. Use different content presentations to reduce content fatigue. (Digital content wears out faster with multiple impressions.)
  2. Help prospects and customers by offering one piece of relevant content at different points in the buyer journey.
  3. Improve your content ROI by spotlighting existing content. Your only pay for the new distribution and promotion, not new content creation.

Content repromotion plan: 5 Steps

Here are 5 easy-to-follow steps you need to create a content repromotion plan. To expand your content reach, make them part of your content marketing checklist. This way you don’t have to give content repromotion a second thought.

1. Create related content formats and presentations with the original content.

Where appropriate, make the different components you need for adaptive content. Ensure you’ve got all the formats you need with a checklist including:

  • Different size visuals
  • Related titles
  • Subheads (Make sure they can stand alone and make sense. Think soundbite.)
  • Quotes
  • Data points
  • Excerpts


2. Enhance your content with related data to your content to improve findability.

Scott Abel calls this Intelligent Content. The goal is make your content easy to find, reuse and repromote when appropriate. Here’s Abel’s presentation on Intelligent Content from Content Marketing World 2015 as it’s republished and search-friendly on LinkedIn Slideshare:

3. Add your new content to your promotion calendar when you publish it.

Incorporate content repromotion into your on-going schedule so that you don’t have to think. Plan 3 to 6 months out. It reduces the chance that you’ll forget about your content.

  • Determine when and where this content should be reposted or repromoted. Holiday related content should be planned ahead. For example, King Arthur’s Flour republished its Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread on February 29, 2016 so that it was available for St. Paddy’s Day.
    Irish Soda Bread Promoted On King Arthur Flour Blog Homepage

    Irish Soda Bread Promoted On King Arthur Flour Blog Homepage

    Reposted Article From 2015 in 2016

    Reposted Article From 2015 in 2016

  • Include links to it in related new columns where appropriate. While intelligent content helps, take a few minutes to check your list of content ideas and add the link now so you don’t forget.
  • Spotlight strong content on your homepage as well as appropriate resource pages. 
  • Add social media shares beyond the first month. Extend your social sharing. If you share content for 1 week, extend it to 2 weeks. Use a social media scheduling tool like Co-Schedule, Buffer and/or Edgar.

4. Curate existing content.

Focus at least part of your content curation efforts on your existing content. Tap into your content to:

  • Spotlight relevant content on future posts. Make your references to your own content stand out by visually separating it like Co-Schedule does. Part of a Content Repromotiion Plan
  • Select related columns at the end of each article. This helps reduce your bounce rate by about 7 to 8%. Alternatively, use a product like Outbrain to handle this function for you.
  • Promote related articles in your email newsletters. For example, I write a separate weekly newsletter about marketing. I try to include links to useful articles in each one. (Interested in receiving our weekly newsletter? Sign up now!)
  • Create curated content. Do a weekly roundup of your own content mixed with that of other people. Another option is to use a product like Scoop.It to curate content in your category or to post your articles on Pinterest. BuzzFeed does this.

5. Be opportunistic with your content repromotion.

Tap into other people’s interest in similar topics. Share other people’s content and then share related content that you created. Be careful that you don’t go overboard. No one likes it when you just blast your own horn.

  • Read the top content sites in your niche. This helps you stay up-to-date. While you fill your social media sharing, you can pick related articles from your own archive.
  • Tweet related content at a Twitter Chat or Hangout. Don’t look like you’re seeking to promote yourself. Also share other related content sources.
  • Include links to your related content when live blogging about conferences and events.


The reality is you need a content distribution and content repromotion plan because your content doesn’t get sufficient attention when it’s first published.

If you let your content wait for attention without proactively helping it, chances are something newer and more attractive will snatch that moment.

You need a plan to repromote your content effectively to give it a chance to reach the most readers possible.

Think about the last piece of content you created.

How can you repromote it over the next 3 to 6 months?

What will it yield in increased results?

Then decide if it’s worth it.

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies.
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