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  1. Jessica
    October 18, 2016

    So true I work with a plumber agency and I know on many occasions we will look up individuals on Facebook. It can really hurt you when you go online and see pictures that are not appropriate for work on someones Facebook like them smoking weed and doing other things. I know if I see someone with a great Facebook professional images the odds are high they get the job.

  2. Ecommerce Magento UK
    October 14, 2016

    Very informative post, great information you have shared. Content marketing is the need of an hour but you have to be very precise when you do it. I would say while marketing your content you need to have good knowledge about your domain or theme and business objectives that you are marketing. You must target the relevant audience those can influence your business, use social media lot more and make sure that if you are selling a product or services you must mention them smartly and describe them how it can affect you directly or indirectly. Since I’m also handling a business such post would really help me in future. Keep coming with these posts in future. Thank you.

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