The Top Content Marketing World Presenters You Need To See

The Top Content Marketing World Presenters You Need to SeeDrum roll!

The much anticipated Content Marketing World 2019 is finally here! 

Or #CMWorld  as it’s affectionately known. 

I’m not surprised.

So do you know:
Which Content Marketing World presenters you want and need to see?

Because Stephanie Stahl and the CMI team have selected a mind-boggling array of top content speakers.

Regardless of your level of experience, business focus and marketing speciality, you will leave CMWorld19 with the knowledge you need to meet the challenges you face now and into the future.

Yes–I’ll wait while you do your “Happy Dance!” (In fact, find me at CMWorld and I’ll  join you. #IWantAPhotoWithHeidi.)

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But to put a Content Marketing World spin on Spiderman:

With great #CMWorld choices come great responsibility! You must do your homework and choose which speakers and sessions you want to see. #IWantAPhotoWithHeidiClick To Tweet


To help you make these tough (and I don’t say that lightly!) selections, I asked the Content Marketing World presenters to:

  • Condense their presentation take-aways into one sentence and
  • Spotlight their bragging rights. 

So go through this list of content marketing presenters to decide whose sessions you want to attend.

Even better, download the Content Marketing World app to help you.


Actionable Content Marketing World Tips For Selecting Sessions

As an 8 year CMWorld veteran:
I strongly recommend that you read what these Content Marketing World presenters have to say about their sessions and marketing cred before you get to Cleveland. (BTW–This is why I created this post!)

Because your time at Content Marketing World is precious. Don’t waste it figuring out who you want to meet and which sessions you want to attend when you get to the convention center.

Actionable Content Marketing World Attendee Tips:

  • Reach out to the Content Marketing World presenters you want to meet before the event. Don’t scrape their email to contact them! This feels like stalking. Instead use social media or their site’s contact form and show them WIIFM (aka: What’s In It For Them!)
  • Attend their CMWorld session and go up to speak to them afterwards. They’ll probably say yes to a photo! (I will on September 4th at 10:15am in Hope Ballroom E in the Hilton.)
  • Put up an out-of-the-office email responder. Attendance at CMWorld represents an investment of both time and financial resources. You can’t maximize it if you spend your time on a bench looking at email or talking to the office! Also your clients need you to get the most out of this event including finding the best new technology and suppliers.
  • Decide how you will take notes on sessions and follow up with the people you meet in advance. Do this to follow up with people quickly and keep the information fresh so that you can transform it into content. Here are 20 Types of Conference Content you can create.


Content Marketing World Presenters

Top Content Marketing World Presenters

Wednesday, September 4th

Joe PulizziJoe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi)

MKTG 2030 – 7 Content Marketing Laws for the Next Decade

Wednesday, September 4, 8:30am | CMWorld Keynote Stage

Session Takeaway:

Much of what we believe about content marketing is either wrong or will be wrong in the very near future. Here are seven key thoughts I believe will take content marketers successfully into the next decade.

Bragging Rights:

5 books – latest: Killing Marketing and Content Inc. and a bunch of other things 🙂

Tamsen WebsterTamsen Webster (@tamadear)

Getting the Green Light: How to build content people say yes to

Wednesday, September 4, 8:45am | Main stage

Session Takeaway:

That the best way to get the green light for a change in behavior doesn’t lie in changing people’s wants and beliefs, it lies in validating them.

Jay AcunzoJay Acunzo (@jayacunzo)

Creativity Impossible: How the World’s Best Marketing Teams Make Innovation a Habit, Not a Hail Mary

Wednesday, September 4, 10:15am | Room 26

Session Takeaway:

Your everyday way of operating should naturally lead to creative breakthroughs all the time.

Bragging Rights:

#1-rated speaker at CMW’16, opening keynote CMW’17; author, Break the Wheel; host/producer of 10+ docuseries about creativity at work

Maliha AqeelMaliha Aqeel (@MalihaQ)

3 Cs to Drive Your B(rand)

Wednesday, September 4, 10:15 am | Room 3

Session Takeaway:

Content isn’t created in isolation of the brand values and promise.

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen (@heidicohen)

Continuous Content Distribution Playbook

Wednesday, September 4, 10:15am | Hilton Hope Ballroom E

Session Takeaway:

We face a Seismic Content Marketing Shift due to voice first, marketing AI and content saturation. It is not only massively changing the competitive playing field but requires that we transform our marketing into sustainable content. Instead of counting one-time content marketing hookups,  we must building long-term content marketing relationships with our audience.

Bragging Rights:

Top Global Digital Marketer. Heidi started working in content marketing at age 18 for a local newspaper. She has trekked across the Andes from Argentina to Chile.

Andy CrestodinaAndy Crestodina (@crestodina)

How to Analyze Content Performance Using Google Analytics: From Basics to Advanced

Wednesday, September 4, 10:15 | Market Muse Stage

Session Takeaway:

What’s working in your content …so you can double down. And what’s not …so you can save yourself the effort!

Bragging Rights:

Good friend of Heidi’s!

Zontee HouZontee Hou (@ZonteeHou)

Overcoming Content Marketing’s Data Dilemma

Wednesday, September 4, 10:15am | Grand Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

Productively measure content efforts and learn from data by asking the right questions from the start

Bragging Rights:

Zontee is among TopRank’s 50 Content Marketers to Follow in 2018/2019.

Carlos AblerCarlos Abler (@carlos_abler)

From Nontent to Content: Why Social Innovation Is the Future of Winning at Relevance

Wednesday, September 4, 11:20am | Atrium Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

Social innovation methodologies provide content marketers with the approaches they have been missing ensure that their programs will actually deliver relevance to customers. Merging social innovation with content marketing is the necessary, if not inevitable correction for the programs that fail to deliver satisfactory results to the business; a YOY rate of ~70% according to CMI research.

Bragging Rights:

22 years of digital content experience creation and 10 in enterprise content marketing strategy. Multiple award winner for deep content projects for clients such as The Smithsonian and History Channel. Went to mime school.

Andrew and PeteAndrew and Pete (@andrewandpete)

The Secret Rule for Getting Massive Content Marketing Results in a Fraction of the Time

Wednesday, September 4, 11:20am | Atrium Ballroom A

Session Takeaway:

By the end of this talk, Andrew and Pete will show you how you can:

  • 10x your digital and content marketing results
  • Reduce the amount of overwhelm you face
  • Enjoy your marketing
Bragging Rights:

Ranked top 100 Marketers in the World, Worked with Fortune 100 companies like American Express, Citibank, Xero and Hubspot, Authors of 2 books

Ian ClearyIan Cleary (@iancleary)

A strategic step by step approach to drive more traffic and conversions from existing content

Wednesday, September 4, 11:20am | Grand Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

We spend the majority of our time thinking about new content and we don’t spend enough time on existing content. It’s easier to move an article from page 2 to page 1 rather than writing a brand new article and starting from scratch.

Bragging Rights:

Contributing author to Digital Marketing Growth hacks, Instructor of Professional practice in Rutgers University

Annie GranatsteinAnnie Granatstein (@anniegranat)

Speaking Their Languages: How to Engage Different Audiences With Uniquely Meaningful Content

September 4, 11:15am | Grand Ballroom C

Session Takeaway:

There are many nuances to emotionally engaging people on different levels and data and insights can help guide you.

Bragging Rights::

Webby honoree and nominee; Digiday 3x winner, Telly winner; Named to Folio Top Women in Media 2019; former Hollywood lawyer and producer

Ian Anderson GrayIan Anderson Gray (@iagdotme)

Strategies, Tools and Techniques to Level Up Your Impact and Authority Through Confident Live Video

Wednesday, September 4, 11:20am | Grand Ballroom A

Session Takeaway:

How to level up your impact and authority using confident live streaming video. Be more confident with…

  1. Live Video tech & gear
  2. Overcome the camera fear
  3. Improve your live video marketing sphere.

…using my Confident Live Warm-up Formula.”

Bragging Rights:

My article on How to Broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer has had over 5 million page views. I trained as a professional singer and sang all over the UK.

Joe LazauskasJoe Lazauskas (@JoeLazauskas)

The Content Marketer of the Future: 5 Big Traits You Need to Thrive in the Coming Marketing Revolution

Date: Wednesday, September 4, 11:20am | Room 25

Session Takeaway:
  • The big traits, from empathy to intellectual humility, that the world’s most successful content marketers share
  • How brave marketers built unlikely coalitions inside their companies to make content and storytelling the heartbeat of their brand
  • The monumental changes coming to content marketing, and how to future-proof your career”
Bragging Rights:

The Story Telling Edge: How to Transform Your Business, Stop Screaming Into the Void, and Make People Love You

Danny CodellaDaniel Codella (@Mrcodella)

7 Psychological Triggers Every Marketer Should Master

Wednesday, September 4, 12:25am | Room 22

Session Takeaway:

Psychological principles can help your campaigns be exponentially more impactful and effective

Gary GerberGary Gerber (@folloze)

The 5 Best Ways to Make Your Marketing Super-Creepy (and How to Avoid Them, Should You Choose)

Wednesday September 4, 12:25pm | Room 10

Session Takeaway:

Deeply personalized experiences are key to engaging your prospects and keeping your company top of mind at every stage of the purchase cycle. But how do you maximize the cozy without stepping into creepy? And do it at a scale that will make a difference to your bottom line?

Bragging Rights:

Extensive experience in sales and marketing technology, sought-after presenter at dozens of conferences (including Dreamforce) and hundreds of webinars.

Michael BrennerMichael Brenner (@BrennerMichael)

Document Your Content Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, September 4, 1:00pm | Room 25

Session Takeaway:

Documenting your content marketing strategy is half the battle to a winning program.

Bragging Rights:

The Content Formula and my new book, Mean People Suck on pre-sale Sept 4th.

Drew McCellenDrew McLellan (@drewmclellan)

Agency Edge Research 2019: How and Why Clients Around the World Choose Their Agencies

Wednesday, September 4th, 2pm | Room 5

Session Takeaway:

We’re unveiling new research results that looks at how and why clients choose a particular agency

Bragging Rights:

CEO of Agency Management Institute; Podcast: Build A Better Agency; Works with 250+ agencies a year
Author of several books, including Sell With Authority (coming out late 2019).

Margaret Magnarelli (@mmagnarelli)

The Power of Trust: How to Build Credibility with Customers

Wednesday, September 4, 2:00pm | Atrium Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

There are four factors that people use in deciding whether to trust—credibility, benevolence, honesty and authenticity—and content marketers need to evaluate their brand and perception of brand on these criteria. In my presentation, I’ll talk about how to frame your content from these angles.

Bragging Rights:

One of Brand Innovators’ Women to Watch in Brand Marketing 2018; Finalist for Content Marketing Institute Content Marketer of the Year 2016; winner of 4 other CMI awards including Best Content Program; winner of PR News Best Online Newsroom 2016

Lee OddenLee Odden (@leeodden)

Content Marketing Fitness – 10 Exercises to Build Your Marketing Beach Body

Wednesday, September 4, 2:00pm | Room 26

Session Takeaway:

Success in health and fitness provides many analogies to marketing success. The same steps needed for a physical transformation are true for a marketing transformation: Identify the problem, set goals, get help, make a plan, get gear (or martech), commit, be accountable, adaptable and continuously optimize your performance. Instead of spiking your marketing with disconnected campaigns, implement an ongoing and steadily growing integrated, Always-On marketing approach to make your brand the best answer whenever and wherever customers are looking.

Bragging Rights:

Wrote a book called Optimize and I optimized myself, losing 65 lbs in the past year. 9th year speaking at CMWorld, 250+ presentations in 18 different countries and 1.4 million words written about marketing on

Ardath AlbeeArdath Albee (@ardath421)

Personalization That Drives Profitable Engagement: Activate, Don’t Alienate

Wednesday, September 4, 3:05pm | Hope Ballroom A – C

Session Takeaway:

How to use personalization to create engagement that drives initial purchase decisions and convinces your customers to stay, driving revenue and growth.

Bragging Rights:

I’ve written 2 books – eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale & Digital Relevance

Ann HandleyAnn Handley (@annhandley)

What Do We Want? CONTENT, When Do We Want It? ASAP

Wednesday, September 4, 3:05pm | Room 26

Session Takeaway:

Storytime with Ann Handley – that’s the gist. Your Strategic Approach to Sane + Sustainable Success. The companies seeing the most success with content marketing are actually those willing not to move faster and faster and faster and faster…

Those who see the most success choose… wait for it…. to: Slow. Down. There are 3 places we need to do that.

Bragging Rights:

Everybody WritesContent Rules – thanks Heidi love you!

Mitch JoelMitch Joel (@mitchjoel)

The Future Of Content Marketing Is Voice And Smart Audio – How to Measure Success With This New Technology

Wednesday, September 4, 3:05pm  |  Grand Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

Everyone talks about having a brand voice… but what’s your voice brand when the world is shifting to voice, smart audio and smart speakers? And how will you measure success.

Bragging Rights:

I am the founder of Six Pixels Group – an advisory, investing and content producing company that is focused on commerce and innovation. My first book, is Six Pixels of Separation, named after my blog and podcast. My second book, CTRL ALT Delete, was named one of the best business books of 2013 by Amazon


Thursday, September 5th

Jacquie ChakirelisJacquie Chakirelis (@JacquieChak)

7 Content Habits to Build Customer Loyalty

Thursday, September 5, 10:15am | Hope Ballroom A-C

Session Takeaway:

Everyday, consumers are losing trust with brands. From data breeches to click-bait ads, consumers continue to feel disconnected from the brands they once depended on. The big idea that I hope attendees will takeaway from my session is that if you focus your content marketing from your customers point of view through customer-centric strategies and tactics, you can build advocacy and earn their trust.

Bragging Rights

Director of Marketing for the Great Lakes Science Center, one of the major attractions in Ohio and one of only 11 NASA visitor centers in the country. As a media entrepreneur, one of my proudest achievements is the founding of a nationally-syndicated talk radio program and podcast, Family Matters Radio. The thirteen-year media company was a pioneer in women-issue programming that was honored by five Society of Professional Journalism awards.

Pam DidnerPam Didner (@PamDidner)

5 Creative Ways Content Marketers Can Better Support Their Sales Team

Thursday, September 5, 10:15am | The Expo Hall

Session Takeaway:

How to effectively map marketing content to the sales stages.

Bragging Rights:

Author of Global Content Marketing and Effective Sales Enablement.

Michael WeissMichael Weiss (@mikepweiss)

The Five Feet of Fear

Thursday, September 5, 10:15am | Ballroom C

Session Takeaway:

Tips on how to combat the fear of public speaking

Bragging Rights:

Presentation Skills: How to Educate, Inspire and Engage Your Audience

Bernie BorgesBernie Borges (@bernieborges) and Selest Lunsford (@selestelunsford)

Why You Need Content for Effective Sales Enablement

Thursday, September 5th, 11:20am | MarketMuse Stage

Seleste LunsfordSession Takeaway:

Salespeople need content to engage the modern buyer throughout the entire customer’s path to purchase. Content should be easy to access by salespeople and it should be measurable in its impact on sales results. Content for sales enablement differs from conventional content marketing. This session will give marketers insights into how to develop an effective content for sales enablement strategy.

Bragging Rights:

Bernie Borges: Marketing 2.0 (book), Host of the Modern Marketing Engine Podcast, Co-founder, CMO at Vengreso….

Seleste Lunsford: Chief Research Officer at CSO Insights, more than two decades experience building sales transformation and customer experience strategies that produce results and leading business units within sales performance companies to build new products, package services and create research that solves client sales challenges.

Amanda Changuris (@AmandaChanguris)

Write Like a Journalist

Thursday, September 5, 11:20 am | Room 3

Session Takeaway:

You don’t have to have formal training to approach Content Marketing like a journalist. It’s a mind- and skill-set that anyone can adopt.

Bragging Rights:

Manager, Social Media at AAA – The Auto Club Group

Andrea Fryrear (@andreafryrear)

Failure is Feedback: How to Succeed at Agile Marketing by NOT Doing These Things

Thursday, September 5, 12:20pm | Room 22

Session Takeaway:

There are many paths from painful process to marketing agility. I’ll show you 5 paths that you need to avoid if you want to be Agile.

Bragging Rights:

Trained over 1,000 marketers on how to apply Agile practices. Author of Death of a Marketer. Co-founder of AgileSherpas.

Carla JohnsonCarla Johnson (@CarlaJohnson)

Walking the Tightrope: Architecting Teams to Deliver Consistently Innovative Content Marketing Results

Thursday, September 5, 11:20am | Grand Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

We have to rethink how we architect teams and start looking at archetypes of talent rather than just job descriptions.

Bragging Rights:

International keynote speaker and author of 8 books who travels the world teaching anyone (and everyone) how to cultivate idea-driven teams that breed unstoppable creativity and game-changing innovation.

Christopher S. PennChristopher S. Penn (@cspenn)

5 Practical Applications of AI For Content Marketing

Thursday, September 5, 11:20am | CMWorld

Session Takeaway:

Learn 5 practical ways to apply AI to your content marketing that’s current – meaning applicable and achievable today, not some futuristic vision. See real examples of how it’s being used to generate results for marketers.

Bragging Rights

Amisha GandhiAmisha Gandhi (@AmishaGandhi)

What the… Influencer Marketing!

Thursday, September 5, 12:20pm | Ballroom C

Session Takeaway:

How do you get influencers marketing to drive real big impact? Learn how to design creative influencer campaigns that generate buzz as well as real, measurable ROI.

Bragging Rights:

Influencer Marketing Pioneers. Created influencer marketing program from the ground-up at Fortune 50 companies.

Carmen HillCarmen Hill (@carmenhill)

Headroom Without Headcount: The Best Way to Add Freelancers to Your Content Team

Thursday, September 5, 12:20pm | Room 23

Session Takeaway:

When your content team is under siege, a freelancer could be your secret weapon—especially when you set them up for success.

Bragging Rights:

I know Heidi Cohen 🙂

Pamela Muldoon (@pamelamuldoon)

The Content Strategy Method You Wish You Had Last Year

Thursday, September 5, 12:20pm | Room 10

Session Takeaway:

Confidently develop and prioritize content that aligns to business objectives

Bragging Rights:

Former Podcast Director for CMI; Voice of This Old Marketing podcast intro

Buddy ScaleraBuddy Scalera (@BuddyScalera)

We Can Do Better: How to Be a More Effective Marketing Professional

Thursday, September 5, 12:20pm | Room 21

Session Takeaway:

The profession of marketing is at a significant crossroads. We need to decide where we want to go next.

Bragging Rights

I do marketing. I don’t just talk about it. I get up every day and work on brands. I’ve also published 6 books, lots of comic books, and was a journalist for many years.

Jason Schemmel (@JasonSchemmel)

A MasterClass on Creating & Publishing Authority-Building SEO Blogs

Thursday, September 5, 12:20pm | Room 24

Session Takeaway:

Proper SEO practices to get the most out of your blogs without needing to hire a big team of writers or publish content beyond your bandwidth.

Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

Mouth Moves: How To Conquer The New Frontier Of Voice Content, Alexa, And Smart Speakers

Thursday, September 5, 1:45pm | Room 26

Session Takeaway:

The time is now to begin creating voice-activated content.

Bragging Rights:

7th-generation entrepreneur. Author of 6 books. Founder of 5 multi-million dollar companies, including Convince & Convert. Hall of Fame keynote speaker.

Jonathan Crossfield (@Kimota)

Avoiding Tech Debt Without Avoiding Tech

Thursday September 5, 1:45pm | Grand Ballroom A

Session Takeaway:

How to balance technology, strategy and people to achieve success, without getting trapped in never-ending implementation.

Bragging Rights:

Editor of CCO magazine

Kristina HalvorsonKristina Halvorson (@halvorson)

How to Conquer Content Chaos

Thursday September 5, 1:45 | Atrium Ballroom A

Session Takeaway:

Content chaos can’t be solved with new tech, more budget, or a content audit—you have to start by having the right conversations with your team.

Bragging Rights::

CEO, Brain Traffic / Founder, Confab Events / Host, The Content Strategy Podcast / Author, Content Strategy for the Web / past CMW keynote speaker

Eli SchwartzEli Schwartz (@5le)

Supercharge Your SEO Efforts With A Growth Mindset

Thursday, September 5, 1:45pm  | Hope Ballroom E

Session Takeaway:

There’s no formula for SEO – every website and every category has its own pathway to success and learning how to do that requires being open to learning

George StenitzerGeorge Stenitzer (@georgestenitzer)

How to Use AI to Unlock Secrets Inside Questions?

Thursday, September 5, 1:45pm | Room 5

Session Takeaway:

Questions not only ask, they also tell what your audience needs. After this talk, you’ll be ready to use AI to unlock their secrets and generate compelling content.

Bragging Rights:

Ebook: Fast-Forward Your Content Marketing. Named a Content Marketer of the Year by the Content Marketing Institute. Twice named a Best Marketer by BtoB magazine.  Co-inventor of Message Maps.

Viveka von RosenViveka von Rosen (@LinkedInExpert)

A Whole New World – Reanimating your Desiccated Company Page on LinkedIn: Building Your Brand, Encouraging Employee Advocacy and Inviting Engagement with LinkedIn Pages.

Thursday, September 5, 1:45pm  | Room 25

Session Takeaway:

According to LinkedIn’s e-book, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the No. 1 social network for driving traffic to corporate websites and LinkedIn members are 50% more likely to engage with a company they engage with on LinkedIn. And, according to the Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn is the only platform that the majority of B2B marketers consider to be effective.

This means you must have a company page that business people can find, engage with, and trust. This session will cover all you need to do to make this happen.

Bragging Rights:

Book: LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, Book: LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand, Book: Linked Insecurity: Who’s Watching You? LinkedIn Learning Course: B2B Marketing with LinkedIn, LinkedIn Learning Course: Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn.

Amy HigginsAmy Higgins (@AmyWHiggins)

Charting the Course to a Career in Content Marketing

Thursday, September 5, 2:50pm | Grand Ballroom C

Session Takeaway:

How to map a career in content marketing.

Bragging Rights:

Not sure if I have any bragging rights professionally. I still think of myself as a work-in-progress. 🙂

Sarah MitchellSarah Mitchell (@SarahMitchellOz) and Daniel Hatch (@Daniel_Hatch)

How to Transform Your Tired Blog Into a Powerhouse Brand Newsroom

Thursday, September 5th, 2:50pm | Room 3

Dan HatchSession Takeaway:

All the strategy and editorial tools you need to confidently boost the results of your blogging. We’re giving away LOADS of freebies.

Bragging Rights:

Content Marketing Award for Best Transportation Publication and short-listed for Project of the Year for Traction News.

We’ve commissioned research into the State of Writing to find out how communicators can achieve more success with their writing.

Jonathan KranzJonathan Kranz (@jonkranz)

Heavenly Creation: Content Creation Secrets of the Angels

Thursday, September 5, 2:50 | Atrium Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

To encourage the kind of creativity you need to engage your audience, you must do three things: immerse, imagine, and invest. Learn why and, more importantly, how, by taking this stairway to content heaven.

Bragging Rights:

Writing Copy for Dummies, Our Brothers at the Bottom of the Bottom of the Sea (Henry Holt)

Tom Webster (@webby2001)

Inside a 20-Year Content Marketing Program

Thursday, 2:50 PM Grand Ballroom B

Session Takeaway:

What it takes to sustain a successful, multi-year content marketing program

Bragging Rights:

The content marketing program I’ll be talking about won the 2019 Content Marketing Award for its category.


Friday, September 6th

Ben H. Rome (@bhrome)

So You Think You Want to Start an Online Community? What to Know Before You Open the Doors

Friday, September 6, 8:00am | Room 1

Session Takeaway:

Not just if a community is something you should do, but is it right for you – for the right reasons?

Bragging Rights

10 years in nonprofit marketing, 25 years content creator, extensively published author in the games industry; I’ve been involved in creating, promoting, and building various communities for close to 20 years.

Ashley Zeckman (@azeckman)

Guardians Of Content Vol 1: How To Scale B2B Influencer Content To Save The Galaxy

Friday, September 6, 8:00am | Room 6

Session Takeaway:

Ideas for how to actually scale a B2B influencer program in a way that meets business objectives, provides value for your audience and meets the needs of your influencers.

Bragging Rights:

I consider it a bragging right to be invited back to speak at CMWorld

Dennis ShiaoDennis Shiao (@dshiao) and Erika Heald (@SFerika)

Community Rx: The Proper Care and Feeding for a Highly Successful Online Community

Friday, September 6, 9:00am | Room 1

Erika HealdSession Takeaway:

It’s important to take an intentional approach to growing and nurturing your community. It is NOT “set it and forget it.” We’ll teach you how to take that intentional approach.

Bragging Rights:

I organize one of the top content marketing communities in the Bay Area – the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup (@Content_Meetup)

Christoph Trappe (@ctrappe)

Publishing forum

Friday, September 6, 9:30am | CMWORLD

Session Takeaway:

Publishers can use content marketing strategies to succeed

Bragging Rights:

Get Real

Tim BrunicardiTim Brunicardi (@timbrunicardi)

Higher Education: The Journey to Commitment: Driving Success in Your Student Recruitment

Friday, September 6, 10:00am | Room 20

Session Takeaway:

The efficacy of content marketing in creating a “lead machine” to increase enrollment

Bragging Rights:

Implementing a comprehensive and effective content marketing plan at a college where it never existed

Donna Moritz (@sociallysorted)

Travel/Tourism/Hospitality Forum – The World’s Biggest Visual Content Team: How to Leverage Key Visual Storytellers, Strategies and Tools to Better Manage and Share Your Destination Experiences

Friday September 6, 10:00am | Room 6, Cleveland Convention Centre

Session Takeaway:

Tourism and Hospitality Marketing is about so much more than your team and the content you put out – it’s about leveraging your wider ‘team’ of visitors and guests and also employees, partners and local residents too! Participants in this workshop will leave with a new framework for looking at destination and hospitality experiences, as well as the tools and people to better manage and amplify those experiences with visual storytelling.

Bragging Rights:

Founder of Socially Sorted, listed in Forbes as one of the Top 5 Social Media Blogs to Know about in 2019; International speaker in the marketing and tourism industries. One of the few speakers at CMW with an Aussie accent.

AJ Huisman (@AJHuisman)

The Content Marketing Diamond Model for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Friday, September 6, 10:00 AM | Room 23

Session Takeaway:

In this session we Fast Forward through the Diamond Model for Content Marketing. At the end of the session you walk away with not only a solid foundation but also tips & tricks to produce great content, create a distribution strategy, install measurement methods and get organization and technology insights.

Bragging Rights:

Content Marketing Fast Forward is a European platform for marketers, communication professionals and entrepreneurs for getting their Content Marketing knowledge up to speed in an interactive, insightful and fun way. We have events, do training & coaching and have a digital magazine.

Monica ChaudhariMonica Chaudhari (@ChaudhariMonica)

Virtual assistants: The newest differentiator for healthcare consumer and patient engagement

Friday, September 6, 12:00pm, | Atrium Ballroom A

Session Takeaway:

Going forward, healthcare organizations will be differentiated by branded virtual assistants that leverage AI to augment consumer experiences. Being particularly good at engaging Women as the Chief Wellness Officers of their family, the key decision makers, will bring efficiency and effectiveness to Patient Engagement efforts!

Bragging Rights:

I am a woman; over 50 and Asian—breaking 3 stereotypes by founding a digital start-up!

Jeff Coyle (@Jeffrey_Coyle)

How AI Automates Time-Consuming Research for Your Content Strategy

September 5, 2:50 pm | Room 5

Session Takeaway:

Every content item you create can be successful. You can scale efficiently.

Bragging Rights

MarketMuse Suite


Big Tip of My Hat to Content Marketing World Team

Content Marketing World Team

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Content Marketing Institute and specifically those employees who do their behind-the-scenes magic to create an amazing conference. And, more importantly, transforms a real-life event into an on-going, inclusive community.


Joe Pulizzi (and his wife, Pam Pulizzi)

This dynamic duo transformed marketing content into content marketing as we know it today. In the process, they built both Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this epic journey from the first Junta42 list of Top Content Marketers.

Robert Rose

Robert continues to provide the strategic compass for Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World. In the process, he expands the content marketing message.

Stephanie Stahl

Despite being an outsider, Stephanie guided Content Marketing Institute through its transition to its next phase of growth and evolution as a business entity. In this role, Stephanie has kept the CMI team focused on its greater mission.

CMI Editorial Team, especially Michele Linn (who has since moved on), Jodi Harris and Lisa Doughtery

This team epitomizes how to develop and keep a content marketing driven media entity visible and viable over time. Further, as an original contributor, I have learned and developed through your support and insights.

Cathy McPhilips

Cathy stands out as a beacon to other marketers. She shows us how we need to evolve to meet the ever-changing marketing platforms and other strategy changing dynamics (like #SeismicMarketingShift).

Andrea Larick

While many CMWorld attendees may not know Andrea, you should. Andrea is truly the unsung hero of the conference. As the Content Marketing World presenters know, she keeps us on track to shine in the CMWorld spotlight. #YouRock!

Monina Wagner

Monina continues to expand and strength the CMWorld community, both online and in real life. (BTW–Any one interested in a New York City CMWorld meetup in October?)


Content Marketing World Presenters Conclusion

Now you have to choose which Content Marketing World presenters to see. 

Regardless of which Content Marketing World presenters you want to meet, you’re making a great choice.

Because the CMI team has done the difficult work of culling the best of the best when it comes to selecting the top content marketing thought leaders to speak.

But as I mentioned earlier, you now have a big choice to make.

So use this Content Marketing World Presenter List to do your homework and select which sessions you want to see.

Even better, do your homework and check out what these speakers have done to date.  At a minimum, it will make you stand out to them!

I look forward to seeing you at Content Marketing World in Cleveland!

Even better, I’d love to get a photo of the two of us — so come up and introduce yourself. #IWantAPhotoWithHeidi

PS: If you happen to have extra time in Cleveland, then go to the ArtLens Gallery at Cleveland Museum of Art. It is the best example of marketing AI possibly in the world. (BTW–I did I mention that it’s FREE and open until 9:00pm on Wednesdays!)

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies.
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Cathy McPhillips, Larry Aronson and Heidi Cohen

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Photo Credit: All presenter photos are sourced from Twitter profiles with permission.
Animated Gifs courtesy of Giffy. Cathy McPhilips, Larry Aronson & Heidi Cohen photo: © 2019, Cathy McPhilips. 

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