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Andy_Crestodina-_Content_Chemistry-_Content_Marketing_World_2015Books are the ultimate long form content marketing.

They’re educational information audiences actively seek.

No one knows this better than the Content Marketing World authors!

Professionals often write books to establish their authority and influence. My husband discovered this when he wrote the first book on HTML.

A book is the unforgettable business card. They’re too big to get lost in someone’s wallet or pocketbook.

A book is the unforgettable business card.Click To Tweet


In addition to being prolific content creators, many of Content Marketing World’s presenters have written at least one book. Many of these books are marketing must-reads.

Books are the ultimate long form content marketing.Click To Tweet


Content Marketing World Authors Interviews

Actionable Marketing Guide regularly interviews authors to get a behind-the-scenes understanding and insights. (BTW—If you’re an author and would like to be interviewed on Actionable Marketing Guide, please let us know!)

Here are our interviews with authors who have spoken at Content Marketing World. Names in bold will be speaking at this year’s conference:

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Other Content Marketing World Authors

Here’s the list of  Content Marketing World authors who we haven’t interviewed. Names in bold are speaking at this year’s conference.

I’ve read a large number of these books and they’re also worth your investment of time and money. (BTW–If you’re one of these authors, we invite you to do an interview!)

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Content Marketing World Authors Bottom Line:

These high-profile authors are at the forefront of content marketing as a living breathing business strategy.

Unlike many business books, they’re not just focused on dusty strategies taught in universities and business schools. These Content Marketing World authors work in the marketing and sales trenches to drive bottom line results.

Read (or listen) to their books.

Keep them near your desk to check regularly.

Think of this long format content as the user manuals you don’t get with your marketing job.

Go on—I dare you to find time to read them.

You’ll be glad you did!

BTW- If you get them before you go to Content Marketing World, I’m sure the authors will be thrilled to sign your copy!

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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P.P.S. This post was originally published in August, 2106. It has been updated with new information for Content Marketing World 2017.

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