Content Marketing Pulls Prospects In [Chart]

18 Content Marketing Options & How To Use Them

Content marketing continues to gain traction among marketers, both B2C and B2B because it attracts and invites prospects and customers in without hitting them over the head with price-oriented promotions.

Additionally content marketing supplies food for social media, engages prospects at each step of the purchase process, and supports search optimization. 
As a marketer, where should you focus your content marketing to meet your business goals? To help you, here’s a chart outlining the major eighteen options along with a description, rationale for using them and how to extend their use. (Once you’ve determined which formats you’re going to use, here’s a content marketing checklist.)

Content Marketing Options – What They Are & Why You Need Them

Option Description Rationale Other uses
Website Online storefront with product information Provide online address Support sales from other content; Create mobile version
Microsite Small, targeted content site Keep prospects focused on one product/issue Support sales from other content
Social Media (excluding blogs) Interact with content, comments, links, videos, photos, presos & audio Be where prospects are; Engage in conversation Cross promote activities
Blog Create variety of content Builds owned media, support SEO  & sales Mention posts in newsletters; Write guest posts on other blogs
Video Develop live action with visual Present talking heads, interviews, how to’s & entertain Post on social media sites (including Facebook & YouTube); Include in blog
Podcast Convey message with human voice Provide aural version of brand Distribute via iTunes; Incorporate in blog
Photograph Show products & people Show product in use Use on photo sharing sites (Flickr); Post to Facebook; Include on blog; Incorporate in print collateral
Newsletter Distribute news & information on regular basis- digital & paper Keep customers up-to-date; Support sales; Generate leads Create online version; Distribute to prospects via mail
Magazine Write articles related to product in third party publications Interest prospects in product; Support sales Share content on social media; Consider online & print issues
Custom magazine Create entire publication around topic of interest to customers Help lead generation; Support post sales Extend content on website and/or blog
White/ research paper Create content around topic of interest Generate leads; Provide thought leadership Write related articles & social sharing
Ebook Provides sexier content around topic of interest Help generate leads; Provide thought leadership; Generate revenues Offer via blog or other social media
Catalog Show product available Sell product Integrate into website
Webinar/webcast Present useful information Generate leads; Offer training; Answer customer questions Incorporate on website; Use piece for blog
Conference Participate in panel or present useful information Generate leads; Provide thought leadership Share presentation on social sharing site
Other live events Meet prospects and customers Generate leads; Provide thought leadership Create videos & photos; Share presos via Twitter
Infographic Show complex information in simplified visual format Provide thought leadership Share via social media; insert in blog
Mobile app Create information for targeted use Generate leads; Provide customer service Link to related products

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To maximize your content marketing, it’s important to consider why the content is effective and how you can extend it’s life. Bear in mind, social sharing on social media platforms is a critical addition to any content marketing activity.

Are there any other content marketing formats that you think should be included in this list? If so, what are they and when should they be used?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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5 Responses to Content Marketing Pulls Prospects In [Chart]

  1. Nick Kellet says:


    You are just about the biggest user of lists and you’ve missed the creation and curation of lists off your list.  That did make me smile!

    Social Lists are a form of content marketing. And you table is essentially a list of all the different types of Content marketing can create:) 

    30% of all published content and blog posts make use of lists because bloggers and publishers know that

    I’d love to connect and chat. You are such a list expert. I’d love to tap into your insight.


    • Heidi Cohen says:


      Thank you for your input. I view social lists as part of the information/content created on social media networks and could have been added to the description. Lists aren’t listed since they’re part of the social media network or part of the content created such as a blog post listing the top 100 resources of XXX.

      You also mention curation with regard to lists. Curation in the broader sense isn’t include here since this list focuses on original content, not how content can be reused elsewhere.

      Happy marketing,
      Heidi Cohen

  2. Rusty says:

    This chart is more than just useful. It filters down the key aspects that sometimes overwhelm us. By seeing it ln this context, the whole picture is much clearer. A good tool to help new businesses “see” how the content can be used. Some folks are so foggy in grssping the concepts. Thanks.

  3. Meg Temple says:

    Very useful chart, thanks!  I think blogs are  key to content marketing – they support all the other elements in CM strategy. We just did some research on high tech company blogging and were pretty shocked to see only 20% of the companies we surveyed had a blog ( . I don’t see how you can execute a content marketing strategy without a blog. What are your thoughts on that?

  4. Such a great comparison about different aspects of marketing strategies. Looks to me a useful post. Thanks a lot.