3 Secrets To Massive Content Curation Distribution

12 Actionable Content Curation Distribution Tactics

Massive Content Curation DistributionYour content curation distribution is more critical than your original content distribution.

This is attributable to the fact that curated content requires adding your voice to existing content, whether it’s yours or other people’s content, to make it into something fresh and new.

As a result, your content curation distribution also needs you to supply extra context and meaning based on where it’s placed. It’s a major advantage to using curated versus original content.

3 secrets to massive content curation distribution

By its nature, content curation enables marketers to broaden their reach and community. (This is an important point to add when you make the business case for using content curation. BTW here are 3 reasons to curate content.)

To maximize your content curation results, you must focus on the following 3 elements to create massive content curation distribution.Massive Content Curation Distribution

1. Use a variety of media.

When you’re in a content curation state of mind, think about how you can extend your reach by diversifying the media platforms where you distribute your content.

As Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message.”  As a content curator, consider the location of your content placement. It should have a relationship with the information you’re aiming to distribute.

  1. Employ a mix of owned, social media and third party media entities. Maximize your reach through the use of different platforms and audiences.
    Curated Content Distribution Options
  2. Follow the Derek Halpern 80-20 rule. This means spend 80% of the time distributing content and 20% of the time creating it.
  3. Determine how your message will resonate on each specific medium. Do more than just check off this step. Take the time to assess whether you need to re-envision your content for the platform.
  4. Get those you mention to help with its distribution. If you’ve only done the basics of content curation, this may not work. But if you’ve gotten customers and/or influencers involved, then they’ve got some skin in the distribution of the content because it’s about them. It’s egobait.

2. Tailor content to the specific platform.

Nothing makes your content shine more than adapting it to suit the media platform. Like a well-tailored suit, it fits. The result: your content is more appealing to your audience and beyond because it works.

BUT, don’t let your content become so integrated with the platform that it’s like wallpaper and your audience is blind to it.

  1. Envision your curated content to fit the medium. This applies to your original content as well as your curated content. Before you start your content creation process, plan how you will create additional content for different platforms.
  2. Modify the headline to fit the platform. Titles are a key attribute of content curation. As Upworthy has shown, a new headline can significantly power your content’s distribution.
  3. Size your images to fit the platform. Even better, use different visuals so your content pops. Remember you’re curating content—right? So why not go the extra step and pack another punch? (BTW–Peg Fitzpatrick is the master of this technique.)
  4. Add more original commentary created for the specific audience. If the information’s worthwhile, you can probably add at least a sentence.

3. Publish on a regular schedule.

To leverage the power of curated content to achieve your business goals, you must train your audience to expect your content. This is the logic behind traditional newspaper and television schedules.

This point is about your audience not you. Realize that to build your thought leadership and related goals you need to build your tribe. Distributing content on a consistent basis is part of this.

If you want people to show up and consume the information you share, then you must be consistent in your publishing and sharing.

  1. Distribute your content on a standard timetable. It’s an implicit promise you have with your readers.
  2. Take advantage of prime time. It’s called prime time for a reason. It’s when everyone’s on that specific medium.
  3. Share it more than once. Don’t keep the good stuff to yourself. People need to see something multiple times before they believe it.
  4. Curate older content with your current content distribution efforts. Your quality content needs to be distributed more than once. This is where having good digital asset management is useful. Since it makes your older content easier to retrieve and promote again.


To ensure  you get massive content curation distribution, extend your creative touch to provide relevant context based on the media options you choose.

Especially consider your headlines, images and commentary when placing your curated content.

What other suggestions would you add to this list and why?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen



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