20 Types of Conference Blog Post Content You Can Use

SMMW17 Conference Blog Content Ideas You Can Steal

Conference blog post contentNeed fresh blog post inspiration?

Don’t worry you’re not alone!

Most bloggers are constantly looking for new blog post ideas.

Add conference blog post content to your editorial calendar.

Conferences provide a bonanza of blog post ideas.

Always schedule at least one blog post for every conference or industry event you or a member of your organization attends. It’s core cyclical content.

If your management considered the event worth sending an employee to, chances are high that your audience is interested in the content too.

Blog about the conference even if your boss doesn’t ask for a post. It underscores the value of your attendance and helps your personal brand.

Use editorial planning to ensure you maximize your opportunity. Here are 20 types of conference blog post content from which to choose.


20 Types of Conference Blog Post Content

Conference blog post content provides a variety of options to fill your blog’s editorial calendar. (Here’s in-depth approach to conference content.)

Conference blog post content

1. Live blog sessions and keynotes

Quality live blogging is a special skill requiring practice. Long time blogger Top Rank’s Lee Odden is in a class by himself. He’s trained his team to master this approach.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Bring your computer and outlet extension. While many conferences have expanded their table and outlet seating, it’s not universal. Be prepared so your battery doesn’t die mid-sentence.
  • Arrive early and introduce yourself to the presenter. This ensures you get a front row seat.


Top Rank’s Joshua Nite live blogged Carlos Gils’s SnapChat session at SMMW17. (Note: Gils’s photo in the article!)

Aw, Snap: Everything You Need to Know about Snapchat for Business #SMMW17


2. Summarize the conference

This is the conference version of reporting the news. Since most conferences put speakers on the same theme in the same room, you save time getting from one room to another. (This can take a long time in major conference centers!)

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tip:

  • Focus your blog post. Grab attention with a strong hook that appeals to your readers, not just attendees! When in doubt, tap into the conference theme.


Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo did a great job of compiling his learnings from SMMW17.


Trevor Erikson of Stukent, Inc. also created a monster post complete with useful tactics and images.

10 Game Changers You Missed By Not Attending SMMW17


3. Highlight key conference points

Select the core information that interests your blog readers. Take the less is more approach to blogging. Stick to 3 or 5 points.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Review your event notes. Outline your post points at the end of each day or the event while the information is still fresh in your mind.
  • Spotlight themes. Based on my conference attending experience, speakers tap into the same environment yielding themes.


Christopher S. Penn wrote a concise blog post summarizing the major trends across the SMMW17 show. Equally good (although I’m not able to link to it) was his top of mind impressions and collected tweets summarized in his weekly newsletter. (Which is a must read!)

Social Media Marketing World 2017 Recap

Heidi Cohen spotlighted 3 key take-aways from SMMW17.

SMMW17: 3 Mind-blowing Take-aways You Can Implement


4. Focus conference news for your targeted audience

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. For example, at a conference like Social Media Marketing World, limit your blogging to a specific topic, platform or content type.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Know your audience. Understand your blog’s marketing persona.
  • Align your conference content with your major blog categories. Where appropriate link to existing content along your SEO categories.


Cameron Conaway of Klipfolio organized his conference content by day. He did a good job of bulleting recommended tools.

Twirp’s Anita Kirkbride shows how to reorganize conference content to sound fresh while giving presenters a shout-out.

Social Media Marketing World 2017 Recap and Takeaways


5. Spotlight conference social media content

Conferences generate lots of social media content and sharing, especially when speakers are social media experts like at SMMW17.

Follow the event’s hashtag and social media pages to find the best information.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Curate best information vetted on social media. Add editorial commentary.
  • Create conference content worth sharing. Make people look good sharing your content. Flipboard used a red couch and professional photographer to get attendees involved at SMMW17.


Flipboard used their product to curate other people’s social media content from SMMW17.


6. Ground your blog post in data

Data is a great foundation for crowd pleaser content.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips

  • Tap into existing data. Transform it into useful information.
  • Include Twitter handles and photos. Be a name-dropper.
  • Email the people you mention. Don’t assume they’re on social media. Don’t beg for their shares.

Onalycia used their platform to analyze the social sharing from SMMW17. Using the resulting data they created visual lists and word clouds.

#SMMW17: Hot Topics and Top Influencers


7. Interview everyone including presenters and attendees

Act like a reporter and ask everyone a specific question.

Alternatively, create a panel interview. Ask a few people a set of the same questions.

Don’t just focus on influencers! Attendees may be high profile individuals. For example, world-class blogger and social media expert Jeff Bullas attended SMMW17 as an attendee.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Reach out to presenters and influencers in advance to schedule time. Understand they get lot of requests.
  • Prepare your questions. Do your homework to ensure you get the best information.
  • Always take the call. PR expert Peter Shankman (who wasn’t at SMMW17) always gave my NYU classes this advice. You never know where real life connections will go. This is why I say yes to most interview and contribution requests.


Top Rank’s Joshua Nite did an interesting spin on the interview by spotlighting his favorite speakers, their session and associated them with a super hero. It’s fun article.

Superheroes of Social Media: Your Must-See Guide to #SMMW17


8. Include non-text content formats

Take advantage of thought leaders attending the conference to create live audio and video content.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tip:

  • Be prepared. Script your content and decide where you’re going to record your content. Also be flexible and ready to adapt to circumstances.


Sigrun combined video with text in her SMMW17 roundup.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends from #SMMW17 for coaches, trainers and consultants


9. Get others to contribute to a roundup post

Ask everyone the same question to get different perspectives.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips;

  • Sex up roundup content with contributors’ photographs and/or videos. Get permission to publish their image.
  • Gather business cards from participants. Follow up when you publish the post.


This blog article exemplifies a roundup post. I asked my blogging workshop attendees to share their SMMW17 related blogs and curated other SMMW17 blog posts to provide examples for each Conference Blog Post Content Type. (Hat tip to: My blogging workshop attendees! You rock!)


10. Extend presentation content

Every speaker should reimagine their presentation to reach a larger audience. Even session attendees must hear your message multiple times before they take action.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Create more than one blog post based on your presentation. Lee Odden whetting his readers’ appetite for his conference presentations before and highlights the key points afterwards.
  • Leverage other content platforms to extend reach. Write related posts for platforms like LinkedIn Publishing and Medium where your speaking agreement allows.


Take a page from Socially Sorted’s Donna Moritz’s blogging playbook. She summarized the tools she presented in her SMMW17 session.

SMMW17 Hit List!


11. Add Your Voice To The Mix

Good panels offer a lot of opinions on a specific topic. Use your blog to voice your thoughts.

Actionable Conference Blog Content Tips:

  • Note questions asked during panels or Q&A. Answer these questions.


Ijeoma Eleazu added her voice in a very personal way that’s consistent with her blog, even though SMMW17 may not have appealed to her readers. If you’re having trouble with voice on your blog or in your content, check this post out!

Social Media Marketing World 2017 – Two Firsts For This Newbie to SMMW


Dani Hubner took a different spin on adding her voice to the mix. She gave future attendees a SMMW survival guide.

Things I didn’t know I’d learn at Social Media Marketing World 2017

Shannon Randol also put together a great survival guide.

7 Mind Blowing Hacks to Conquer Social Media Marketing World


12. Stir Up Controversy With a Different Point of View

Add your perspective to the mix. This works best when there’s a lot of disagreement about a topic.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tip:

  • Ask yourself whether you’re willing to deal with the response. This isn’t for every blogger. You need a thick skin.


Margaret Hsu did a great job of presenting an opposing point of view regarding networking. Most people think that it’s only a problem for introverts.



13. Detail session teachings

Transform your session notes into an organized, actionable post. This conference blog post is different from live blogging.

Ask: “What can your readers learn about the topic?”

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Take good notes. Add value when you repackage the information.
  • Include screenshots with attribution (where appropriate). Plan for blog post visuals.


BuzzSumo’s Steve Rayson did a great job of summarizing my SMMW17 blogging workshop.


14. Collect Case Studies

Buyers, especially B2B customers, want to see what worked for others. Tap into the presentations’ case studies and success stories. This is also pure Marcus Sheridan give your prospects the information they need.

Actionable Conference Blog Content Tips:

  • Drop names where appropriate. This helps extend your social media reach.


While most of Ashley Logsdon’s SMMW17 post is about social media in general, she does a good job spotlighting out the squatting potty case study. Also of note is her post title that peaks your interest in reading more.


2 Reasons Why Social Media Is Helping You, 1 Why It’s Hurting You

15. List of tools

Since many presenters discuss their favorite tools, highlight the best ones.

Actionable Conference Blog Content Tips:

  • Test the tools yourself to give your feedback. Add your perspective to make the post more targeted to your audience.
  • Include affiliate links to drive passive income. Clearly mark any affiliate content.


While RazorSocial’s Ian Cleary is the tools expert, check out Donna Moritz’s post listed above.


16. Post Your Presentation On Your Blog

This is a low effort way to extend your presentation audience.

Actionable Conference Blog Content Post Tips:

  • Check your speakers’ agreement allows you to do this. Often conferences retain rights to conference content.
  • Add extras to your presentation. You want to give readers and attendees to read your content.


Orbit Media’s Andy Crestodina (who’s always worth your attention—live or online) went a step further. His session was so packed with information that he emailed attendees a copy of his presentation! What a great way to build your email list and connections!

How to Set Up Google Analytics: 5 Quick Videos That Make it Easy

Editor’s note: This is an article related to his presentation, not the actual presentation.


17. Spotlight Attendees

Provide a guide of the conference’s who’s who. Let attendees and others know whose important to follow.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

  • Let people know you mentioned them. Always send an email. Don’t rely on social media—they may not see it.
  • Add bling to your post. Create a chart or other graphic to make the information standout and become sharable in its own right.


Lee Odden work with Traackr to determine the top influencers to follow at a conference. Key point: He explains the data methodology. Personally, I love that he includes a tile photo image.

50 Social Media Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2017


18. Curate other people’s conference content

Don’t do all the work yourself. Add your commentary to other people’s conference articles.

This works well for conference organizers to expand their reach.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tip:

  • Curate content with respect for other people’s intellectual property. Show editorial oversight with selectivity and commentary.


This post is an example of curated content. It references other people’s articles and provides additional information.

Additionally, Staci, the SMMW17 DJ, compiled her list of favorite tunes to enjoy the conference by.


19. Provide Expert Advice

Get input from presenters and attendees regarding questions your readers and customers have. Use this opportunity to tap the experts. 

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tip:

  • Create a list of questions you want to answer while at the conference. Don’t under-estimate the power of networking at lunch and in the exhibit area to meet people.


Staci, the SMMW17 DJ, compiled a list to answer any conference planner’s key questions.

Inject “Rock Star” Steroids into Your Conference Planning: Lessons from SMMW17


20. Show Them How

Collect tips from various presentations and organize them within a theme. 

Actionable Conference Blog Content Tips:

  • Consolidate tip-related information on a specific topic.
  • Get a speaker to explain the answer to a key question. It’s pure Marcus Sheridan. They ask, you answer.


Dan Gingiss author of Winning at Social Customer Care wrote an article spotlighting the customer service theme on Social Media Today where he’s a contributor. Note that he didn’t mention his own session or his related book!


BONUS: Take attendees behind-the-scenes

Pull the curtain back to give your audience a peak. Just as this works for Customer FAQ content, it works for conferences.

Actionable Conference Blog Post Content Tips:

Show another point of view of the conference. Most attendees have no idea what it takes to put on an amazing conference. Think of it as your out takes roll. 


Christina Kellerman worked for SMMW17 (BTW—She was amazingly helpful!). That didn’t stop her from creating a behind-the-scenes post.

Behind the Scenes at #SMMW17


Conference Blog Post Content Conclusion

Conferences are a content idea bonanza for bloggers and content creators.

Plan the content you want to create in advance to ensure you attend the key sessions and make appointments with people you want to interview. Speakers may only be around for a day of a 3 day conference so your window of opportunity is limited.

Even if you can’t attend a major conference live—there’s always social media and the recorded versions.

Get creative to tap into conference content. Take a page from vlogger Amy Shmittauer’s playbook. She bought a half a case of Gary Vanderchuck’s book to get face time with him when he was in her home city. She drove him to the event from the airport!

Add one or more of these 20 conference blog post options to your editorial calendar.

Check your industry’s conference calendar to determine which ones are relevant to your blog.

Don’t wait—do it now.

Then plan your blog posts.

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies.
You can find Heidi on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


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